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We're going to show them all what happens when they defy me!
— Filyn

Filyn is the leader of the Bombyx Mori and the main antagonist in Super Neptunia RPG. She loves 2D games, but declares 3D games are nothing but pure evil.



Filyn is a short young woman with incredibly long pinkish-reddish hair which she styles into two pigtails and bright orange eyes. She wears an outfit resembling that of a general’s, which consists of a black and white gold-trimmed dress with ruffles around the shoulders and skirt, white tights, black and gold boots and a general’s cap with wing-like spikes protruding from both sides.


Filyn is a childish young girl who is attached to Chrome. When she gets attached to someone, Filyn will stop at nothing to spend time with them. She has trouble pronouncing hard words and others, mostly Bombyx Mori find her endearing. While she can be prone to tantrum, Chrome asserts that she knows her limits. However, she is easily manipulated into hurting others beyond what she would normally do.


Super Neptunia RPG

Head to FC Land

For 2D games!

Filyn first appears with the captured spy and Paix St. Gliss. Bombyx Mori hail her. The captured spy grunts as she is gagged and bound. Filyn silences Bombyx Mori. The members are excited their loli..., Lady Filyn! Filyn clears her throat and takes a deep breath. She reports that moments ago, the spy who infiltrated their base was app... appre... Paix tells Filyn the word is apprehended. With Paix, assistance, Filyn finishes her sentence. Bombyx Mori cheers. Filyn declares in 3 days, justice will be served and they will show the Resistance what they are made of.

Paix explains that they will play them a merciless requiem and turn them all into pixel blocks. The spy can't believe what she is hearing. Bombyx Mori cheers. Filyn declares that they will show them all what happens when they defy her. Bombyx Mori hails Filyn. Paix is happy with the sounds she is hearing.

Paix then shoos something off, which catches Filyn's attention. Filyn asks Paix what is wrong. Paix tells Filyn it is nothing to worry about.



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  • Filyn's appearance may have a resemblance of CFW Magic.