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This page lists the dungeons that appear in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 in the order and chapter that they appear in.


Chapter 1: Divine Oratorio Virtua Forest · Virtua Forest Depths
Chapter 2: The Crossroads of Defeat Darkness 60 · Rebeat Resort · Midcompany · Endless Zone · Septent Resort · Lowee Global Expo · World Maze · Gapain Field · Underverse
Chapter 3: A Divine Hunger Severed Dimension · Iris Field · Atari Marsh
Chapter 4:  Goddess Awakening Gamindustri Graveyard
Chapter 5: Approaching Shadows Arfoire's Factory · LAN Castle
Chapter 6: Evil's Fading Silhouette Graveyard's Edge
Chapter 7: Fetal Contraction LAN Castle Secret Hall · Junk Box · Icicle Patway · Infinite Corridor


Powerlevel Island · Panan Jungle

DLC Hellfire Grotto · Oblivion Ruins · Way Of Saburai · Trinity Steppe