Yiear Sea of Trees is the dungeon where CPU acquires their final Sacred Treasure. The first time, it is entered, there are no treasures and only gathering points. In addition, after meeting Ulgadeus, half the dungeon is locked out. Finishing that dungeon after taking the Sacred Treasure quest for the first time causes the dungeon to be locked for some time.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once.

Note 1: The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can be obtained.

Note 2: The green number beside the treasure chest are locked treasures. They can be unlocked with the use of a Mysterious Keyring. However it will use the Keyring.

Treasure Locked Treasure Gathering Points
1) Alph Wild Grass [x3] 1) Butterfly Wings (Yellow) [x1] (Accessory) Sprout Grass
2) Fruit of Respite [x2] 2) Butterfly Wings (Blue) [x1] (Accessory) Decayed Tree Bark
3) Crystalline Water [x1] 3) Unicorn Horn (Silver) [x1] (Accessory) Elder Tree Branch
4) Butterfly Wings (Purple) [x1] (Accessory) - Sturdy Stalk
5) Fruit of Light [x1] - -
6) Unicorn Horn (Gold) [x1] (Accessory) - -
7) Mysterious Keyring [x1] - -
8) Wisdom Ring [x1] - -
9) Unicorn Horn (Pink) [x1] (Accessory) - -


  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.

Common Type

Before Purification Arrow

Name Drop
Watermelon Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Pumpkin Seed
Hell Cat Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Beast Whiskers
Mellow Cat Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Beast Whiskers
Blue Sun Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Large Bud
Elder Matango Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Poison Spore
Hob Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Sharp Stone Blade
Poison Fungus Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Poison Spore
Shrotamon Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Light, Pumpkin Seed
Gremlin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Light, Sharp Stone Blade
Metal Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Squishy Membrane
Parasite Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Slimy Scale
Big Red Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Magical Elixir, Spongey Membrane

After Purification Arrow

Name Drop
Watermelon Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Pumpkin Seed
Hell Cat Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Beast Whiskers
Mellow Cat Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Beast Whiskers
Blue Sun Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Large Bud
Elder Matango Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Poison Spore
Hob Goblin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Respite, Sharp Stone Blade
Poison Fungus Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Poison Spore
Shrotamon Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Light, Pumpkin Seed
Gremlin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Fruit of Light, Sharp Stone Blade
Metal Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Crystalline Water, Squishy Membrane
Parasite Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Slimy Scale
Big Red Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Magical Elixir, Spongey Membrane
Baby Treant Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Exploding Grass
Red Chocobas Monster Claw, Monster Equipment, Elder Tree Sap, Soft Feather
Nightmare Unicorn Monster Equipment, Monster Fluid, Fruit of Light, Mysterious Horn
Abyss Worm Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Slimy Scale

Scripted Type

  • Ulgadeus appears before the Purification Arrow is obtained
  • Nowaid and Cheetah appear after the Purification Arrow is obtained
  • Minotauros appears when taking the Beast's Diary quest
Name Drop
Ulgadeus Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Cursed Shell
Nowaid Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Immortal Core, Alph Wild Grass
Cheetah -
Minotauros Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Runaway Cow Hoof, Alph Wild Grass


In Yiear Sea of Trees, Neptune notices that they are in the base of the World Tree and that it is huge. She knows she can see the place from the city but seeing up close is incredible. Blanc reads from the game description that Leanverde was the first thing the Goddesses created in this world. Vert adds that in this world, the story has it so that magical energy radiates from this place. This is where the final Sacred Treasure is and Noire is excited to meet the Goddesses.Vert notes according to the Guild member, there are powerful monsters here and tells everyone not to let their guard down. Neptune understands.

Somewhere in Yiear Sea of Trees. †Black Cat Princess† thinks they should try out that item. Kiria knows there is no point in asking but is she referring to *that* item. †Black Cat Princess† says that she is and wonders why she has to spell everything out for Kiria. Would she die if the princess didn't do that. Kiria wonders if it just her but the princess' language has gotten coarse.

