Yiear Forest is the dungeon where CPU acquires their second Sacred Treasure. It is unlocked after seeing an event with Phiaros.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once.

Note 1: The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can be obtained.
Note 2: The green number beside the treasure chest are locked treasures. They can be unlocked with the use of a Mysterious Keyring. However it will use the Keyring.

Treasure Locked Treasure Gathering Points
1) Black Knight Uniform (Red) [x1] (Noire's Costume) 1) Fairy Feathers (Red) [x1] (Accessory) Sprout Grass
2) Protect Gem [x1] 2) Alph Wild Grass [x3] Decayed Tree Bark
3) Leaf of Leanverde [x1] 3) Fairy Feathers (Purple) [x1] (Accessory) Elder Tree Branch
4) Paladin Uniform (Black) [x1] (Neptune's Costume) - -
5) Breath of the Goddess [x2] - -
6) Elder Tree Sap [x3] - -
7) Magic Gem [x1] - -
8) Priest's Habit (Red) [x1] (Blanc's Costume) - -
9) Fruit of Beginnings [x1] - -
10) Fruit of Light [x2] - -
11) Travel Wear of Spirit (Navy) [x1] (Vert's Costume) - -


  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.
  • Eldemate is only availible by taking the Giant's Brandish quest
  • Enemies marked with ** are available once as a story boss
Name Drop
Tulip Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Large Bud
Cat Squirrel Monster Claw, Monster Fluid, Beast Whiskers
Mellow Cat Monster Claw, Monster Fluid, Fruit of Respite, Beast Whiskers
Matango Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Poison Spore
Elder Matango Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Elder Tree Sap, Poison Spore
Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Sharp Stone Blade
Hob Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Sharp Stone Blade
Blue Chocobas Monster Claw, Monster Fluid, Soft Feathers
Chocobas Monster Claw, Monster Fluid, Fruit of Respite, Soft Feathers
Worm Monster Hide, Monster Fluid, Slimy Scale
Apeldoom Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Large Bud
Mandragora Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Leaf of Leanverde, Exploding Grass
Volcerios** Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Alph Wild Grass, Eerie Bird's Large Wing
Beaster Roll Monster Armor, Raw Monster Fluid, Alph Wild Grass, Polished Armor Plate
Eldemate Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Alph Wild Grass, Hard Armor Fragment


CPU arrives in Yiear Forest and Neptune is pumped and ready to get the Sacred Treasure. Blanc notes that according to the quest, Volcerios took the Sacred Treasure and it sounds strong. Rom thinks this place is scary and wonders if it is nearby. Nepgear reassures Rom that everyone is here to support each other. Rom agrees and carries on.

Later in the forest, Uni stops and alerts her sister to something. Noire wonders what is up. It is a couple of players, Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Neptune is surprised to see other players. Since there are here, Nepgear suggests talking to them. Vert agrees. †Black Cat Princess† notices the group as well and wonders if they have seen there before. Kiria thinks so but tells her to pay them no mind.

Nepgear shows up and greets them. She thinks it is impressive that they made it this far with just 2 people. Kiria cuts her off stating there is no time for her and urges †Black Cat Princess† to go ahead. †Black Cat Princess† knows it is dangerous but relies on Kiria's protection. Kiria promises to wash away her sadness and take her pain. The two leave.

Nepgear finds it a shame that they left after she built up all that courage to talk to them. Neptune tells her sister not to let it get to her. Vert thinks they were rather cheesy and expresses her displeasure for using that word to describe them, though it would be the most accurate. Blanc notes that the couple were in their own little world. They might as well have ignored them completely.

Even so, Vert thought they were making the most progress in this game. Noire thought so too but it seems like there are even gamers that are better than Vert. Neptune thinks its not over yet and they should hurry after them. Ram thinks they cannot be faster than a ninja and runs after them telling them to wait. Rom pitter patters ahead telling them to wait. Neptune won't lose to a ninja and runs off.

Uni tells the twins to stop but is shocked that Neptune would run off as well. Noire remarks that they are so carefree. She warns them not to stray far off the party.

Near the end of the forest, †Black Cat Princess† notes that CPU took their sweet time. Neptune is surprised to run into the couple again. Vert thought they were lucky and passed the couple but they got here first. Kiria brags that they didn't just get here first, the two of them defeated the boss and they have the Sacred Treasure as proof. Neptune and Vert are shocked. †Black Cat Princess† thanks Kiria for her hard work and making her happy. She wants to reward her for her faithful service and asks what she wants.

