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[[Category:Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Locations]]
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[[Category:Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Dungeons]]
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Oneiro Corridor is the dungeon where CPU acquires their third Sacred Treasure. It is unlocked after doing some Rank 3 quests. This is the first dungeon where there are floors, where the whole map is not fully available. The floors are not officially named but for the sake of pointing out item location, they are categorized.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once.

Note 1: The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can be obtained.
Note 2: The green number beside the treasure chest are locked treasures. They can be unlocked with the use of a Mysterious Keyring. However it will use the Keyring.

Treasure Locked Treasure Gathering Points
1) Oneiro Demon Book [x3] 1) Superpowered Gem [x1] Pebble
2) White Halberd [x1] (Noire's Weapon)
Magic Heretical Gun [x1] (Uni's Weapon)
2) Earpiece [x1] (Accessory) Ancient Building Materials
3) Fruit of Respite [x3] 3) Elegant Crown [x1] (Accessory) Metal Ring
4) Crimdis Sword [x1] (Neptune's Weapon)
Nimbus 2000 [x1] (Nepgear's Weapon)
- -
5)Obsidian Blade [x1] (Vert's Weapon)
Bright Zankumaru [x1] (Ram's Weapon)
- -
6) Lovely Magic Mace [x1] (Blanc's Weapon)
Karakuri [Anya Kougun] [x1] (Rom's Weapon)
- -
7) Seed of Leanverde [x2] - -
8) Kiss of the Goddess [x1] - -


  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.
  • Mirage El only appears when the player has taken the Ruthless Rondo quest
  • Dark Knight appears when the player has taken the Black Knight Diary quest

Floor 1

Name Drop
Skeleton Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Old Bones
Dos Gargoyle Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Great Wing
Corpse Knight Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Light, Old Bones
Parasite Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Slimy Scale

Floor B1

Name Drop
Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Squishy Membrane
Red Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Squishy Membrane
Dos Gargoyle Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Crystalline Water
Big Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Fruit of Light, Raw Monster Fluid, Spongey Membrane
Big Red Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Fruit of Light, Raw Monster Fluid, Spongey Membrane
Hob Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Elder Tree Sap, Sharp Stone Blade
Parasite Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Slimy Scale

Floor B2

Name Drop
Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Squishy Membrane
Red Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Squishy Membrane
Hob Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Elder Tree Sap, Sharp Stone Blade
Dos Gargoyle Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respire, Great Wing
Parasite Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Slimy Scale
Skeleton Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Old Bones
Big Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Fruit of Light, Raw Monster Fluid, Spongey Membrane
Corpse Knight Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Old Bones

Floor B3

Name Drop
Hob Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Elder Tree Sap, Sharp Stone Blade
Parasite Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Slimy Scale

Boss Room

Name Drop
Shutolmate Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Oneiro Demon Book, Hard Helmet Fragment
Mirage El Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Oneiro Demon Book, Red Ring Part
Dark Knight Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Dulled Blade, Oneiro Demon Book


Earlier, an archeological team was doing an excavation until they noticed a boss carrying the stolen third Sacred Treasure. They report their findings to the guild which prompted the members of CPU and Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† into action.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† notices CPU in the distance. Neptune decides to greet them and notes that they haven't introduced themselves yet. Neptune introduces herself but she realizes that it doesn't matter as players can see each other screens. Neptune reads Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†'s name. She praises them for being sweet names. Noire wonders what kind of person would put princess in their name as that is embarrassing. Blanc thinks names with Kiri- are overused nowadays. Vert tells Neptune that the symbols in the princess' name are not crosses but daggers. They are only decorations so Neptune does not need to pronounce them. Neptune still likes how cute the crosses are and overall it shouldn't matter.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad that Neptune understands her naming sense. Kiria notices that CPU uses the name of the Goddesses of Gamindustri. †Black Cat Princess† also notices that their appearances are the same. She asks if they are impersonating them. The four Goddesses decide to discuss this between themselves. Neptune wonders if they should hide their identities. Blanc thinks that is hardly worth answering as anyone would doubt they are actually the real Goddesses even if they said they were. Noire wonders what Vert is doing in this game with her name. Wasn't she was going by Green Heart or something in the other game. Neptune decides to briefly explains that in the real Gamindustri, when Vert transforms, she is called Green Heart so she still is using her real name.