†Black Cat Princess† feigns ignorance and coughs. She explains that her heart is constantly wavering and she is just lonely. She can't help it but rely on Kiria. Because she trusts Kiria, she can show her the real Princess. †Black Cat Princess† urges Kiria to stay by her side. Kiria would never leave the princess and hearing those words is an honor. There is no need to hide her true self, as Kiria promises to always accept her.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad and asks her to bring out that item. Kiria does so and a group of monsters appears. Kiria warns the princess to watch out. She will handle it. †Black Cat Princess† is glad a group of test subjects showed up and orders Kiria to show them how effective the item is.

Kiria uses the item to attack and is amazed by her hit count and damage. She describes the feeling as strong rapids, surging waves, destiny and power is flowing. †Black Cat Princess† thinks that is not bad. More monsters arrive. Kiria thinks they are moths attracted to a flame. †Black Cat Princess† wants her turn to use the item. She attacks using the item. Kiria is amazed as the princess performed a triple jump, quadruple jump and triangle jump.

†Black Cat Princess† wonders if she really did that. Kiria tells her she undoubtedly did. †Black Cat Princess† is impressed with the unity of her controls and her characters' movements. A tailwind is beginning to blow in their direction. †Black Cat Princess†'s ambition of being worshiped by all is near.

Deeper in the dungeon, Neptune has found the boss and urges CPU to take down the boss and get the Sacred Treasure. She encourages everyone to Nep'Em up. Noire's spirits are motivated and she will Nowa them all. Neptune is glad Noire is getting into this. She orders everyone in the front to rush the boss. However, their attacks aren't working. Neptune is confused. Rom begins to panic as her attacks are pushed back. Noire is upset that their attacks aren't landing at all.

Nepgear takes a clean hit. Uni wonders if Nepgear is okay. She is surprised that the attacks can reach this far back and its firepower is strong. Blanc thinks they should group up and heal but if they do, they will be open to a ranged attack. Ram alerts CPU that someone is coming from the distance.

A NPC Elmia arrives. She warns them that they are not going to make it out at this rate. She urges them to hurry and get out while they still can. Neptune thinks they may have missed an event that makes this boss beatable. Vert thinks that is plausible and notes that it has been quite some time that something has given her such a scare. Elmia tells them they can talk after, for now she will use this. The boss backs off. Neptune does not know what is going on but she urges everyone to retreat.

After getting away, Nepgear breathes a sigh of relief as they were able to get away. Elmia is glad she made it in time. Ever since the Sacred Treasure was taken, the monsters in the area have become really strong especially that boss holding the Sacred Treasure. If it starts rampaging for real then no one can stop it. Blanc wonders what was the thing she used while they were escaping.

Elmia explains that it is a smoke bomb mixed with things that repels monsters. If they had a high-grade Purification Arrow, they might be able to weaken it. She is sure the Chosen One can defeat it after that. Elmia notes that it would be good to post that to the guild but she had to keep weird mercenaries from getting close. Noire understands where the story is going.

Elmia decides to head to the guild and warns everyone that this place is dangerous and urges everyone to be careful. Neptune understands and asks Miss Guard Lady to be careful as well. Vert notes that they need to return to the city to accept the quest and once they have regrouped- The boss has caught up to CPU. Neptune wonders when did that happen and calls for Miss Guard Lady. Since they do not have the flags raised to fight this boss, Blanc urges them to run away. Since that is the plan, Noire tells everyone to hurry and get out of here.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† arrives. Kiria notes that they meet again. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and remarks that they are in a pickle. Neptune recognizes Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Vert tells the couple to be careful that the boss does not wipe them out. It is a quite a difficult event. Kiria laughs and cannot believe that she will be wiped out. †Black Cat Princess† also laughs. Noire gets upset as they are genuinely concerned with their safety. Kiria apologizes for being rude and tells them to sit back and watch this round. †Black Cat Princess† tells them those that stand in their way will end up like this. The two make short work of the boss.

