Unreal World is a quarantine battlefield created by the GM to deal with monsters that have errors. This dungeon cannot be re-entered after defeating the Grim Reaper, 52-65-61-70-65-72 until the player clears the entire story which requires them to defeat the Demon King Jester, however handing in the quest to defeat him is unnecessary. Once the player is able to access the Den of Demons quest (the promotion quest to Rank 8), Cheetah appears as a boss in this dungeon.


The following items can be found in the dungeon after the player completes the story. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once.

Note 1: The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can be obtained.

Note 2: The green number beside the treasure chest are locked treasures. They can be unlocked with the use of a Mysterious Keyring. However it will use the Keyring.

Note 3: Treasure 11 appears after defeating 52-65-61-70-65-72 with the Den of Demons quest taken.

Treasure Locked Treasure Gathering Points
1)Fruit of Beginnings [x3] 1) Seed of Leanverde [x2] Metal Ring
2) Fruit Sword [x1] (Neptune's Weapon) 2) Source of Life [x1] Unsolved Medal
3) Magical Elixir [x3] 3) Watcher [x1] (Accessory) Unsolved Statue
4) Strawberry Unicorn [x1] (Noire's Weapon) - Unsolved Ball
5) Colorful Lollipop [x1] (Blanc's Weapon) - -
6) Chocolate Cone [x1] (Vert's Weapon) - -
7) Party Candy Cane [x1] (Nepgear's Weapon) - -
8) Strawberry Pudding [x1] (Uni's Weapon) - -
9) Sweet Katana [Strawberry] [x1] (Rom's Weapon) - -
10) Special Sweet Potato [x1] (Ram's Weapon) - -
11) Source of Life [x1] - -


  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.
  • Enemies marked with * are available as a story boss.
  • 52-65-61-70-65-72 is the Grim Reaper and he does appear as the boss of this dungeon normally after clearing the story
  • Cheetah appears as the boss of this dungeon normally after being able to take on the Den of Demons quest, one does not need to take the quest itself
  • 52-65-61-70-65-72 can drop Elegant Stone with the Den of Demons quest taken
  • Holy War Minotauros will appear as a boss when taking the Dangerous Labyrinth quest
  • Cheater Purge Campaign quest has a Cheetah boss that can drop two Leopard Print Fur but will not drop Raw Monster Fluid
Name Drop
Metal Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Squishy Membrane
Blue Sun Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Large Bud
Poison Fungus Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Poison Spore
Hell Cat Monster Claw, Monster Fluid, Beast Whiskers
Shrotamon Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Pumpkin Seed
Gremlin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Sharp Stone Blade
Living Dead Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Old Bones
King Gargoyle Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Great Wing
Red Chocobas Monster Claw, Monster Equipment, Soft Feathers
Abyss Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Slimy Scale
Knock Tortoise Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Light Shell
Demon's Root Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Exploding Grass
Hell Salamander Monster Armor, Monster Claw, Cursed Fang
Unicornia Monster Equipment, Monster Fluid, Mysterious Horn
Grimondross Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Cursed Shell
52-65-61-70-65-72* Elegant God Stone
Cheetah Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Elegant God Stone, Leopard Print Fur
Holy War Minotauros Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Runaway Cow Hoof


In Unreal World, Neptune excitedly finds this place mysterious. Blanc thinks this place is strange and wonders if the area was created to isolate errors. Vert thinks by the terrain, this area is used for tests or things that are still in development. Neptune thinks they get to have a "behind the scenes" look. She feels this place must be pretty handy to have. Noire wonders why everyone is talking around for. They are in a state of emergency and need to focus on getting rid of every last monster.

Deeper in the quarantine area, more monsters flood in and Noire is annoyed that more are still appearing. She wonders who is sending all these monsters in. Neptune thinks if the culprit is using unauthorized access, then they must be a super hacker. Nepgear notes that the word "hacker" includes good engineers as well. It would be more appropriate to use the word "crackers". Neptune wonders if Nepgear means that hackers have crackers. That seems interesting and Neptune wonders what they taste like. Blanc clarifies to Neptune that they aren't things she can eat. Those are people who specialize in cracking the system but Blanc realizes she is wasting her breath.

Nepgear does not think this is a natural cracker. Neptune wonders if there might cream cheese or ham on top or but decides not to continue on that train of thought. Nepgear remembers Bouquet saying earlier that 4 Goddesses Online was impenetrable. No normal engineer could slip through the defenses of Weiss Labs. There is a possibility of being an inside job or that the opponent is very intelligent. Noire wonders if the GM can win, even if they win, if the admins lose, then this will be over.

Nepgear is sure the GM will be fine. After all the internet security of Weiss Labs and Schwartz Co. are the strongest. Nepgear knows Schwartz Co. went under though. Nepgear wishes she had the opportunity to attend one of their tech seminars. Vert tells everyone that they can talk about this later. Right now, they cannot falter in their attacks. Nepgear tells Vert she is right. Nepgear admits she got excited being able to talk about networks which she has not been able to do in a while. She would like to talk about it more.

Some time before, the president of World Break Online cheers. The game has just gained over 8 million users. 4 Goddesses Online only has 8.5 million. Soon they will pass them. With this momentum, they can't be stopped. The president plans to pull an all-nighter to implement a brand new event.

Hours later, a frantic employee tries to wake the president up. The president wakes up and realizes that she has dozed off. The president tells the employee that she has finished her new event. They should get ready to imple... The employee wonders how she can be so calm. THey can't communicate with the server or even access the game. The president realizes that this is unsettling development. She asks for details. The employee admits that they are still trying to identify the problem.

