Uwii Ruins is a dungeon in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 that can be unlocked with the Remake System using plans found in Adjiten Forest Pass.


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Treasure Hidden Treasure Gathering Points
(Item Change OFF)
Gathering Points
(Item Change ON)
Orange Pigment
Eject Button x2
Healing Bottle (Item) Lost Holy Cloth Lvl 4 Silhouette (Idea chip)
Business Sim (Idea Chip) W11 C (For Blanc only) Healing Grass Herb
Lvl 5 Bullet Hell x4 (Idea Chip) Lvl 5 Console Pack-in (Idea Chip) Herb Healing Grass
Lvl 5 Super Secret Move (Idea Chip)
Beast Charm (CyberConnect 2 accessory) Copper Ore Copper Ore
Angel Wings Lvl 5 Female-oriented (Idea chip) Silver Fragment Lvl 4 Whatever (Idea Chip)
Lvl 5 3D (Idea Chip) - Lvl 5 Hardcore-oriented (Idea chip) Lvl 4 Near Future (Idea chip)
Kurenai (Marvy's weapon) - Old Dragon...Huh? Lvl 4 Zombie (Idea Chip)
- - Contracted Ball Lvl 5 All-Star (Idea Chip)
- - - Lvl 5 Female-oriented (Idea chip)
- - - Lvl 5 Pretty 3D CG (Idea Chip)


Common type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Promise Keeper Contracted Ball Nayuta Ribbon (Falcom) ----
Lowee Magical Soldier Silver Fragment ---- ----
Lost Girl Lost Ribbon ---- ----
Lost Boy Lost Holy Cloth ---- ----
Crescent Dragon Old Dragon...Huh? ---- ----
Trick Clown * Japanese Costumes (plan) Nice Memories... ----
Blue Whale * Lvl 5 Baseball (Idea Chip) ---- ----
Clione ** Plan: CPU Crusher (Blanc's Ultimate Weapon) Plan: U-Ring (Blanc's Ultimate Armor) Collectable Key Item: White Heart PVC
  • Enemies marked with a * require the "Add Enemies: Uwii Ruins" plan active.
  • Enemies marked with a ** require the "Add Super Enemies: Uwii Ruins" plan active.


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