Neptune is surprised that they were able to defeat it as she thought that boss fight was unwinnable. Was all they had to do to knock that thing out was raise their level? Kiria reports that this should do it and they have obtained the Sacred Treasure. The two of them will be going on ahead. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and leaves them with a parting gift. Another boss appears.

Neptune wonders what is going on with all the bosses. Ram gets upset as all she wants to do is go back to the city. Rom tells her sister not to worry and she is determined to put an end to the boss. Neptune is glad to have the opportunity to recover our disgrace. Nepgear notices that her sister is waiting for someone to comment but Nepgear guesses she will correct her sister. It's "recover our honor".

Vert wonders what is with that boss, and makes sure no one broke a branch. Neptune wonders why Vert would mention breaking branches, unless she meant summoning that boss, in which case such an item doesn't exist yet, at least she never saw it. Blanc points out that those items are not found in the shop. Nepgear adds that if it isn't from an item, it must have come somewhere else, which is suspicious. Uni wonders if it could that boss, the people in the guild were mentioning. Noire notes it can't be the Grim Reaper, besides they aren't dead yet. Neptune thinks they are just too strong. Vert thinks they should just focus on the boss for now. CPU defeats the boss.

Neptune is glad it is finally over. She would appreciate it if the game let up on its surprises already. Bouquet appears and notes that something abnormal is going on with this floor's data. She asks if everything is okay. She realizes that its CPU and greets them kindly. Vert is glad to see her and guesses Bouquet is here as AI must check for bugs in the beta. Blanc understands all that happened was all an error. Uni thinks it has be an error with that random monster.

Bouquet thinks this might be the case and decides to analyze the data immediately to find the cause. After the analysis, Bouquet has no results. She does not know of the cause. Neptune does not like that of all the times Bouquet can break down, it has to be now. Vert tells Neptune that is not the case, patrolling around is not Bouquet's job. Bouquet confirms this, her job does include compiling a report as soon as she encounters an error. This is all very strange and Bouquet urges them to return to the city at once.

As they venture deeper into the dungeon, they see the same boss as multiple monsters. Neptune thinks that can't be right as they are heading back. Vert thinks it may the anomaly that Bouquet reported. They could fight them off. Blanc thinks that would be a useless battle. Vert leaves the decision up to Neptune.

Near the end of the dungeon, Bouquet reports that while traveling with CPU back to the city, she checked the library with the error but it was too large to load. She wants to report this to the GM so they check this out. She asks if that is okay. Vert is glad that she would as that would be much more reliable than just submitting an error report and thanks Bouquet. Bouquet asks them to wait for a moment and in place of Bouquet, the GM appears. Uni notices that Bouquet's aura has changed.

The GM introduces herself as the 4 Goddesses Online Admin, and they may refer to her as Game Master or GM. Neptune thinks GM sounds fine and realizes how strange it is for the GM to make a personal appearance. The GM thanks CPU for their help in the beta test and she explains that she has determined by the report that this error is urgent. She decided to see it for herself.

The GM thinks it is excessive to bring in a GM dedicated avatar so she's borrowing Bouquet for a moment. Nepgear understands and simply found it surprising. The GM did not how much shock this would have caused and apologizes.

Vert is pleased at the opportunity to meet an admin. She tells her she is a huge fan of 4 Goddesses Online and is looking forward to the implementation of the new version. Vert asks her to do her best. The GM is thankful for her words and she begins to perform an analysis.

She announces to those logged in that in approximately 10 minutes, she will perform an emergency maintenance in the Yiear Sea of Trees area. She asks the players to avoid entering Yiear Sea of Trees for the duration of the maintenance. She apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks everyone for their cooperation.

The GM then personally apologizes to CPU that it would take some time until the end of the maintenance. Noire says it is okay as they were going to head back to the city anyways to continue the quest to weaken the boss from before. Vert says she will continue to support the GM. The GM thanks everyone.

