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This page lists the Items, Enemies, and Materials that can be found in the Underverse dungeon.


Key Items Items Common Gather Rare Gather
(PP) Gigatoxin Flame (S) Rock Plumindigo Piece
Gust's Panacea Iron Ore Pink Plate
Studded Bracelet Copper Ore Heat Cloth
Magic Disc x2 Thermodite Black Ribbon
Eject Button Crimson Stone Red Petal
Studded Armlet Buff Stone
Flame (W) Bomb Lips
Hero Drink
Flame (B)
P.SP Charger
Crimson Drop x2
Flame (L)
Nep Bull C
Hero Drink


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Common type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Plumindigo Plumindigo Piece -------- --------
Red Babyvader Pink Plate -------- --------
Blinky Heat Cloth -------- --------
Viral Blinky Heat Cloth -------- --------
Ms. Blinky Black Ribbon -------- --------
Viral Ms. Blinky Black Ribbon -------- --------
Flame Fenrir Blaze Claws -------- --------
Apeldoom Red Petal -------- --------
Viral Apeldoom Red Petal -------- --------
Pal Shell Buff Stone -------- --------
Ms. Bomb-omburai Bomb Lips -------- --------

Scripted type

Name Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
Underling Iron Pipe Special Drink C Suspicious Bangle
Pirachu -------- -------- --------
Underling Iron Pipe Special Drink C Ring of Essence
Pirachu Pirate Ball Exuberant Fragment AP Booster II


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