Avenir Storage no.4 is a dungeon in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 that can be found in Lastation.


The following Items can be get in the dungeon. Items from the Treasure Chest can be obtain only once. Numbers are marked on the map above.

Note 1:Stars on the map are hidden treasure locations.
Note 2: It gives only one hidden tresure per pass. To become more hidden items you must go in the dungeon again.
Note 3:The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can obtained.

Treasure Hidden Treasure Gathering Points
(Item Change OFF)
Gathering Points
(Item Change ON)
1. Healing Pod (Item) [1-2x]
Eject Button (Item ) [1-2x]
Healing Pod (Item) File Crystal (Material) File Crystal (Material)
2. Plan: Healing Rain [1x] P. SP Charger (Item) Ruffian Mask (Material) Data Crystal (Material)
3. Plan: Silver Bracelet [1x] Fighting (Idea Chip) Wicked Heart (Material) Wide Market (Idea Chip)
4. Plan: Angel Wings [1x]
Life Fragment (Item) [1x]
Strategy (Idea Chip) Illegal Device (Material) Hover Movement (Idea Chip)
- Sci-Fi (Idea Chip) Illegal Hardware (Material) Limited Edition (Idea Chip)
- - MODEL 4 PCB (Material) Novel (Idea Chip)
- - MAONI PCB (Material) Quiz (Idea Chip)
- - Unexploded Shell (Material) -


Common type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
High Bit Custom Illegal Device ---- ----
Strange Person Wicked Heart ---- ----
Ruffian Cat Ruffian Mask ---- ----
DSTT Illegal Hardware Mystic Hat (Blanc) ----
Eggplant Rider * Mediamix Strategy (Idea Chip) ---- ----
Heavy Tank Unexploded Shell ---- ----
Wild Pirachu * Large Medal K (key item) ---- ----
  • Enemies marked with a * require the "Add Enemies: Avenir Storage No.4" plan active.

Scripted type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Killachine Mk-3 Magical Reactor 2 ---- ----
Killachine 1.01 Magical Reactor 2 Stone B (processor) ----


After the statement of IF, the group hurry to the Storage of Avenir where Killachines were builded. To stop the production of Killachines, they must fight against every Killachine theoretically, but MAGES helps out with destroying every Killachine (except for a few) from the inside. But this was just a red herring.


Misunderstanding Avenir Storage
If you take this line exactly, the group went to the wrong Storage. IF said the weapons for Lowee from Avenir are at Avenir Storage No.2. Or it was an error of the translation.


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