Bouquet returns and explains that the story quest is now available. It takes place in another area so they should have no trouble progressing. To create the item to weaken the boss requires 3 ingredients. They should first head to the guild and accept the quest. Neptune understands and thanks Bouquet.

Later CPU returns to Yiear Sea of Trees with the Purfication Arrow. Neptune wonders if they get all the Sacred Treasures, would they be close to clearing this episode? Noire tells Neptune that is counting your chickens before they hatch. Neptune does not really understand what Noire is saying but she guesses that means once they have the Sacred Treasure, the game will get serious. Noire confirms this and adds that no one said the world will be saved once they have the Sacred Treasure. Blanc adds that it is possible for the Demon King to appear once the Goddesses descend. Vert is glad that everyone understands and she too believes that the true game will begin once the Goddesses return.

Later in the dungeon, Ram asks Rom what is wrong. Is there something there. Rom tells her sister it is the opposite. She can't hear the sounds of birds anymore. Vert points out that it seems like it has arrived. This time, they will defeat it. Neptune notes that as usual it looks super strong but they won't run. Neptune decides to use the Purification Arrow and the boss screams in pain. Neptune thinks it is working and believes they can defeat it now. She thanks the guard person for her help.

Noire is glad to have the chance to go all out and exterminate this boss. Nepgear admits boss fights are nerve-wracking but as far as she is concerned it is just another a battle. She will increase her firepower for this boss. Blanc declares that she will take care of healing and support. Uni declares that she will cover everyone's back. Vert will Vert them all up. Neptune tells Vert not to steal her catchphrase. She paid good money for that.

CPU defeats the boss and Neptune cheers as they finally did it. Vert thinks this is a victory they achieved together. CPU acquires the Emerald Mirror. Ram cheers as they got the final Sacred Treasure. Rom cheers as they have all the Sacred Treasures. †Black Cat Princess† already knew they could do it. Kiria has a pained expression. Neptune is happy to see the couple and notes they have not seen each other in a while but she was thinking about them here and there. Last time things got pretty messy with that monster. Neptune asks if they have been doing alright.

†Black Cat Princess† assures Neptune that they are. In fact there isn't a fragment of a possibility of them losing to someone else so her worry is needless. In fact it isn't her damn business. Neptune notices the grim expression and asks †Black Cat Princess† if she is feeling okay. Vert does not really need to ask but the two of them already obtained the Emerald Mirror. Noire finds it weird that they are wondering around a dungeon they already cleared. Blanc is sure they are just going to gloat in their face again.

†Black Cat Princess† agrees with Blanc, as they need to learn that she is much greater than them all. In fact she is going to beat this knowledge into their bones. Nepgear wonders if that means she hates them now. Uni does not get where this is going but wonders if they did something. Rom panics as she wonders if that means they are going to fight. Ram thinks that is not right as Blanc told them they need to be nice when playing games.

Neptune understands people can get heated when they are being competitive but that is no reason to not be friends. Vert agrees with Neptune that it is best for fellow gamers to enjoy the game by helping each other out and competing on occasionally. †Black Cat Princess† laughs at the idea that they are fellow gamers that will help each other. She declares that she is supreme in this world and there is no one who can compete on her level. She asks if they don't understand that there is a wall between a princess and a common player. They cannot overcome it.

†Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that to try out the new function of the tool now. Kiria does not feel right using it on actual players. †Black Cat Princess† tells her to stop grumbling and do it already. Kiria understands and will do everything for her sake. The two use the tool. Neptune notices that they have fused and transformed. The new form they have looks like that animal. Nepgear thinks her sister is talking about a cheetah.