Vert admits she was playing as †Green_Heart† but she often dodged the question of her real identity. Blanc notes that she did not set a good example considering that she used symbols in her name. Vert explains that at the time she created the character, she was afflicted with the urge to surround her names with symbols. This is not the case anymore. Noire adds that using symbols at that time was unable, everyone used them. At least that is what Noire has heard and then Noire tells them to ignore her.

†Black Cat Princess† is amused that CPU even imitates the way the Goddesses talk but she notes they need more research to roleplay as them. For example, the real Lady Neptune is much squishier and cuter. Neptune wonders if she be offended by that statement. At least she is cute. Noire guesses that could be the case but she did call Neptune a cheap knock off. Neptune gets upset as she is the real one. Kiria tells them dressing up is fine but warns them not impersonate as the Goddesses.

Besides the other Goddesses are completely different. For instance, there are rumors that Lady Vert is a online game junkie but there is no way for someone so busy to be playing so many games. Vert explains that it is a simple task for a Goddess to balance work and play. †Black Cat Princess† thinks that the real Lady Blanc has a flatter chest. Blanc gets annoyed by that. Kiria thinks the real Lady Noire would have more aura and the one in front of her is just a cheap cosplay. Noire is shocked that she would mention cosplay but asks the couple ever saw any of the real Goddesses in person or are they just big talk. Kiria admits that she saw her in a national event in the distance only.

Kiria apologizes but asks CPU to let the two of them to go. They are a bit busy. Vert tells her there is no need to rush and asks the couple humor them a little. Vert wants to consult something with them. Kiria wonders what this is about. Vert explains that in terms of story progression, the group here is the furthest ahead. The next time a difficult quest appears, they should work together. Neptune adds that if their party is bigger, defeating the Demon King will be easy as pudding. Blanc has no objections in working together in boss fights. Support is much easier with more Priests. Noire agrees that a stronger team is better for battles and thinks this is a good idea.

Kiria thinks this is a foolish question as she has no intention of wielding this sword for anyone but the princess. †Black Cat Princess† finds this a wonderful suggestion. Kiria is shocked. †Black Cat Princess† explains that she is a sickly girl at birth who can't do anything without other's help. In addition, CPU does look strong especially Vert the Enchanter. †Black Cat Princess† wants to be her younger sister. Vert is shocked. †Black Cat Princess† tells her she will be admiring her from the shadows so if she could look out for her... Vert tells †Black Cat Princess† this is a little too sudden. †Black Cat Princess† implores Vert.

Noire finds it good that Vert actually has a younger sister looking for her. Blanc tells her that is right and wonders why Vert is so shaken. Neptune is glad that Vert won't claim Nepgear anymore. Vert notes that the Goddesses are finding all of this amusing and protests as being an older sister is different from being just sisters. †Black Cat Princess† pleads with Vert not to say such terrible things. She wants Vert to spoil her like a real younger sister. Kiria voices her firm disapproval against this and brings up the fact that she promised to protect her.

†Black Cat Princess† thinks its fine as in the previous game, they were in a guild that held a lot of members surrounding her. †Black Cat Princess† admits it was dissolved in the end but still Kiria was a member of that guild so she asks for what Kiria means. Kiria tries to saying something but †Black Cat Princess† deduces that Kiria is jealous and finds her adorable. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† that she acts like an angel but agitates her heart like a devil. Kiria admits that she wants to monopolize the princess for herself, she will go through fire and to the limits for her affection. †Black Cat Princess† understands the problem of being so loved. It caused their previous guild to come crashing and now it makes Kiria burn with jealousy. †Black Cat Princess† admits that she is a sinful woman.

