Virtua Forest - Depths is unlocked when Histoire discovers the location of Planeptune's mascot. In this dungeon, there is a help screen on Viral enemies and HDD in the first chapter. In the second chapter the player learns about EX Finish Skills and the EXE Gauge.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once. Numbers are marked on the map.

Note 1: Stars on the map are hidden item locations. They will spawn in one of the locations and can be found through Treasure Search. They can be picked up once every time you enter the dungeon. To find more hidden items, you need to re-enter the dungeon.
Note 2: The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can be obtained.

Virtua Forest - Depths

Treasure Hidden Treasure Gathering Points
(Item Change and Change Dungeon OFF)
Gathering Points
(Item Change ON)
Gathering Points
(Change Dungeon ON)
1)Leather Bracelet Rock Wind Stone [x1-2] Healing Herb [x1-2] True Story, Bro Lv. 4
1)SP Charger Rubber Band Fungus's Spores Hoinin Tentacles [x1-2] Sci-Fi Lv. 3 [x1-2]
2)Beam Blade Healing Herb Healing Herb [x1-3] Wind Stone [x1-2] Shooting RPG Lv. 2
2)Life Fragment Healing Grass Herb [x1-3] Ripped Macho Lv. 2 [x1-3] Magical Fragment
2)Eject Button Herb Simulation Lv. 1 Piranha Petal [x1-2] Japanese Taste Lv. 3 [x1-2]
3)STR Booster SP Charger Rock [x1-2] Jump Lv. 1 [x3-4] Big Online Lv. 2 [x1-2]
3)Eject Button Paralaxin Ripped Macho Lv. 2 Spider Web [x1-2] Mysterious Red Ball
4)Paralaxin Life Fragment Idol Lv. 1 RPG Lv. 1[x1-2] Rainbow Wing
4)Detoxin Leather Armlet RPG Lv. 1 Simulation Lv. 1[x1-3] -
4)Healing Grass Eject Button - - -
- Wind Stone - - -
- STR Booster - - -


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Common Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Fungus Fungus's Spores - -
Hoinin Hoinin's Tentacle - -
Piranha Flower Piranha Petal - -
Spider Spider Web - -
Fenrisulfr Earth Ripper - -
Paradise Avian** Rainbow Wing - -
Viral Paradise Avian** Rainbow Wing - -
Lightbulb Angel** Mysterious Red Ball - -
Heavy Dragoon** Magical Fragment - -
Viral Heavy Dragoon** Magical Fragment - -
Nihil** Plan: EXP Up - -

Scripted Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Viral Tulip Yellow Petal Healing Grass Detoxin
Underling Iron Pipe SP Charger AGI Booster
Ancient Dragon Dragon Claws Stamina Bangle -
M3-Custom Illegal Chip Life Fragment Eject Button
  • Enemies marked with ** require the "Change Dungeon" plan active.
  • Enemies in bold are considered Dangerous Monsters.


Rank C

Avenge My Cousin! Credits: 2000 Type: Hunt
Shares Reward Key Content
Share Gain: Planeptune +4%
Share Loss: Arfoire -4%
AGI Booster x1
Nep Bull x1
Life Fragment x1
Fenrisulfr x1

Rank D

Three Kingdoms Lover Credits: 100 Type: Find
Shares Reward Key Content
Share Gain: Arfoire +3%
Share Loss: Lastation -3%
Crimson Leafy Bow (IF) Spider Web x2

Lastation Crows Credits: 30000 Type: Find
Shares Reward Key Content
Share Gain: Lastation +3%
Share Loss: Lowee -3%
Swimwear S
Swimwear B
Rainbow Wing x6

Rank E

Messy Messy Memorial Credits: 200 Type: Hunt
Shares Reward Key Content
Share Gain: Lastation +2%
Share Loss: Arfoire -2%
Healing Grass x2 Hoinin x3

Assailants Credits: 200 Type: Hunt
Shares Reward Key Content
Share Gain: Lastation +2%
Share Loss: Lowee -2%
Paralaxin x2 Piranha Flower x3


Chapter 1: Divine Oratorio

Nepgear, IF and Compa arrive to find some monsters influenced by ASIC's shares. They turn viral and fight the party who defeat them. Eventually they see someone in the corner destroying something. It is Underling destroying Planeptune's mascot. She is annoyed by them and the party confronts her over the mascot. She attacks Nepgear who finds her stronger than exected due to ASIC's shares. IF blocks the Underling's next attack and uses that to motivate Nepgear into unlocking her HDD. Nepgear then fights Underling in her HDD form and defeats her. However Underling still destroys the mascot. The party is unable to pursue her. The mascot however was able to transfer a part of her power away and gives that power to Nepgear. Nepgear obtains the Purple Disc. She is amazed by the power and the party returns to Planeptune.

Chapter 2: Crossroads of Defeat

Following Falcom's advice, the party return to this dungeon in search of a treasure gem. They find an Ancient Dragon which they defeat for the gem. Before they can start celebrating, Underling shows up with monsters that prevent Nepgear from using her HDD. The party attempts to flee when Red appears to save them. With her help they defeat the monsters and Red joins the party. The party plan to return to Lastation for leads on Hematite.


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