LAN Castle and Keep

This page lists the Items, Enemies, and Materials that can be found in the LAN Castle Dungeon.


Key Items Items Common Gather Rare Gather
(PP) Maid (S) Grand (S) Wind Stone Whirling Tail
(PP) Maid (W) Special Drink H Ice Stone Leo's Mane
(PP) Maid (B) Gale (L) Dense Earth Stone Moonlight Shadow
(PP) Goddess Bangle White Owl Feather x2 Crimson Stone Shadow Ribbon
(PP) Splashing Acid Eject Button Gelid Stone Blue Petal
(PP) Trick (B) Blaze (W) Gale Stone Payalysis Web
Revival Pencil Thermodite Metal Jelly
Claymore Glowgrass
Nomus's Charm Gold Ore
Eject Button Orichalcum
Silver Wand v.2 World Tree Leaf
Gray Staff
Glacier (B)


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Common type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Baconvader Whirling Tail -------- --------
Viral Baconvader Whirling Tail -------- --------
Leovader Leo's Mane -------- --------
Viral Leovader Leo's Mane -------- --------
Speedy Moonlight Shadow -------- --------
Viral Speedy Moonlight Shadow -------- --------
Ms. Speedy Shadow Ribbon -------- --------
Viral Ms. Speedy Shadow Ribbon -------- --------
Blue Sun Blue Petal -------- --------
Viral Blue Sun Blue Petal -------- --------
Numbing Spider Payalysis Web -------- --------
Metal Dogoo Metal Jelly -------- --------

Scripted type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
CFW Trick Proxyon Play Lost Gami-Ring Heal All


Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2


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