As her faithful servant, Kiria says her words eternally reward her soul. †Black Cat Princess† just loves how Kiria is. Kiria promises to be with †Black Cat Princess† forever. Blanc feels as if she can lilies blooming behind them. Noire wonders what business the princess and her knight has with them. Kiria has no business with them other than bragging and laughs. †Black Cat Princess† wants to go back to shop. Kiria apologizes for boring her and asks to be her escort back. †Black Cat Princess† agrees.

Neptune's jaw drops. Vert wonders what that was all about. Here she was intending to challenge the boss together but all they did was laugh and leave. Blanc tells Vert not to think too hard about it. Vert knows there is no point in competing with them in terms of progress but this does not sit right with her.

CPU enters the end of the dungeon. Nepgear spots something in the distance. Neptune recognizes it as the boss and wants to get the Sacred Treasure. Noire thinks it seems tough. Blanc tells Rom and Ram not to get too ahead of themselves. Rom wants to be in the front lines even if she is afraid. Ram tells her sister not to worry she is here. They have to protect Blanc together. Rom is determined to do that. Uni is motivated by the twins to do her best too. Vert is happy with the party's spirit and the party defeats the boss.

CPU gets the Sacred Treasure, Black Diamond Sword. Uni is glad and praises the sword for looking like treasure. Blanc thanks everyone for their good work and notes they don't need a password for this treasure. Ram is disappointed she does not get to draw again. Rom is glad regardless to get the treasure. Bouquet appears and congratulates them on their successful retrieval of the Sacred Treasure.

Vert is glad to see Bouquet. Seeing her removes all of Vert's fatigue from fighting the boss. Bouquet thanks them all for their hard work and she has something to tell them but... Blanc wonders if Bouquet is okay. Bouquet apologizes as even if this is a holy forest, the monsters' impurities are affecting her. Vert notices that Bouquet's face is flushed and she seems to be in pain as well. She as the older sister wants to nurse Bouquet as nursing scenes are essential to any game. Noire tells her that those scenes are only essential in dating sims.

Bouquet wonders what nursing scenes and decides to research it. Neptune thinks Bouquet is too wobbly for that and tells her to hold it off until she recovers. Then she can study all the silly things she wants. Vert wants to return to the city and asks Bouquet to hold on to her. Alternative Vert offers to carry her bridal style. Uni points out that Bouquet gets flushed when Vert clings to her. Vert would likely make the situation worse.

Bouquet has teleportation magic so she will return to the Cathedral herself. Maybe the Goddesses' protection will remove her impurities and she will feel better. Bouquet promises to talk to them there and she teleports away. Blanc wonders if all that was part of the story or a bug in the AI. She is worried. Neptune wonders if she really will be better in the Cathedral. Neptune thinks they can wrap a leek around her head. It should cure the common cold. Nepgear thinks Bouquet is not suffering from the common cold. CPU returns to Wishuel.

Later, Noire and Uni finishes off a boss. Noire notices that they have experience, money and materials and declares today's hunt is a success. Uni agrees and announces that she got materials to upgrade her gun. Uni is satisfied for today. Noire notices that their health is dangerous low. She suggests that they pack up for today. Uni thinks that is a good idea as the hunters can become the hunted if they stay here any longer. A monster launches a sneak attack on the Lastation sisters. The Lastation sisters yell.

Noire did not expect the monster to pop up in front of her pace. Uni could not do anything either, however that is not the problem they are having. Noire wonders what is going on. Uni notices that the two of them are really close to each other. It looks like they are kissing but from this angle they actually might be kissing. Noire wonders what the heck Uni is talking about. She worries if anyone is nearby to see this and takes a screenshot of it, the forums would go nuts. Uni tells Noire it would be a valuable shot.

Noire is shocked from what she just heard from Uni. Uni did not want that to come out loud. She apologizes and she does mean that in a weird way. It's just that they don't take too many pictures together. Noire admits that they should take more pictures but this is not the kind of picture they should take. Uni knows but she asks her sister to take a picture with her after this. Noire is okay with any picture as long as it is not weird. She notes that they have been lying down too down. She urges Uni to return to the city. Uni agrees. She gets up and admits her heart was pounding. But Uni feels happy after all that.


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