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Fried Shrimp is one of Uzume's monster friends in Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU. She is the first of Uzume's monster friends that the player can see. Her name is a result of Neptune and Uzume's teasing shortly after she meets Neptune.



Fried Shrimp has the figure of a Crustacean. She has an orange upper body and a beige lower body. Fried Shrimp has 3 fins on her head and a flipper as her tail. She has two black eyes with black irises. Her mouth is in a cat-like expression.


Fried Shrimp has a nice personality. She is eager to help Uzume in anyway possible for a weak monster like herself. Her innocent nature has been exploited by Neptune to pull a prank on her.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Fried Shrimp, as a Baby Bug first appears outside of a town frantically looking for Uzume. Umio was attacked by monsters earlier and he led the monsters away while she was able to escape. She finds Uzume with Neptune and Nepgear. Baby Bug leads the girls in finding Umio. Inside the town, Neptune notices how tasty looking the Baby Bug looks. She decides to call her "Fried Shrimp" This scares Fried Shrimp and she asks Uzume for help only for Uzume to notice that Fried Shrimp looks tasty as well. Fried Shrimp begins shaking. Nepgear defends her and tells the two to stop teasing her.

Eventually Fried Shrimp brings the girls to the group of monsters still stick in the town. They point out that Umio is further inside. The girls are able to rescue Umio as Fried Shrimp returns home.

Later Fried Shrimp finds Uzume and her friends in an arcade. They are looking for a working arcade to play. Fried Shrimp is happy to lead the group to a better arcade, where her friends live at. Unfortunately that place is under attack by ferocious monsters when they get there. Fried Shrimp is concerned with her friends, but it seems they are fine. Her friend, Hell's Crest requests the girls assistance who happily agree to exterminate the ferocious monsters in return to being able to play games.

Near the end of the arc, Fried Shrimp joins Umio in finding Share Crystals to help her defeat Dark Purple. Right before the final fight, she sends Uzume and her friends her wishes. With that, Uzume and her friends are able to save the Zero Dimension.

In the Ascension ending, Fried Shrimp joins Umio in adjusting to life in the Hyper Dimension. In the revival ending, Fried Shrimp likely remains in the Zero Dimension.


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