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The Terrorist (Lickorrist) of Lowee (ルウィーの兇行(ペロリスト), Ruwī no Kyōkō (Perorisuto)) is the second episode of Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation. It was first aired in Japan on July 19, 2013.


Neptune, Nepgear, Noire, and Uni are visiting Lowee and they arrive to find Blanc is doing business with Vert as the twins are being occupied by a Caretaker. They explain their intentions of visiting the brand new amusement park, but Blanc informs Neptune that she was contacted by Histoire to help with teaching her what it means to be a Goddess. They still want to go to the amusement park though, so Blanc decides to say behind while her sisters Rom and Ram, and Vert tag along.

The group has fun in the amusement park, until Rom and Ram come across a row of rare reptile coins. Unaware that they were a lure set by Underling and Trick, the twins follow the trail until they can be caught by the duo.

Worriedly the group returns to inform Blanc of what happened, and she feels heavy regret for not coming to keep an eye on them. Abnes appears just then, in order to hold an interview with Blanc on her show -Abnes Channel- about the ordeal. Seeing how upset this makes Blanc, Neptune and Vert drive Abnes and her crew out. Suddenly, Blanc collapses.

While waiting for her to recover, Vert discloses the details about her proposal with Blanc. She would share Leanbox's satellite imagery service Terra View with Blanc if she would provide them with photogenic data of Lowee. As this is going on, she uses the time to pinpoint the twins' location and their kidnappers and discover the location is in a ride currently in construction, at the amusement park they were at.

Inside the ride, Trick is abusing Rom and Ram when Underling comes in to tell Trick that she sent the twins' ransom demands.

Outside, Neptune, Noire, Vert, Nepgear, and Uni arrives. Vert decides to go in first to make sure Rom and Ram are safe, and she offers herself to Trick in exchange for them- only for him to decline and explains that he only likes little girls. He belittles her chest and makes a remark that infuriates Vert, and she transforms into HDD form to attack him. Underling tries to run away but is dispatched by Noire after she crosses paths with her and Uni.

Outside, Rom and Ram were able to escape from Trick's clutches. Trick was about to grab them back with his tongue when Blanc comes to their rescue. Blanc transforms to HDD form and quickly takes him out. She then apologizes to the twins for being so careless and they reconcile.

Elsewhere, Rom and Ram's caretaker is revealed to be Arfoire in disguise. She is shown wielding a red mysterious glowing object.

With everything said and done, Blanc goes on to reveal that she collapsed earlier from exhaustion because she had been spending the past several nights working on a new story.

Key events

  • Rom and Ram were kidnapped by Underling and Trick in the amusement park.
  • The confirmation of Rom and Ram's capture were broadcasted throughout Lowee through the Abnes Channel when Abnes interviewed Blanc about it.
  • The group was able to rescue Rom and Ram and defeated Trick and Underling.
  • Arfoire was shown to have a mysterious, glowing, red, cross-shaped object in her possession.

Extra scene

Rather than Blanc's room, Abnes barges into a room where Trick is with Rom and Ram. Rom and Ram begs for help, but Abnes already left before she could hear them.


Neptune, Nepgear, Noire, and Uni goes to visit in Lowee. Along with Vert, Rom, and Ram, they visit the newly opened amusement park called Super Retro Land in Lowee. The group rescues Rom and Ram in a ride under construction in the same amusement park.


Characters are shown in order of appearance. An asterisk (*) near the name means the character have debuted in this episode.


  • Monsters mentioned that were supposedly engraved in the coins include: Dogoo, Kupokitty, Tertis, and Tesrit. The third and fourth are simple anagrams of the name "Tetris", while the second's name was likely based on the verbal tic of a Moogle.
  • The theme park was based on the Super Mario series. Some notable references:
    • The Pipes that would transport a character from one area to another.
    • The coins that give 1-Ups.
      • Rom and Ram, in the dub, joke about getting one hundred coins so that Blanc will "get a life". This is how a player gets 1-ups in Mario games.
    • In the dub, while ordering peaches, Neptune asks for the "Rainbow Road Special", Rainbow Road being a track in the Mario Kart series.
    • Neptune trying to keep her basket of peaches away from a turtle is a reference to the original Super Mario Bros. plot.
  • Ironically, in Lastation a true NPC is named "Lickorrist".
  • This is the only episode in which Neptune wears her classic Parka One-Piece instead of her Jersey Dress.
  • The dubbed version of the episode mentions YouTube, surprisingly.
  • CFW Trick sent flying off in the sky and disappearing with a twinkle could be a reference to the Pokémon anime series, as when Team Rocket was defeated, they would be sent flying, yelling "We're blasting off again!" before vanishing into a star.