Logi Mountain is unlocked right after the party first visits the Cathedral in Wishuel. This is the first dungeon that can be re-entered and relevant to the plot.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once.

Note 1: The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can be obtained.
Note 2: The green number beside the treasure chest are locked treasures. They can be unlocked with the use of a Mysterious Keyring. However it will use the Keyring.

Treasure Locked Treasure Gathering Points
1) Easter Egg (Red) [x1] (Accessory) 1) Philosopher's Stone [x1] Pebble
2) Fruit of Respite [x2] 2) Easter Egg (Blue) [x1] (Accessory) Iron Ore
3) Leaf of Leanverde [x1] 3) Shooting Star [x1] (Accessory) Lavanite Ore
4) Hestie Fire Rock [x3] 4) Easter Egg (Pink) [x1] (Accessory) -
5) Easter Egg (Yellow) [x1] (Accessory) - -
6) Crystalline Water [x1] - -
7) Scroll of Return [x2] - -
8) Fruit of Light [x1] - -
9) Easter Egg (Rainbow) [x1] (Accessory) - -
10) Root of Leanverde [x1] - -


  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.
Name Drop
Skeleton Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Light Stone Powder, Old Bones
Corpse Knight Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Old Bones
Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Sharp Stone Sword
Hob Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Sharp Stone Sword
Red Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Squishy Membrane
Mellow Cat Monster Claw, Monster Fluid, Beast Whiskers
Mandragora Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Exploding Grass
Baby Treant Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Exploding Grass
Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Slimy Scale
Parasite Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Slimy Scale
Gargoyle Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Great Wing
Blitmate Monster Armor, Hestie Fire Rock, Broken Sword Point


The party heads over to Logi Mountain. Noire wonders what monsters live here and hope they aren't too strong. Neptune is sure there are no strong monsters. Noire wonders how Neptune is so sure. Neptune reminds her that this is the early game. Blanc warns Neptune to stop dropping her guard or else she will be the first to bite the dust. Vert promises to support the party with all her gaming instincts. Neptune is glad to have a reliable game junkie in their party. Vert urges the party to get going and acquire the first Sacred Treasure.

Near the end of the dungeon, Neptune wonders if this is the place Bouquet mentioned. Bouquet appears and is glad they made it all the way safely. Vert is glad to see Bouquet and embraces her. Bouquet struggles and tries to tell Vert she wanted to tell her for a long time. Vert embracing Bouquet is rather embarrassing for her. Vert thinks that is nonsense as they are sisters and wants to spoil her more. Bouquet notes that when she is surrounded by the bouncy, her head fuzzy as if she was hypnotized.

Blanc notes that Vert stated that they were sisters like fact. Noire notes that Bouquet seems to be warming up to Vert and asks if she is okay. Bouquet returns to her senses and points them to a small shrine. Neptune notices a monument in it. Bouquet explains that they need to write a spell to the monument to get the Sacred Treasure, Amethyst Glass. Neptune realizes that they need a password so she decides to enter in "pudding is the best thing in the world". Vert tries "My adorable little sisters, Nepgear and Bouquet hehehehehehehe". Noire tells the two to stop. She knows this goes against their characters but they should take this seriously for once-. Neptune and Vert get the Amethyst Glass.

Bouquet congratulates them and now the two of them have the power of the Awakening. Blanc cannot believe that is the password. Bouquet explains the game is still in beta therefore the password for the monument is not implemented and any password works. Noire can't believe those any of those passwords would ever work in any circumstances but that explains it. Neptune knows it is word coming from her but Bouquet should not be breaking the fourth wall.

Bouquet tells them to treat as if it was a notice from the administrator. This game is a beta so to test her learning capabilities, she has no filters against her speech except for confidential and banned terms. When the game is released, her speech will likely be restricted to not break player immersion. Vert is concerned and wonders if this is the only time to talk to Bouquet's true self and if she will forget about the time they spent together. Bouquet does not know if her memories will be erased and believes that is dependent on adventurers like them.

Neptune agrees and remembers a story about how an AI learned strange things then had to be frozen. She tells everyone to not teach Bouquet weird things. Vert tells her not to worry as she will protect the memories with her life. Her love for Bouquet will overcome all obstacles.

