Financier is the chamberlain of Lowee's Basilicom.



Financier is a fair skinned girl with bright brown eyes. Her sandy-blonde hair is about chest length and worn with a white frilled headband and two big hair clips, one being dark brown and the other light. She wears a red maid uniform with a white apron and a dark brown bow at her neck with a square in the center.


Financier is a friendly young woman who speaks in a cheerful tone. It can be said that she is even a little bit playful in a sense. She is hardworking and does her best to keep Blanc happy, however at times when Blanc is being unreasonable, she can convince her to do things she would otherwise not.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Financier plays no role in relation to the main story, but she does appear in the Lowee of the Hyper Dimension as a non-playable character Gamipic. When the player talks to her she appears to be upset about Mina, the Oracle of Lowee, being gone which indicates that she possibly still works at the Lowee Basilicom.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

Financier's role is largely the same as Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri

C-Sha introduces Financier to Blanc, saying that Financier has a clue of where Rom and Ram are. She unfortunately reveals that they have gone missing after accepting a quest from her, and requests Blanc to go rescue them.

After Blanc rescues the twins, Financier is relieved that the two are safe, and tends to their wounds.

A few days later, Financier comes to Blanc's Hotel room to request that she come to her master's house, who's identity is kept secret. After taking Blanc to her master's house, Financier requests her to wait for him, who turns out to be Azna=Leb.

After C-Sha gets arrested, Financier goes to C-Sha's cell to talk to her. Financier reveals that she has stopped following Azna=Leb due to C-Sha's capturing, and is now siding with Blanc. She promises that she will pass on any message that C-Sha has to Blanc, an offer which C-Sha gladly takes her up on.

Financier immediately goes to give Blanc the message that Azna=Leb created the Revolutionary Army, and that he put Blanc on the wanted list. When Blanc tries to rush out and save C-Sha, Financier warns her that she would most likely get captured. A Guild Woman then barges in to tell Blanc that wanted posters for her have been distributed to all of the Guilds across Lowee. Financier advises that Blanc and the twins sneak out through the hotel's back door before anyone arrives to capture them, while Financier handles checkout.

Financier suggests that Blanc hides at her house, since it's close ot the capital and hard to find. Blanc asks why Financier is helping them, to which she explains is an urge to serve Blanc, feelings that she had from before the Gamindustri rewrite.

When the group hears a commotion, Financier goes to investigate. She comes back to tell Blanc that delusionary monsters just destroyed a neighboring city, and are headed toward the capital. Blanc decides to fight the monsters to buy time for Financier, Rom, and Ram to help evacuate the citizens.

Financier returns to C-Sha's cell to beg her to help Blanc fight off the monsters. C-Sha questions why Blanc doesn't just escape and save her life, to which Financier is shocked. C-Sha expresses her dissatisfaction of the citizens understanding of how she fought for them. Financier asks C-Sha why she was fighting until then, and that C-Sha must love Lowee and all it's citizens. C-Sha says that no matter how hard she worked, the people never understood.

Financier tells C-Sha that she needs to voice her feelings for the citizens to understand, and that they'll all understand her soon if she continues fighting for them. Financier calls Lowee a fairy-tail nation, which reminds C-Sha of Blanc and her love of Lowee. Moved by Financier's words and Blanc's feelings, C-Sha decides to protect Lowee.

Afterwards, Financier, the Guild Woman, Rom, and Ram gather all of the hunters to help Blanc and C-Sha. Once the group arrive on the battlefield, Financier checks to make sure that C-Sha doesn't hate the citizens anymore, and that Blanc and C-Sha have made up.

After the monsters are defeated and everyone returns to Lowee, Azna=Leb confronts Blanc and C-Sha. Financier accuses him of fleeing and attempting to execute the two for his own benefit. After Azna=Leb gets arrested, C-Sha apologises to the citizens for not properly ruling over them. C-Sha is shocked when the citizens accept her as their ruler, so Financier helps reassure her.

When C-Sha gets possesed by Kurome Ankokuboshi and runs off, the Guild Woman informs Blanc that she headed to the Golden Summit of Lowee. Financier comments that the entrance to the tower is supposedly unopenable.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend

When the CPU Candidates and Gold Third chase Kurome into the Hyper Dimension, Financier greets them in Lowee. She explains that Histoire, who took care of her when becoming a maid, asked her to guide them to the hiding place of the Swirl Console.

Upon arriving at the hiding place, Financier explains that the console's peripherals were stored there originally until they were taken by the Revolutionary Army. Due to it being long unknown, Financier told Histoire to hide the console there. Financier begins to regret suggesting it due to how easily the location was found, but C-Sha cheers her up.

Ressurection Ending

Financier returns to being the chamberlain of the Lowee Basilicom. When bringing Blanc tea, Financier asks what she is writing. Blanc explains that she is writing a novel on the game's events, so that they'll always be remembered. Financier compliments the idea and asks if she appears in it. Blanc confirms that everyone will appear.

Sub Events
Babysitting Fish
In Rom and Ram's room, B-Sha arrives to play with the twins. Ram asks if B-Sha brought her robot. Rom wants to get on it again. Financier tells them if they get noisy and start flying on a robot, Blanc will- B-Sha and the twins get on the robot and start flying around making noise. Financier is surprised that they are already flying. She tries to to stop them as it is dangerous. Blanc comes in, angry and tells them to quiet down.

Financier remarks the usual pattern has begun. Financier tells the kids that Blanc is angry and that they should stop. Blanc tells Financier to quiet down as well. Financier remarks that Blanc is making lots of noise as well. Uzume and Umio arrive. Umio decides to lend Financier and Blanc a hand in calming the kids down.

Umio calls the kids. Ram wonders if Umio wants to get on the robot too. Umio suggests that they put away the robot and play quietly for Blanc's sake. He offers to read them a picture and asks which one is their favorite. Rom asks him if he means it. B-Sha is excited to take his offer and wants him to read the Hyper Robot Battle picture book. Ram wants him to read Pocketed Monstrosities. Rom would perfer Mono-Noke. Umio tells them not to quarrel and he will read them all one at a time. Financier is surprised that everyone is listening to him.

Umio is reads them a picture book. B-Sha likes the president character. Uzume has fallen asleep. Ram is eager to see the pictures. Umio says the pictures are in the next page. Rom says Umio is spoiling it for her. Blanc arrives and cannot believe what she is seeing. Financier reports that Umio has been a big help.


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