MS Mountain is a dungeon in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 that can be found in Leanbox.

This dungeon is divided into two areas - MS Mountain and MS Mountain Peak.


The following Items can be get in the dungeon. Items from the Treasure Chest can be obtain only once. Numbers are marked on the map above.

Note 1:Stars on the map are hidden treasure locations.
Note 2: It gives only one hidden tresure per pass. To become more hidden items you must go in the dungeon again.
Note 3:The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can obtained.

MS Mountain

Treasure Hidden Treasure Gathering Points
(Item Change OFF)
Gathering Points
(Item Change ON)
1. Near Future (Idea Chip) [1x] Light Blue Pigment (Material) Herb (Material) RPG (Idea Chip)
2. SP Charger (Item) [1-2x] Healing Drink (Item) Refresh Herb (Material) Shooting RPG (Idea Chip)
3. Healing Pod (Item) [1-2x] Ripped Macho (Idea Chip) Healing Grass (Material) Fight (Idea Chip)
4. Tuffmil (Item) [1-3x] Special Controller (Idea Chip) Night Moon Grass (Material) Free Scenario (Idea Chip)
5. Green Pigment (Material) [1-2x] Wide Market (Idea Chip) Blue Petal (Material) Useless Hero (Idea Chip)
6. Plan: Healing Drink [1x] - Bloody Bumerang (Material) Linear (Idea Chip)
7. Eject Button (Item) [1-2x] - Green Castella (Material) Fight (Idea Chip)
- - Bomb Fragment (Material) Niche (Idea Chip)
- - Dolphin Tail (Material) Port (Idea Chip)
- - - Big Online (Idea Chip)
- - - Fantasy (Idea Chip)

MS Mountain Peak

Treasure Hidden Treasure Gathering Points
(Item Change OFF)
Gathering Points
(Item Change ON)
1. Gorilla (Idea Chip) [3-4x] Light Blue Pigment (Material) Herb (Material) Herb (Material)
2. SP Charger (Item) [1x] Healing Drink (Item) Refresh Herb (Material) Refresh Herb (Material)
3. STR Booster (Item [1x] P. SP Charger (Item) Healing Grass (Material) Ripped Macho (Idea Chip)
4. Racing (Idea Chip) [3-4x] The Hellis Allthis (Idea Chip) Night Moon Grass (Material) Mediamix Strategy (Idea Chip)
5. Male-oriented (Idea Chip) [3-4x] Plan: Credits Up Blue Petal (Material) Kudere (Idea Chip)
- - Bloody Bumerang (Material) Color Editor (Idea Chip)
- - Green Castella (Material) Series (Idea Chip)
- - Bomb Fragment (Material) Fantasy (Idea Chip)


Common type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Boomerang Bloody Boomerang ---- ----
Apeldoom Red Petal Flower Ribbon Ver-2 (IF) ----
Lightbulb Angel Mysterious Red Ball ---- ----
WD Head Bomb Fragment ---- ----
Dolphin Dolphin Tail Frost S (processor) ----
XDog Green Castella ---- ----
Directionless Soldier * MMO (Idea Chip) ---- ----
Pollux * Large Medal D (key item) ---- ----
  • Enemies marked with a * require the "Add Enemies: MS Mountain" plan active.


IF, Compa and Neptune traverse this dungeon as they want to reach a restaurant in a nearby village. No coach is driving to the village because of the monsters. As a result, they must walk there, fighting their way through the monsters.

Shortly before they arrive in the village, a messenger of Momus stops them and secretly gives them an Enemy Disc in the form of "Overlord BGM CD".


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