First-Gen CPU's Sanctuary is the fifth dungeon in the Zero Dimension Neptunia Z arc of Megadimension Neptunia VII.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once. Numbers are marked on the map to denote those treasure chests.

Treasures Hidden Treasures Destructable Object Items
1) SP Charger x2 1) Rat Lv. 1 x3
Win 5 times without healing
2) Healing Grass x2 - -
3) SP Charger x2 - -
4) 328 Credits - -
5) Life Fragment x2 - -


Main Article: Bestiary/Victory II
  • Enemies marked with * require a scout the "Change Enemies" ability is deployed.
  • Enemies marked with ** will always appear.
  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.

Common Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Dogoo** Dogoo Jelly -
Blue Chocopi Chocopi's Beak -
Delinquent Cat** Gang Mask -
Rabii** Bright Rabbit Tail -
Blue Chocopidos* Chocopi's Beak -
Evil Greenie Squeed Squeed -
Final Guarder Crude Circuit -

Scripted Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Ancient Dragon Life Fragment -


Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU

Neptune arrives in this sanctuary following Vert's lead. Neptune is looking for Sanshiro's Soulful Patch to help Histoire recover from "doing a task well beyond her specifications" which is also known as short circuiting.

At the end of the dungeon, a boss is guarding it so Neptune transforms and beats it. She is happy about the challenge it posed because she has less shares than usual. In it, she finds a box containing a bunch of cartridges which is everything the First-Gen CPU found dear. And in that box as well is Sanshiro's Soulful Patch.

She returns to Planeptune with the patch.


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