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It's the target! Did the bait strategy really work?! I'm so amazing!
— Ester, praising herself.

Ester Zira, also known as Surara Izuda in the Japanese version, is one of the Three Musketeers and one of the antagonist in Super Neptunia RPG. She was a dangerous, but playful girl who loves experiments and fiddling with machines. She's also fearless enough to give the Mad King, Artura Arrima, the nickname "Arty." Her best buddy, Chocoman, stands tall against Neptune and the others.



Ester has big, rounded brown eyes and chestnut brown, short, straightened hair worn in a ponytail. She normally wears a dark brown head piece with large gold buttons and a pair of goggles. She wears a pale beige and dark green corset with gold buttons and black straps that connect to Chocoman. She also wears pale beige bloomers with a pair of sheer black and grey striped tights, dark grown and gold boots, and dark green gloves. On her neck is a yellow neckerchief.



Super Neptunia RPG

For your first job, go to Lastation Outskirts

Collecting games as taxes

Ester first appears in Lastation Outskirts collecting taxes from citizens. She praises some citizens for going above and beyond the call of duty. She tells them that Filyn commends them.

This is cut short when the target was found by Bombyx Mori. She heads out to catch her for Filyn. Eventually she catches up to the target to find her talking the newbie who lost her memories.

As she intercepts the target, the target flees again.
Greet Ester at Ratchet Volcano
Ester Zira returns to base and reports that the group got away again. The newbie guesses that Ester Zira wasn't lucky this time. Ester remembers seeing the newbie with the target. The newbie confirms that it is her and introduces herself as Neptune. Ester Zira is glad to meet her and asks if she can call her Neps and for something. Neptune wonders what it is.

She wonders how her target knew about Neptune. Neptune says that she doesn't know her. Ester still points out that the lady still thinks Neptune is important regardless. Neptune is flattered by Ester's assessment noting that she is pretty cute.

Ester agrees that Neptune is cute and has an idea. She will use Neptune to lure out her target. They will leave her out in the wild until she shows noting that it is only a little bit dangerous. Neptune does not like that at all. Ester says this is for Bombyx Mori and she can make them proud. Neptune is against this, stating that she is too new and would like to be reassigned to the snack cart.

Ester wonders if they have a snack cart. Regardless she can be a snack for monsters so this is great. Neptune can't believe what Ester is saying. She orders the officers to grab Neptune to set her up as bait. The officers begin to follow Ester's orders and Neptune complains about how unfair this is.

Neptune fights off Bombyx Mori and Ester for a while. Ester congratulates her for lasting this long but they have now arrived at The End of Neptune the Hero. Neptune can't believe this as this is so early in the game. The target arrives and attacks Ester. She scolds Neptune asking what she is doing? Neptune is surprised to see the lady again.

Ester is glad because the bait strategy worked. She praises herself for being amazing. The lady tells Neptune to focus on the enemy. Neptune follows the lady's orders. The pair hold off Ester and Bombyx Mori well annoying Ester. She asks the lady to just be captured already. The target is annoyed at the persistence of Ester.

Ester begins to attack but the target creates a smoke screen as a counter. Bombyx Mori officers get worried for Ester. As the smoke clears, Ester admits she thought she was going to die. She orders Bombyx Mori not to let them get away and they attempt to chase the pair.

Head to FC Land
Ester is next seen in FC Land. Two unidentified persons have infiltrated their base in Lowee. Ester confronts them along with the rest of the Musketeers. The guards were able to surround the intruders. Paix is the first to comment on the discord of this situation stating that she can't the noise. She adds that beauty is heard in simplicity.

We're here to save the day!

The first intruder wonders who is that. She introduces herself as Paix St. Gliss. She is the number one, the lead Musketeer on a quest for the ultimate tone. Arty starts laughing. She is happy to see more mice and thinks it is great the idiots are taking the bait. Paix is annoyed by this Arty. Arty greets the "Resistance scum" and asks if they know of her, the Mad King. The second intruder has no idea who she is.

The Mad King explains that she Bombyx Mori's number two. She snickers and asks if they want to play a game. She thinks they will love it, as it is... hellish. Ester notes that Arty likes it when things get difficult. Mad King Arty tells Ester not to call her that or she will kill her. Ester is amused by that response. The first intruder then recognizes Ester from earlier. Ester realizes that the first intruder is Neptune, that newbie from earlier and happily greets her. The second intruder asks Neptune if she knows her.

Neptune snickers and admits she sort of knows her. Ester agrees with Neptune that they are acquainted and introduces herself as Ester Zira, the third Musketeer. Ester asks Neptune if she lied to her. Neptune tells her it is not like that. Neptune then realizes if these are the Three Musketeers then they are Bombyx Mori elite. Paix tells Neptune she is correct. Paix notes that they place is overrun by ugly sounds and she must hurry and tune it.

Ester tells Neptune and her companion they are under arrest! Mad King Arty laughs and tells the mice to give up. Neptune's friend thinks they are not going to let them go. Neptune notes that usually Goddesses lose this first boss battle but she is going to win! She asks if they know why? It is because she is no Goddess, but a Hero and charges in. Neptune and Blanc lose the fight.

Mad King Arty tells them she is going to turn them to a pile of bones. Neptune is upset that they lost. Neptune's companion is in clear pain. Neptune calls for a tactical retreat! The two run off. Ester notes that those two girls are fast. Paix thinks that is repulsive and orders Bombyx Mori to follow them. The guards salute Paix before chasing after the pair. Mad King Arty laughs and asks Paix if she remembers that mouse that she was saving for the Trial Grounds that she took. Paix asks if she is talking about the spy, Noire? She does remember her but tells Artura that they have a more appropriate for her.

Artura tells Paix that she didn't want her anyways, as she has now found a better mouse, Neptune. Ester agrees but thinks calling her Neps is better though. Artura tells the Musketeers that she has taken a liking to her goofy face and wants to rough it up a bit. On that note, Artura takes her leave. Ester wonders if that is okay. Paix tells Ester to leave her be as it is almost time. They must return now. Ester understands and leaves as well.

Explore inside the tower
Zira and Bombyx Mori was exploring inside the tower to remove traces of 3D and VR games. When all of the sudden, Neptune's party burst in. Neptune and Zira are the first to notice each other. This surprises the two of them. Ester Zira struggles to remember Neptune. Blanc notes that Zira is one of Bombyx Mori's Three Musketeers. Zira happily confirms that she is number three of that group. Zira then remembers Neptune the newbie. Neptune wishes Zira does not remember that about her.

Zira reports to Neptune that Arty has been looking for her. She was in the tower earlier looking for Neptune and when she couldn't find her, she left. Neptune notes that was a close call. Zira wonders if Arty would be happy if she captured Neptune for her. Vert agrees that Artura would thrilled if Neptune was captured and given to her. Neptune wonders why Vert would say that. Vert apologizes as she got caught in the moment.

Zira thanks Vert for her participation and declares she will be capturing Neptune now. She prepares her Chocoman No. 1 to attack. Neptune refuses to be caught and draws her sword. Noire tells Neptune not to worry as no one will be getting captured. Neptune declares that Noire is her truest and dearest friend. Noire blushes and tells Neptune to shut up and get ready to fight.

After the party destroys Chocoman No. 1, Zira mourns her destroyed mech. She remarks that she can rebuild it, as they have the technology... Zira brightens up and declares she will be taking her leave now. Neptune tells her not to come back. Zira says that she will capture her later. Bombyx Mori and Ester Zira leaves.



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  • Just like Artura, unlike Paix, Ester never mentions her full name, her full name is shown when she was collecting 2D taxes from the people of Lastation.