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This page lists the Items, Enemies, and Materials that can be found in the Lowee Global Expo dungeon.


Key Items Items Common Gather Rare Gather
(PP) Anti-Paralysis Stamina Bangle Rock Purple Block
(PP) Anti-Seal SP Charger x2 Herb Dot Ears
White Drop x2 Ice Stone Kupokitty Claws
Antiviral Patch Model 4 Base Mottled Antenna
Healing Pod Gelid Stone Polyhedron
Anti-Venom Patch x2 Illegal Conductor
Seal-free Patch
Nep Bull
Cord Armlet
P.SP Charger
Eject Button
SP Charger
Golden Feather x2
Hero Drink
Forbidden Twig


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Common type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Terits Purple Block -------- --------
Bunnyvader Dot Ears -------- --------
Viral Bunnyvader Dot Ears -------- --------
Kupokitty Kupokitty Claws -------- --------
Viral Kupokitty Kupokitty Claws -------- --------
Minivader Mottled Antenna -------- --------
Bear Balancer Polyhedron -------- --------
Ice Fenrir Freezing Claws -------- --------
DSTT Illegal Conductor -------- --------

Scripted type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Underling Iron Pipe Flame Ring Forbidden Twig
Rom -------- -------- --------
Ram -------- -------- --------


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