Reload Grasslands is an optional dungeon in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation. Its plan is found in Soni Wetlands.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once. Numbers are marked on the map to denote those treasure chests.

Note 1: Hidden Items are now replaced with hidden item blocks. All hidden item blocks are present in the dungeon at all times. However, only one of the hidden item block drops item(s) at any given run through the dungeon. They will however give credits if you jump to them.

Reload Grasslands

Treasure Hidden Treasure Gathering Points
(Change Dungeon and Big Dungeon Change OFF)
Gathering Points
(Change Dungeon ON)
Gathering Points
Big Dungeon Change ON
1) Plan: P.SP Charger Light Blue Pigment x1-2 Herb x1-2 Herb x2-3 Stealth Lv. 2
2) SP Charger Special Controller Lv. 2 x4-5 Healing Herb x1-2 Healing Herb x2-3 Photorealistic Lv. 2
3) Healing Pod x2 Ripped Macho Lv. 2 x3-4 Glowgrass x1-3 Glowgrass x2-3 Free Scenario Lv. 1
3) Plan: Escape Anywhere Executioner Blue Petal x2-3 Wood Shell x1-2 Emotional Game Lv. 2
4) Tuffmil x2 Plan: Big Dungeon Change: Reload Grasslands Refresh Herb x2-3 Bloody Boomerang x1-2 Fight Lv. 1
5) P. SP Charger Mr. Orange Cat Bloody Boomerang x1-2 Stinky Mud x1-2 Fantasy Lv. 2
- - Stinky Mud x1-2 WD Fragment x1-2 Linear Lv. 1
- - WD Fragment x1-2 - Open-ended Lv. 2
- - - - Niche Lv. 1
- - - - Useless Hero Lv. 2
- - - - Wahahahaha! Lv. 1
- - - - Shooting RPG Lv. 2


Main article: Bestiary/Re;Birth3
  • Enemies marked with * require the "Change Dungeon" plan active.
  • Enemies marked with ** require the "Big Dungeon Change" plan active.
  • Enemies in bold are considered Dangerous Monsters.

Reload Grasslands

Common Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Boomerang Bloody Boomerang - -
Apeldoom Red Petal - -
WD Head WD Fragment - -
Forest Turtle Wood Shell - -
Boss Lizard* Male-orientated Lv. 3 - -
Pollux** Large Medal D - -


Main article: Quest/Re;Birth3

Rank B

Getting Seven Together Credits: 2500 Type: Find
Shares Reward Key Content
Share Gain: Lowee +4%
Share Loss: Lastation -4%
Data Crystal x2 Wood Shell x2


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