The president tries to identify the cause with the employee. However, they are unable to get a ping back. The president asks if the employee has tried restarting it. The employee takes a look and the power was not on to begin with. The president finds that weird, could it have a power outage, or was the cable disconnected. The employee looks and the power was unplugged. The president is shocked. In its place is the power cable for the vacuum. The president wonders if this was the work of the cleaning lady.

The mastermind does test to see if the GM can hear her. She announces that she has infiltrated their servers. All servers have a vulnerability and 4 Goddesses Online is not exception. Slipping through security holes and dealing critical damage to a server is a piece of cake. The GM tells the mastermind to not underestimate the elite technology of Weiss Labs. Someone as rude as her should leave immediately. The mastermind laughs and tells the GM it is useless as she has control of the back door. She will write the end of 4 Goddesses Online and it will be so beautiful, she might even cry. The mastermind tries to shut down 4 Goddesses Online but fails. The mastermind is shocked.

The GM tells the mastermind she is mistaken if she thinks that she will leave a back door to her main server. What she took was a dummy server contain metadata. The main server has been moved to another location a long time ago. The GM tells the mastermind to take her data and leave. The mastermind decides to explain everything that just happened to the audience. She thought she won but lost instead. This is quite the defeat but she laughs and finds this exciting. The mastermind is getting pumped.

At the end of the quarantine battlefield, CPU finds the Grim Reaper breathing. Neptune recognizes the Grim Reaper and remembers he ran away with Cheetah last time. The Grim Reaper tells CPU that God told him to protect. He has ordered him to defeat them all. Blanc is intrigued by his mention of God and wonders if he is taking orders from anyone. The Grim Reaper believes God is absolute and he announces that he will shatter CPU. Noire tells him to try it as CPU are real Goddesses in real life.

CPU manages to defeat the Grim Reaper. He dies saying God is absolute. Neptune cheers as they defeated him. Vert tells Neptune to be careful as the next monster has appeared behind her. Neptune turns around to find the monster defeated. Nepgear sees that other parties fighting and helping out. Eve is glad the monster is down and apologizes for being late. Blood asks if they are members of "CPU". They already defeated most of the strong bosses as expected. Eve notes that with the help of everyone fighting, it will be over soon and thanks CPU for their hard work. Vert also congratulates everyone. Rom and Ram are glad and high five each other. Blanc is glad as she wasn't sure what would happen. Noire wonders what happened between the fight between the GM and the hacker, or are they calling them cracker. Neptune calls out to the GM and reports the good news. GM reports that she is done on her side and asks them to return through the portal. Uni is glad and leads CPU back to Wishuel.

Back in Wishuel, Bouquet makes an announcement that the investigation team found a monster nest on an island in the south. The team requests help and they left a request at the guild. She humbly asks everyone for their assistance.

Neptune thinks it has been a while since they have been in Unreal World. She remembers the place was for testing things in development. Vert notes that according to rumors, the players who helped with the earlier problem sent a request to explore here, so they released this officially. Blanc adds that this place is not a place for beginners so she hopes there are rare items here. Vert agrees and would be glad if there is anything good. However, the enemies are indeed tough. Noire thinks they should not exert themselves too much. They have beaten Cheetah so they will be fine.

At the end of the dungeon, Neptune is impressed with how strong the boss looks. Noire wonders why Neptune is having such a childish reaction. Vert declares she will take the rare items. Neptune leads CPU in the charge forward. CPU defeats the boss and Neptune declares victory. Nepgear wonders if they can get anything from this dungeon. Ram tells them to look as a treasure chest appeared. Rom is excited to open it. Rom and Ram eagerly dash to the treasure. Blanc tells them to wait.

In Unreal World, CPU has accepted Plutia's quest to acquire the Holy Silk Thread. Nepgear wonders if there really are silkworms here. Uni believes it is their responsibility as those who have taken her quest to see it through to the end. Rom's eyes sparkle thinks Uni is really cool. Ram agrees. Uni gets flustered and says what she said was obvious and urges everyone forward. At the end of the dungeon, Noire notes the quest boss has appeared. Uni thinks if they defeat this boss, they might be able to get the Holy Silk Thread. Since this is a request from Plutia, Neptune urges CPU not to give up.

Cyberdimension Icon Holy Silk Thread

Quest completed, Holy Silk Thread acquired!

CPU defeats the boss and Nepgear declares that they have gotten the Holy Silk Thread. CPU acquires the Holy Silk Thread. Neptune wants to hurry and give it Plutia. Vert notes that since they have accepted the quest in the Guild, they only need to report to the Guild. The Guild will give it to Plutia.

In Unreal World, Neptune quickly concludes they have seen everything they need to see and it is time to head back. Noire snaps that they just got here. Blanc asks if Neptune is chickening out. Since Neptune is returning, Vert concludes that she will be the MVP today. With that, Neptune retracts her previous statement. She claims she was just kidding.

At the end of the dungeon, Neptune sees the boss and concludes that they are going to die. Nepgear is shaken but tries to cheer Neptune up and notes that they defeated the Demon King so this should be no problem. Noire scolds the Planeptune sisters for acting like this. If they at any point feel like they are going to lose, they just have to go crazy and dish out everything they have. Vert declares that she will protect Nepgear. Neptune hears the voices of Goddesses and they tell her this is where she is destined to day.

The boss is defeated by CPU. Neptune brags and wonders how the boss likes that. She then laughs. Noire tells Neptune that she was the screaming that they were going to die. Neptune denies that ever happened and since they won, they should forget all about that.


  1. This dungeon is heavily based on the "Content Examples" sample project that is included in Unreal Engine 4


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