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This page lists the Items, Enemies, and Materials found in the LAN Castle Secret Hall dungeon.


Key Items Items Common Gather
(PP) Unbranded Katana Wise Rod "Unut" Gold Ore
(PP) Shiitake Br. Archearmlet Orichalcum
(PP) Magic (B) Glacier (S) Crimson Stone
Revival Pen Fierodite
Archebangle World Tree Leaf
P.SP Charger 2
Eject Button


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Common type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Deadly Spider Lethal Spider Web -------- --------
Pinky Invisible Cloth -------- --------
Viral Pinky Invisible Cloth -------- --------
Ms. Pinky Invisible Ribbon -------- --------
Viral Ms. Pinky Invisible Ribbon -------- --------
Dolichorhynchops Dolphin Check Tail -------- --------


Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Chapter 7: Fetal Contraction

Nepgear and her party go to LAN Castle Secret to ask for Caelum's help to defeat Arfoire. They noisily awaken her but she tells them the importance of setting aside their differences, focusing together to defeat Arfoire and save Gamindustri. Since her goddess' generation was unable to do that, they failed to defeat Arfoire. She then returns to her slumber.