So Shal Forest is an optional dungeon in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation whose plan is given to the player in chapter 9 in Hello Continent by a Mombumbler chirper. This dungeon contains one of Rei Ryghts's memory events.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once. Numbers are marked on the map to denote those treasure chests.

Note 1: Hidden Items are now replaced with hidden item blocks. All hidden item blocks are present in the dungeon at all times. However, only one of the hidden item block drops item(s) at any given run through the dungeon. They will however give credits if you jump to them.

So Shal Forest

Treasure Hidden Treasure Gathering Points
(Change Dungeon and Big Dungeon Change OFF)
Gathering Points
(Change Dungeon ON)
Gathering Points
(Big Dungeon Change ON)
1) Plan: CPU Aegis Blue Pigment x1-2 Glowgrass x1-3 Glowgrass x2-3 Glowgrass x1-3
2) Eject Button x3 Red Pigment x1-2 Herb x1-2 Quality Dolphin Tail x1-2 Healing Herb x1-2
3) Super Panacea x1 TPS Lv. 5 x3-5 Healing Herb x1-2 Cool Boxbird Wing x1-2 Includes Videos Lv. 4
4) AGI Booster Z x1 Pretty 3D CG Lv. 5 x3-5 Cool Boxbird Wing x1-2 Magical Fragment x1-2 Pretty Girl Game Lv. 5
5) Pretty 3D CG Lv. 5 x4 Healing Pod x3-5 Magical Fragment x1-2 Numb Jelly x1-2 Famous Creator Lv. 4
- Plan: Big Change Dungeon: So Shal Forest Numb Jelly x1-2 Negative Bark x1-2 Burnin' Moe Lv. 5
- - Negative Bark x1-2 - -


Main article: Bestiary/Re;Birth3
  • Enemies marked with * require the "Change Dungeon" plan active.
  • Enemies marked with ** require the "Big Dungeon Change" plan active.
  • Enemies in bold are considered Dangerous Monsters.
  • Nepgear? transforms into Purple Sister? after a turn.

So Shal Forest

Common Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Prince Boxbird Nice Boxbird Wing - -
Paralyze Dogoo Numb Jelly - -
Lizard Knight Magical Fragment - -
Viral Lizard Knight Magical Fragment - -
Insatiable Tree Negative Bark - -
Viral Insatiable Tree Negative Bark - -
1000-Year Old Dolphin Quality Dolphin Tail - -
Killmochine* Pachimon Circuit - -
Nepgear?** - - -
Purple Sister?** Plan: Hyper Beam Saber - -


Main Article: Quest/Re;Birth3

Rank D

Bitter Tree Bark Credits: 7000 Type: Find
Shares Reward Key Content
Share Gain: Lowee +3%
Share Loss: Leanbox -3%
P. SP Charger 2 x2 Negative Bark x5

Got It! Credits: 7000 Type: Find
Shares Reward Key Content
Share Gain: Lastation +3%
Share Loss: Planeptune -3%
Exuberant Lump x1 Pachimon Circuit x5


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