Vert remembers that monster from the main 4 Goddesses Online. It sparked a lot of controversy with the players which is why it was removed in version 1.02. It is known as Cheetah. Noire thinks that is way too straightforward and thinks Vert is pulling her leg. Vert assures Noire it is that straightforward. It was meant as a joke that uses a cheetah as a motif. It was a play on the word "cheater". Back when admins were working on countermeasures for cheaters, they used Cheetah as a sandbag monster in events. At the end of the festival, the GM would fire the Cheetah and explode it as fireworks. That was their cheat eradication campaign.

Neptune gets worried as from the gist of that, it means the couple are... Vert praises Neptune for being perceptive, she did catch on one word in their conversation she won't let go. Blanc is sure she heard them use the word "tool". She wonders if they have access to a cheat tool. Rom is angry knows what that is. Blanc told them that it a bad thing and they shouldn't use it. Ram is not happy to follow that train of thought to conclude that the prince and princess are bad guys. Uni summarizes this as the two are cheaters who have turned into... a cheetah. Are they seriously doing this for the sake of a pun?

Neptune begins to snicker but tries to hold it in. Noire can't contain her laughter as she asks Neptune what is she laughing about as this is hardly the time to... Blanc also can't contain her laughter agrees with Noire and they will make her... Vert can't contain her laughter as she scolds the other Goddesses for being rude. The two of them went through quite the spirited transformation. Neptune deflects this onto Uni as she started it. Uni thinks she should not have said anything. Neptune thinks it was just such an awful joke and she can't take it. She asks if she can just laugh a bit.

†Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them not to laugh as their tool could not change how they look. It is not their fault. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them that they should really watch their mouths. The two of them aren't going to be so kind like before. Kiria in Cheetah tries to reason with the princess as she does not think this is a good idea. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells Kiria to shut up and just control the thing. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah declares that they are truly unparalleled in 4 Goddesses Online and releases a burst of electricity.

Rom and Ram tell Cheetah to stay back. Neptune tells them to look alive. They should stop staring and start fighting. Neptune assures that it will work out, asks that it will work out and hopes it will work out. Alright, Neptune leads the charge against Cheetah.

CPU defeats Cheetah and their body begins crumble. Neptune cheers as they did it they defeated Cheetah. Vert points out if they point their mind into it, they can do anything. Neptune wonders if the two of them will return to their normal form. Vert thinks it would be good if they can discuss this peacefully.

The Grim Reaper shows up breathing. Nepgear notices this and asks who this is. Blanc notices the red eyes and blood lust and deduces that it is the Grim Reaper. Vert cannot be certain that this is the fabled Grim Reaper and thinks they should see how he moves. Rom is scared and asks if they have to fight. Ram is angry and taunts the Grim Reaper to bring it on. The Grim Reaper picks up Cheetah and leaves.

Uni finds it strange that he just ran off after carrying Cheetah. Noire thinks all of this was surreal. Neptune calls for Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† but it's no use as they are gone. Vert wonders what that means. Do monsters just kidnap other players now. Nepgear wonders if Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† became targets to a boss monster. Uni thinks that the Grim Reaper was an ally to Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† and came to their rescue. Noire believes the Cheetah is likely controlled by another cheater. Blanc thinks it is best to report this to the GM. Vert agrees and wants to see Bouquet's face in order to find peace after what happened. Elsewhere in Yiear Sea of Trees, Mysterious Person is angry at how useless everyone of them are.

After taking the Beast's Diary quest and defeating the Minotauros in Yiear Sea of Trees, Uni notices a strange drop. Nepgear sees that something is written on it. CPU acquires the Musky Diary. Rom sees that the words are hard to read. Maybe they are words they haven't learned yet. Ram asks Blanc what it says. Blanc takes a look and notices that she has never seen those characters before. She tells the twins she doesn't know what it says.

Vert thinks there might be a hint in the city. They should return and look for it. Neptune is happy to have a mystery on their hands. She wonders if it is someone's long lost confession of love. Noire thinks it is surprising for Neptune to think like that. However, it would most certainly be lovely if it were a love confession.


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