Rom is excited and notes that they are like a dramatic puppet show with the princess and prince. Noire likes plays and operas but she can't get into this. Blanc thinks the two of them are bad influence to Rom and Ram and asks them not to watch. Ram is upset as she wanted to see the princess more. †Black Cat Princess† admits it can't be helped and understands how Kiria feels so for today, she agrees to her request. Kiria is glad that she won't be giving up her role as the princess' herald. †Black Cat Princess† apologizes to Vert for today and asks for attention the next time they meet. Vert understands.

Meanwhile, Uni and Nepgear have been staring at this long drawn out moment. Uni notes that the conversation seems to almost be done. Nepgear thinks this is their time to actually get involved in it. Nepgear goes up to Kiria and notices her equipment is really high level. She asks if she can see her sword. Kiria shows it to them. Uni is impressed with the mechanical component in her weapon which is rare in this world. Nepgear is glad Uni sees how special the weapon is. Neptune is impressed that the mech otakus were reeled in so easily. Kiria knows how to take a compliment and asks if they would like to see a demonstration of her combat style. Nepgear is really excited to see.

†Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria there is no need to accommodate them so much. Kiria apologizes as she can't help herself. They have stayed for too long and they must hurry to the boss as soon as possible. Uni is sad as she wanted to look at the sword longer. Kiria says she will save it for next time, she can't give up the position at the very top after all. †Black Cat Princess† says her goodbyes to everyone and the two leave.

Nepgear would like a weapon like that one day. Neptune thinks its like her sister to say that. She suggests that Nepgear take her wish to Tamsoft for help. Nepgear tells her sister she is right as Tamsoft is a Blacksmith and sure to have some advice. Uni wants to go with Nepgear after all this. Nepgear accepts. Vert notes that Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† have a playful side to them but she doesn't understand them. That aside, people using princess in their name is likely a housewife or a man.

At the end of the dungeon, †Black Cat Princess† wonders why her attacks work on the boss. Kiria tells the princess she will hold the boss of and she should escape. †Black Cat Princess† can't possibly abandon her. Kiria tells the princess she won't be able to forgive herself if the princess were to fall. †Black Cat Princess† guesses it is okay to leave.

Neptune hears footsteps up and wonders if anyone else can here it. Rom and Ram notices the boss. Noire notes its already here. Vert notes the previous boss was quite intimidating and this one seems no different. Neptune wonders who are the ones being chased by the boss and realizes it is Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. She calls for them and wonders if they are okay. Neptune tells they will take it from here and asks them to stand back.

Kiria does not want them to steal their kill as they already weakened it significantly. †Black Cat Princess† agrees even if its them, she cannot allow them to take this from them. Vert assures them that they would never steal a kill. At this rate, the two of them would pass out. Wouldn't it be advantageous for them to work together. †Black Cat Princess† still can't accept this. The larger the group, the less experience there is to go around. Noire understands and CPU will sit out. She asks them to hurry and do something about the boss before it knocks them out.

†Black Cat Princess† does not know what to say to that. Kiria understands the situation and will swallow her pride and urges the princess to borrow CPU's strength. †Black Cat Princess† admits it is unavoidable but still wants to have the final blow. Kiria swears on her love for the princess that she'll... Neptune urges CPU to Nep the boss up.

CPU defeats the boss and everyone acquires the Moonstone Hairpin. Vert is glad to have retrieved the stolen treasure. Ram is glad they were first this time. Neptune reports that if there are 10 people in first place then that means the next person is 11th. Blanc wonders who is counting. Rom reads that the Sacred Treasure is called the Moonstone... but she is too tired to read. Neptune happily announces that she did not log in here to read because she can't right now and lets Noire take that role. Noire wants to know what Neptune means when she can't read right now but knows that she should expect this from Neptune anyways.

Blanc remembers from Bouquet's description is that this should be a hairpin. Vert finds this fancy that it is hairpin and is disappointed in the fact that they can't actually equip it. †Black Cat Princess† is upset that even the final strike was taken from them. Kiria apologizes but that just angers †Black Cat Princess† even further. She lashes out at Kiria and accuses CPU of gloating therefore being horrible people before leaving. Kiria follows after her. Neptune wonders why they are leaving so soon. She was hoping to a victory toast together.

