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Depths of the Heart is the seventh dungeon of the Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend arc in Megadimension Neptunia VII. It costs 2000 credits to create a route to it.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once. Numbers are marked on the map to denote those treasure chests.

Treasures Hidden Treasures Destructible Object Items From Scouts
1) Low Price Lv. 5 x2 1) EnergyMate x1
Destroy 6 destructible objects
Horsebird Dung [B] Mask
2) TB Disc x1 - Healing Pod Silver Ore
3) 2215 credits - - Corrupt Mask
4) Pachinko Lv. 4 x2 - - Premium Numb Jelly
- - - Snow Chocopi's Beak
- - - Amazing Magical Paper


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  • Enemies marked with * require a scout the "Change Enemies" ability is deployed.
  • Enemies marked with ** will always appear.
  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.

Common Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Tri Star Snow Chocopi's Beak Chocopi's Beak
Paralyze Dogoo Premium Numb Jelly Gel Feeler
Koitsu □ Amazing Magical Paper Magical Paper
Fatal Cat Corrupt Mask Gang Mask
Hall of Fame King G. Amazing Crown -
Shooting Fly* Snow Chocopi's Beak -
Aitsu □* Amazing Magical Paper -
Destiny Cat* Corrupt Mask -
King Serpent Water Dragon Scale -
Gandum Metal Plate -

Scripted Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Dark Orange Healing Light -
Punishment Magic Core - Punishment Magic Core


Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend

The party manages to find Kurome Ankokuboshi in this place. Uzume greets her. Kurome asks what they plan to do, they kill her, both of them and this world disappears. If they let her go, the dimensions will fuse and she will become the Hyper Dimension. Uzume asks her if she has taken in the power of the CPU from another dimension and if the power amazing.

Kurome confirms that it is awesome and the fusion has sped up. It will only be a little longer and the party is stuck. Uzume reveals her plan which is to beat Kurome up and take the power of the CPU from another dimension. S-Sha assumes that if they have the power, they can stop the dimensions from fusing. Uzume confirms S-Sha's assumption. Neptune is ready for what they have to do. Nepgear tells Uzume to be cool as possible during this operation.

Uzume declares that today is the day she defeats herself that is drowning in hatred. Kurome declares that she will defeat herself and all the others in the way. Kurome wanted to have them all alive to experience the eternal hell she was going put Gamindustri through but they are becoming a major interference in her plans. Kurome summons all the Dark CPUs. Older Neptune wonders why Dark Purple is still here as they have defeated her already. Kurome says that she has the power of delusion, as long as there is Negative Energy, she can create the Dark CPUs and she still has the CPU's power so they were be complete Dark CPUs.

Neptune says they have the Sharing Field so the Dark CPUs are nothing. Kurome counters with asking the Dark CPUs to fuse. Neptune is surprised by the giant monstrosity. Kurome explains that the new Dark CPUs now has all the powers of the CPUs and she decides to fuse with it to become Dark Orange. Dark Orange says that the form is perfect for taking revenge on Gamindustri. Vert comments that this is quite the stockpile. Noire says that it has the power of the CPUs and the power of the CPU from another dimension. Blanc adds that it has Negative Energy. Uzume asks the CPUs why they are getting nervous as this should be expected.

Dark Orange calls the party useless as they are unable to fight with Sharing Field. No Sharing Field can contain her. Uzume says she has an ace card. Dark Orange says even if she had an ace card, it would not be enough. Uzume points the giant Share Crystal in the Heart Dimension. Dark Orange warns her that using the crystal is like using their "lifeline". They will both die. Neptune agrees with Dark Orange and tells her she can't die now. Uzume says she is not suicidal and will use the crystal until there is a little bit of shares left then turn it off. That way, Dark Orange will weaken too.

Dark Orange is angry but calls it useless. Uzume tells Dark Orange she held back too long and it does not help that she no longer has any allies. Uzume calls this her last HDD and transforms to Orange Heart to activate the Sharing Field. The party manages to defeat Dark Orange.

Dark Orange says that she cannot die yet until her revenge on Gamindustri is complete. Uzume tells Dark Orange that she will never get her revenge. Older Neptune declares victory. Neptune is happy that both worlds are saved. Nepgear is pleased to know that Uzume won't disappear. Kurome performs one last act of vengeance and takes the power of the CPU from another dimension down with her. Nepgear worries about what happen now. Uzume damns the situation. Neptune asks her older self if they can use Croire. Older Neptune says Croire can only move people between dimensions.

A monster horde is heard. Ram wonders what the problem is now. Uni tells the party to look over. Vert is surprised by the size of the horde. Blanc says the horde is coming by land, sea and air. Ram sees them heading in one direction and wonder where they headed. S-Sha thinks they are headed to the Hyper Dimension. Older Neptune wonders why as they beat Kurome. Croire explains that she must have given the order to the monsters to destroy the Hyper Dimension just as she died and remarks that she truly went down gun blazin'.

