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{{Infobox character
A mysterious message coming from nowhere...
| name = Falcom
| japanese name = ファルコム
| romaji name = Farukomu
| image1 = Falcom.png
| title = Maker
| gender = Female
| race = Female
| height = 162 cm (5'4")
| weight = 51 kg (112 lbs.)
| sizes = B84-W60-H86
| cup = C
| weapon = Sword
| personification = Nihon Falcom
| occupation = Adventuress
| base = [[Planeptune]]
| video game = [[Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2]]<br/>[[Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory]]
| japanese va = Akemi Kanda
| english va = Xanthe Huynh
*Sorry, but I can't go easy on you & make my point at the same time. Don't hold it against me if I take your head!
*Do I look that easygoing?
*This is the result of my honest efforts.
*I haven't used my true power yet!
*I haven't survived numerous battles by luck.
*Destroy all obstacles before us!
*How about a fishing mini-game next time?
*Lets not lose our cool.
*If I lop your head off, it's nothing personal.
*You'll become a smear on my Dragon Slayer..
*Oops, manners. I'm Falcom. As you can tell from my garb, I'm just a stock adventuress.
*Falcom uses a sword called the Dragon Slayer {in reference to Nihon Falcom's classic RPG series}
*Falcom keeps the weapon within her violin case that she always carries that has multiple title logos from other Nihon Falcom classics on it.
[[Category:Female Characters]]
[[Category:Female Characters]]

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A mysterious message coming from nowhere...

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