Bouquet appears and Vert is excited to see her. Bouquet praises everyone for the work and reminds them that there is only one Sacred Treasure left. Noire is happy that it is finally time and remembers the last Sacred Treasure as the Emerald Mirror. Neptune reminds everyone that they do not know where it is. She wonders if the Knights found it yet. Bouquet reports that they have and it is in the oldest and most sacred place in the world. Blanc asks if it is in the Altar of the Goddesses. Bouquet tells her it is not but it is a good guess.

Since it is not in the Altar, Neptune wonders if there are any other important looking buildings on the world map that they may have missed. Alternatively, it could just be unlocked now since they have progressed so far. Vert has no idea and asks Bouquet where it is. Bouquet tells them the resting place of the final Sacred Treasure is on the foot of the World Tree, Leanverde.

†Black Cat Princess† and Kiria are taking their leave from the ruins. †Black Cat Princess† is supposed to be the world's heroine so how could she lose to such two-bit players. This is so annoying. Kiria asks her to calm her anger as such an expression does not suit her lovely face. †Black Cat Princess† already knows that she is beautiful and she will not stand the fact that they are behind others.

Kiria praises her for being a supreme existence. She promises that she will obtain the treasure first and offer it to the princess. Kiria knows the princess' face is hidden in this sadness and she will cause her smile to bloom. †Black Cat Princess† says Kiria can say that but those 8 players have grown way stronger since they first met. Kiria says that she has taken this into account but they have also grown at the same pace. Before Kiria can continue, she notices someone watching them.

The mysterious person appears and is glad that the two of them are so energetic. †Black Cat Princess† wonders what this mysterious person wants. The mysterious person explains that they overheard them and as a gesture of good will, they thought they would show them a handy tool. Kiria tells the mysterious person to get out of here, there is no way the two of them would lend their ear to such a suspicious offer. †Black Cat Princess† asks Kiria to wait and tells the mysterious person, she doesn't know what this is all about but her attention is piqued. Kiria calls out to the princess. †Black Cat Princess† tells the mysterious person that if this isn't a stupid joke, she wants to see the tool then they will talk.

Some time later, the four Goddesses return. Vert complains that they are in a pinch. The rooms are closed off and the waves of monster attacks are overwhelming constant. If this keeps up, they will go through an ordeal that would completely unsuitable to to describe in a game intended for all ages. Neptune smirks and she's seen this before. It is not looking good for them. Noire tells them to stop this. It causes bad luck and they are not closed to being captured yet. She orders to stop wasting time being delusional and just kill the monsters. Blanc wonders if the monsters are just spawning infinitely.

Noire sighs and admits that likely seems to be the case. They should have been prepared for a long drawn out battle. On the bright side, Blanc reports that they aren't too far from the city and they won't lose any items. They should retreat and come back after preparation. Vert agrees that would save them quite a bit of trouble. Vert decides to gain the monsters' aggro and asks them to end it quickly. Noire is sure she does not have to ask but she is going to anyways. Vert does not have strange desires does she. Vert explains that this is a comically stereotypical situation, it would be a waste to pass without fully immersing herself.

Noire then notices the hidden switch in this floor. She presses it and notices they can escape from an opening. There are also no monsters in the opening. Neptune tells Noire she is right and urges everyone to high tail it out of here. Vert finds that disappointing. Blanc wonders what exactly is disappointing.

CPU heads to Oneiro Corridor to defeat Dark Knight again. After defeating him, Uni notices something. Nepgear sees that there is something written on it. CPU acquires the Black Knight Diary. Rom thinks the words are hard to read. Maybe they haven't learned them yet. Ram asks Blanc does it say. Blanc has never seen these characters before so she does not know either. Vert thinks there might be some hints back in the city. They should return and search for it. Neptune is glad to have a mystery on their hands. She wonders if its someone's confession of love. Noire finds it surprising that Neptune would say that but agrees it would be lovely.


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