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Planeptune's Goddess (Neptune) is the first episode of Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation. It was first aired in Japan on July 12, 2013.


In Planeptune, the CPUs of Gamindustri have signed a friendship treaty, banning the use of military force to take Shares. A month has passed since then. Much to Histoire's dismay, Neptune kept dilly-dallying rather than to take on her duties as a CPU. IF and Compa were on their way to see Neptune when they bumped into someone who then gave them a flyer. Meanwhile, Histoire pointed out to Neptune and Nepgear that Planeptune's Shares are slowly declining, shown through the power of the Sharicite. Nepgear pointed out the reason might be because Neptune hasn't done anything to make the people like her lately. IF and Compa later arrived and agreed that Neptune needs to work harder. Much to her chagrin, Compa revealed the flyer's contents, which was a form of protest against the CPUs, resulting in Histoire into lecturing her. Wanting to escape from Histoire's lecture, Neptune decided to "get some schooling of goddess arts" from Noire.

Neptune and Nepgear went on their way to Lastation. Noire initially declined to help, causing Neptune to tease her. Then Uni appeared to hand the finished documents to Noire. She asked if her work performance was better than last time, but Noire believed she only worked up to average. Nepgear went to find Uni, and they ended up conversing about how Noire is treating Uni as a sister and which of the CPU Candidates will be able to transform first. Nepgear received a text from Rom, stating that she knows that Nepgear is in Lastation.

In Lowee, Rom and Ram complained to an occupied Blanc about why they can't visit other nations, infuriating Blanc. Blanc resumed her webcam chat with Vert after the twins left from her outburst of irritation.

Back in Lastation, Noire decided to help Neptune on learning the duties of a CPU. Seeing Neptune as a disturbance to her work, Noire took IF's suggestion of teaching Neptune about being a goddess out on a mission. Neptune accepted the mission, a monster extermination job near Planeptune, that Noire picked for her. With Noire giving some advice on the way, the party went to the quest's location. Noire handed the task of defeating the overrunning Dogoos in Nasuune Highlands to Neptune. Despite the overwhelming amount of Dogoos present, Neptune succeeded in defeating them all with Nepgear, Compa, and IF's help.

Noire decided to take care of the rest of the monsters and went to Toruune Cave. In her HDD form, Noire defeated the monsters with ease. She hits a dead end and came across an Ancient Dragon. After taking a hit from another monster, she was reverted back to human form. Noire was overwhelmed until Neptune arrived and helped her. Neptune then transformed to HDD form and defeated the Ancient Dragon. As they exit the cave, a glowing, red object was shown inside the cave. Neptune and Noire finished the mission, earning the praise of the local people. Nearby Arfoire and Pirachu is seen and were about to search for something in Toruune Cave.

In Planeptune, the Sharicite's power have increased due to gained Shares, but it was unknown whether it was due to Neptune completing her assigned mission or pictures of Nepgear that she accidentally sent and leaked on the Internet.

Key events

  • The CPUs have declared a friendship treaty that they will stop taking Shares from each other with military force.
  • Rei Ryghts was handing out flyers containing a protest against the CPUs.
  • Planeptune's Shares were decreasing due to Neptune's indolence.
  • Neptune, Nepgear, IF, Compa, and Noire defeated the monsters within the vicinity of Nasuume Highlands and Toruune Cave.


The signing of the friendship treaty took place in Planeptune. Later, Neptune asked for advice from Noire about the duties of a CPU in Lastation. A glimpse of Lowee and Leanbox was shown when Blanc and Vert were talking in the webcam. Neptune later accepted the mission of defeating the monsters in Nasuume Highlands and Toruune Cave.


Characters are shown in order of appearance. An asterisk (*) near the name means the character have debuted in this episode.

These characters are shown but only made a cameo appearance:


  • During Nepgear and Uni's conversation, it was revealed Nepgear, Uni, Rom, and Ram cannot transform to HDD form yet.
  • The ringtone of Nepgear's N-Gear was a piece of La Dele Dele, an OST from Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.
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