Hyrarule Snowfield is a dungeon in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 that can be found in Lowee.


The following Items can be get in the dungeon. Items from the Treasure Chest can be obtain only once. Numbers are marked on the map above.

Note 1:Stars on the map are hidden treasure locations.
Note 2: It gives only one hidden tresure per pass. To become more hidden items you must go in the dungeon again.
Note 3:The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can obtained.
Note 4: Sometimes, a few of the gathering points, on the left field after the  little bridge, doesn't appear.

Treasure Hidden Treasure Gathering Points
(Item Change OFF)
Gathering Points
(Item Change ON)
1. Plan: Miranga of Joy [1x] Green Pigment (Material) Refresh Herb (Material) Refresh Herb (Material)
2. White Pigment (Material) [1x] White Pigment (Material) Healing Grass (Material) Healing Grass (Material)
3. Plan: Drive Hammer [1x] Healing Pod (Item) Magic Ice Stone (Material) Magic Ice Stone (Material)
- P. SP Charger (I tem) Silver Ore (Material) Silver Ore (Material)
- White Cat Ears (Accessory Blanc) Frozen Cloth (Material) Hover Movement (Idea Chip)
- - Large Pincer (Material) Japanese Taste (Idea Chip)


Common type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Call Boy Frozen Cloth ---- ----
Cold Girl Pink Ribbon Bell Ribbon (Blanc) ----
Lowee Defense Guard Iron Fragment ---- ----
Ice Golem Ice Crystal ---- ----
King Crab Large Pincer ---- ----
Special Dogoo * Polygon (Idea Chip) ---- ----
Alnair * TPS (Idea Chip) Maid L (processor) ----
  • Enemies marked with a * require the "Add Enemies: Hyrarule Snowfields" plan active.

Scripted type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Self-Defense System Vintage (Blanc - outfit) Stone L (processor) ----
Item Jammer Pod Stone H (processor) ---- ----
Skill Jammer Pod Stone W (processor) ---- ----


The hideout of the Restistance are under attack from the Basilicom. After the red herring of Avenir, the group must hurry to the hideout. The Hyrarule Snowfield is the fastest but most dangerous way to the hideout.


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