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Falcom is playable character who makes her first appearance in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.



Falcom has red ponytail hair with white ribbon with pale yellow lining and orange eyes. Her attire consists of a white tank top with a belt-buckle around the hemline under a red short-sleeved jacket with white coloring on the inside part of the sleeves and pale yellow lining. She also wears a cyan scarf.

Falcom also has on a short pants reverting the colors with white outside and blue inside, along with a brown belt. She has red boots with white, brown, and small amounts of yellow on them. On both hands she has black fingerless gloves with cuffs.


Falcom is a very honest and humble person with a slight competitive side to her. She is shown to be very kind due to her inability to ignore people when they seem troubled. While she is normally calm, she can also become easily worried over little things. Falcom also admits to having terrible luck with ocean-going ships due to being involved in a shipwreck with them often.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Falcom Arrives

Neptune visits Mr. Izawa to ask him to summon another DLC character; ideally someone who is really strong, a tank character, and is good with a sword. This leads Izawa summoning Falcom who has just been saved from drowning to death thanks to being summoned. Falcom curiously asks where she is due to having been in the process of drowning not too long ago. After Falcom introduces herself it is deduced that the Falcom summoned is not the Falcom from the Hyper Dimension, but rather the Ultra Dimension. When the situation is finally explained to her, Falcom agrees to join the party as thanks for rescue.

Story of an Adventurer

Blanc asks to learn more about Falcom's adventures, so Falcom tells her about her journey in the foliage ocean. Blanc is impressed by her story and says that it is really impressive that she gets to travel and visit unexplored lands. However, Falcom believes that Blanc being a CPU and watching over a nation for many years is far more impressive than what she does. Blanc tells Falcom to be more proud of herself because she has managed to excite even a CPU with her tales.

When Falcom states that she keeps all her journeys documented in a personal diary, Blanc recommends she turns that diary into a proper book and share her stories with everyone else. Falcom decides to take her advice and says she may very well go through with her suggestion. Blanc then requests that Falcom still tell her about her adventures directly as she is now a fan of hers.

Falcom and Nepgear

Neptune introduces Nepgear to the Ultra Dimension Falcom and Nepgear is severely shocked. She looks at the Ultra Dimension Falcom and says that while the two of them look similar, the Hyper Dimension Falcom is a bit older in appearance than she is. Falcom begins to inquire about her other self and Nepgear states that the Falcom from there world is a world-famous adventurer who is even the author of a book about her adventures titled “Record of Christin's Odyssey.” Falcom is impressed with her other self, but says even though they are they same person she cannot lose to her as a fellow adventurer.

Falcom then requests for Nepgear to tell her even more about her other self, and so Nepgear goes to get snacks so they can survive a more long-term discussion. As Nepgear is getting snacks, Falcom speaks to herself about how the other her sounds really amazing and how she wants to meet her.


Nepgear runs into the Falcom from her world and takes her to the Basilicom where she introduces the two Falcoms to each other. Surprised at first, the two begin to get along instantly and share stories regarding their own adventures in their separate worlds.

Boats? Yeah. No Thanks...

Vert knows that Falcom has traveled to many places, but is curious about if she has ever been to Leanbox before. Falcom explains that she has tried many times to journey to Leanbox but every time the boat either sinks or there is some other issue. Vert finds it ridiculous that someone can have such bad luck when it comes to boats, but believes her words when Falcom says that not only was she on the three boats to Leanbox that had accidents, but was also on the one that got sent back to port. Falcom says she guesses she's just the type that attracts storms to boats, and Vert states that it's a spectacular ability in a way.

Early Morning Training

Hyper Dimension Falcom walks up on the Ultra Dimension Falcom training early in the morning. The two of them decide to train together, not holding back and treating it as if it's a real fight. Ultra Dimension Falcom is surprised at the fact that there are no openings in the other Falcom's stance and tries her best to discern how she should attack first. However she takes a bit too long and the Hyper Dimension Falcom decides to move first and manages to get a hit on her.

After a bit of sparring, the Hyper Dimension Falcom wins, but the Ultra Dimension Falcom refuses to give up until she wins. This leads to the two Falcom's resuming their sparring session and Nepgear appears saying that from that day on, Planeptune was greeted each day with the sound of swords clashing.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

Falcom is met at Lastation early in Chapter 2 while Neptune and party were seeking to meet Lady Black Heart. She notes that she only recently arrived and doesn't know much. As they leave, Falcom is surprised to have met them in this world.

She becomes more involved in Chapter 7, where she temporarily joins the party to deal with Fake Purple Heart's rampage at Neo-Geofront. She and the other makers rejoin in Chapter 8.


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