Blanc decides to enter "Password" to the monument. Noire thinks Blanc is being naive, haphazard and careless. She decides to enter a more secure password which is Lastation's birthday and 123. Neptune announces that Noire has the most naive password. Noire tells Neptune to shut up and she would never use that password in her real accounts. Neptune asks if Noire is sure. Noire says it does not matter as they got the Sacred Treasures.

Since the mission is accomplished Vert wants to spend some quality private time with Bouquet. Bouquet asks her to do something not overwhelming. Vert is glad she is accepted and decides to play tag. She asks Bouquet to chase her. Bouquet tells her to wait and chases her.

Blanc is glad everything has gone smoothly. Neptune notes that it has been a while since Vert was so happy. Noire remembers that Vert was very happy to log in but she cannot see Vert logging out anytime soon. The party returns to Wishuel.

Later, all the CPU Candidates have made it to the small shrine with the monument. Bouquet asks them to enter a password into the monument. Rom is worried that the password would be difficult. Uni thinks it can't be too complicated but wonders if they missed it somewhere as they did not see anything that can be a password on the way here. Bouquet explains that the game is in beta so no password has been implemented. They can enter whatever they want.

Nepgear is indecisive with what she wants as a password as there is too much freedom. Since words are not necessary, Ram decides draw Rom's face as a password. Rom says she will draw Ram's face as well and it will be cute. Rom and Ram receive the Amethyst Glass. Rom and Ram are happy to get a sparkly cup as an item. Since it does not even have to be a word, Nepgear wants something personal as her password.

Uni urges Nepgear to hurry up and go with something like "Nepgya". Nepgear does not want that and goes with her signature. Uni wants her password to be a prayer to improve her accuracy and goes with "AIM". Bouquet congratulates them and now they have the power of the Awakening. Nepgear is glad to be closer to her sister and notices that the twins are frozen. Ram explains that Blanc has come to their room. It is a shame as they wanted to surprise her in the game. Nepgear remembers that their older sisters are playing together and they must have heard that they were playing together as well.

Rom tells them that Blanc and the others are in the plaza in Wishuel. She urges them to go there. Uni messages Noire "We'll head back to the city, so wait for us." and the candidates make their way back.

CPU then takes the Certification quest at Logi Mountain. In Logi Mountain, Neptune tries to jump to a foothold to climb higher. Noire, Blanc and Vert are displeased with this. Noire notes that this is pointless. Blanc wonders if it is okay for Neptune to fall from this high. Vert notes that they will not take damage but it will be a nuisance to climb back up again. Neptune tells them not to worry as she is confident in her platforming skills and promptly proceeds to fall off. Noire told Neptune this is what would happen. Blanc notes that she fell quite a ways down. Even if this is a game, Vert is glad she did not land on someone's head.

At the base of the mountain, Neptune gets back up. She is upset that she could not get to the foothold. She was so close. Neptune decides to hurry back to CPU. †Black Cat Princess† and Kiria has seen Neptune fall down. †Black Cat Princess† thinks Neptune has bad gaming skills. Kiria says she won't catch anyone but †Black Cat Princess† as she is the angel that fell to her side.

Later, Nepgear, Uni and Blanc decide to come here for a round of gathering materials. Nepgear uses scorching hellfire. Uni uses elemental shot. Blanc finds it nice that three ranged classes can take out the enemy before it reaches them. Uni is glad that they came here with three players instead of just 2. It would have been much tougher otherwise. With all the healing, Nepgear actually finds this easy. Nepgear guesses Vert was right when she said "If the healer sleeps, everyone dies". She wasn't kidding. Support is amazing. Blanc explains that she was referring to the story of an MMO Junkie that made news before. It is not a good example for normal players. That being said, MMO is team-based at the core. If one person and their skills log out, the party is in trouble. With that sense of duty, one cannot log out.

Uni is scared and wonders if guild healers are ever allowed to log out. Nepgear is sure they work on shifts but she will definitely have to ask Vert about this. Blanc recommends that they don't dig too much on this topic and heals them. She asks if they to keep going. Uni feels good to go still. Nepgear is glad to be able to gather so many materials in one trip. Blanc finds it good to feel needed. She tels them to feel free to ask her if they ever need support. The three of them are able to gather Old Bones, Great Wing and Beast Whiskers.


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