Tacan Road is an optional dungeon unlocked by scouting in the Hyper Dimension. It costs 4000 credits to build a route to it and by doing so, this dungeon unlocks Daze Station as well. This dungeon has a sub-event where the party fights a Dogoo Man.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once. Numbers are marked on the map to denote those treasure chests.

Treasures Hidden Treasures Destructible Object Items From Scouts
1) 2030 Credits 1) Open-Ended Lv. 4 x2
Defeat all deployed enemies.
- Glowgrass
2) Mirror Rice Cakes x1 (Neptune's Attachment) - - Dogoo Jelly
3) P. SP Charger x2 - - -


Main Article: Bestiary/Victory II
  • Enemies marked with * require a scout the "Change Enemies" ability is deployed.
  • Enemies marked with ** will always appear.
  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.

Common Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Numb Dogoo** Numb Jelly -
Grandogoo** Premium Jelly -
Red Grandogoo** Premium Jelly -
Magical Dogoo** Premium Numb Jelly -
Chubby Jelly Dogoo Jelly -
Chubbier Jelly* Dogoo Jelly -
Pervert-San Cheap Clothes -
Dream Destroyer Crude Circuit -

Scripted Type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Dogoo Man Premium Jelly -


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