Ram complains that this is cheating. Umio is awe of her tenacity but corrects himself to say malice. Vert is amazed that she hated Gamindustri that much. Neptune says that it was just a bunch of misunderstandings and assumptions. There never actually any hate. Noire wishes she can be that easily convinced. C-Sha says they have to return to the Hyper Dimension to stop the horde. B-Sha tells her there is no time and they must intercept the horde now. K-Sha tells her that impossible as they lack both manpower and supplies. S-Sha admits Kurome did manage to win.

Uzume has one final plan and asks Nepgear to destroy the giant Share Crystal then the party must head back to the Hyper Dimension. Nepgear is shocked to hear this. Neptune asks her what is she saying. Older Neptune says Uzume will die. Uzume says this is the only way and only Nepgear can do it. Nepgear wonders why must it be her. Uzume explains that her weapon has the range and she was the one that saw Uzume's adventures from the beginning to end. Nepgear can't and breaks down crying. Uni tells her friend to shoot. Nepgear refuses and Uni gets mad. Uni wonders why Nepgear can't understand Uzume's feelings. The reason she is asking Nepgear and not Uni, B-Sha or K-Sha is that Nepgear is also a CPU of Planeptune and her junior. Nepgear continues to cry but Uni pleads for her to shoot.

Neptune says it is too much for her sister and transforms. Neptune offers to help her shoot and they will carry Uzume's dreams and life. The sisters shoot and destroy the crystal. Nepgear apologizes and Neptune is glad to have met Uzume even if there was not much time. The party flees to the Hyper Dimension. Umio says everyone has left. Uzume requests one last thing from her friend, she has asked all the monsters of the Zero Dimension to assemble at their head base. She wants Umio to bring them to the Hyper Dimension.

Umio asks if she means to do everything alone. Uzume apologizes for being unable to keep their promise but Umio is the only one who can lead the monsters to safety. Umio agrees to the request. Uzume thanks Umio for sticking with her for so long and thanks the Planeptune sisters for the fun but short time they had together. Kurome's voice reappears to expression anger at Uzume's decision to end them both. Uzume tells her to be quiet and she must confront the horde in order to buy time. Kurome says that she will die but Uzume says that she is happy and all her dreams were fulfilled.

Ascension Ending
The party heads back to the Hyper Dimension through the portal Histoire created. Umio was able to rescue the monsters as well.

Revival Ending
Neptune asks the party if it is okay to leave like this. Older Neptune sympathizes with Neptune but urges her to go. Noire adds that they need to respect Uzume's final wishes. Neptune does not care as she is unhappy. Noire tells her to hurry back before the dimension collapses. Neptune tells the party she needs everyone for a happy ending and runs off for Uzume. IF tells her to wait. Nepgear agrees with her sister's actions and wants to run off. Compa tells her to wait. Older Neptune is also unhappy with leaving Uzume. She then realizes that the dimension has not collapsed yet even though the Share Crystal has been destroyed. Uzume must have planned to hold off the monster horde because they would be in big trouble if the horde caught up to them. The dimension will collapse once all her share energy is used up.

S-Sha concludes that if Uzume survives then the Hyper Dimension will have to deal with the horde. Nepgear still wants to save Uzume and runs off. Older Neptune also runs off to save Uzume. Uni tells Nepgear to wait. Noire gets upset with the Planeptune sisters always causing trouble without regard to how everyone feels. Blanc agrees adding that they are illogical but admits that she cannot hate them for their actions. Vert agrees with Blanc and wishes they would be more considerate in the future.

B-Sha asks the party what are they to do, follow the Neptunes and Nepgear or return to the Hyper Dimension. Vert says they should leave Uzume to them and they should do what they can do. Uni is concerned that the three of them cannot handle the monster horde. Rom wants to support Miss Nepgear but Ram says it is too dangerous. Rom protests but a voice announces that they should leave it to him.

Uzume is tired and admits that she is not living up to the attitude she gave Kurome about defending everyone. She wonders if it is a lack of Share Energy but she pushes on. She needs to buy enough time for everyone to escape. She fights the monsters but feels her legs failing. She says it is just like before fighting alone. She will fight until all her bone and flesh are torn. Neptune arrives to remind her not to activate her death flags. Neptune tells her older self to take care of Uzume and asks her sister to help her out in holding off the horde.

Older Neptune agrees and tells Uzume that she will be fine. She should lean on her. Uzume asks Neptune why to which Neptune answers that she wants a happy ending and she will trip all the flags to do it. Older Neptune tells Croire to warp them all back. Croire says she cannot as she has no energy. Older Neptune asks her why does she always run out of energy at times like this. Croire reminds her that her notebook constantly sucks away her energy. Older Neptune begins to freak out. Affimojas then arrives with his ship to help the girls out.

Nepgear wonders why Affimojas and Steamax are here. Affimojas explains that he had a bad feeling and decided to test drive his second battleship here. Nepgear wonders how they got a second battleship. Steamax explains that they got the battleship in a promotion. When you buy one battleship, the second is half price. Neptune wonders how Steamax can even talk to them considering Steamax is weak to talking to girls. Affimojas tells them to hurry as their main ship is in the Zero Dimension.