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Hello, this is the 4 Goddesses Online Admin. Players, you can call me Game Master, or GM, correct?
— GM

GM is the president of Weiss Labs, the company that oversees 4 Goddesses Online. She is a genius programmer with a history winning a worldwide hacking contest. In addition, 4 Goddesses Online was created by her on her own as its main programmer. In order to roam around the game and interact with the player, she borrows Bouquet's avatar. Her gaming skills are... unfortunate. Luckily, she is often protected by her employees[1]



GM using Bouquet's avatar shares the same body type as her but there are some differences. She appears to be a young fairy girl with large blue eyes. Her long, pale blonde hair is straightened with even length bangs and forelocks. She has pale yellow fairy feathers on her lower back area.

Her attire is a white bridal dress with a dark blue outline above her chest with a blue rose sewn to it. The dark blue outline also runs along the sides of the dress going down to her waist. The lower dress area is decorated with diamonds on the sides. She wears a bridal wedding headband with a green jewel in the middle, as well as a veil that has blue roses sewn to the side. On the edges of the veil are crown like patterns. The inside of the veil is a lilac color.


GM acts professionally. She is reluctant to rely on players unofficially for help. She acts polite and can accomplish her goals while addressing people's concerns without getting sidetracked. She does have an excited side to her personality. She is up for a good hacking battle.


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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

GM gets a bug report from Bouquet regarding Yiear Sea of Trees. She decides to take Bouquet's avatar and investigate. She appears in front of 8 players. Uni notices that Bouquet's aura has changed. GM introduces herself as the 4 Goddesses Online Admin, and they may refer to her as Game Master or GM. Neptune thinks GM sounds fine and realizes how strange it is for the GM to make a personal appearance.

GM thanks the 8 players for their help in the beta test and she explains that she has determined by the report that this error is urgent. She decided to see it for herself. GM thinks it is excessive to bring in a GM dedicated avatar so she's borrowing Bouquet for a moment. Nepgear understands and simply found it surprising. GM did not how much shock this would have caused and apologizes.

Vert is pleased at the opportunity to meet and admin. She tells her she is a huge fan of 4 Goddesses Online and is looking forward to the implementation of the new version. Vert asks her to do her best. GM is thankful for her words and she begins to perform an analysis.

GM announces to those logged in that in approximately 10 minutes, she will perform an emergency maintenance in the Yiear Sea of Trees area. She asks the players to avoid entering Yiear Sea of Trees for the duration of the maintenance. She apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks everyone for their cooperation.

GM then personally apologizes to CPU that it would take some time until the end of the maintenance. Noire says it is okay as they were going to head back to the city anyways to continue the quest to weaken the boss from before. Vert says she will continue to support the GM. GM thanks everyone and gets to work. She allows Bouquet to control her avatar again.

During the maintenance, GM receives reports on a Grim Reaper insta-killing low level players. She sends her investigation to figure this out.

The GM eventually finishes the maintenance and announces "This is a notice to all logged in players. The maintenance that was being conducted in Yiear Sea of Trees has safely concluded. Thank you for your co-operation."

Later, Bouquet receives a report regarding a couple of players conducting illegal activities with a cheat tool but gets a huge error. The GM teleports in front of the 8 players in the Cathedral. GM apologizes for barging in on them like this. However, an error greater than what the AI's auto repair can handle has occurred. It might take some time to repair so she apologizes for the inconvenience. She has also verified the reports of unauthorized tool usage and thanks them for their cooperation before teleporting away.

GM was able to fix Bouquet relatively quickly and continues her investigation on the error Bouquet received.

Monsters with errors that are a threat to 4 Goddesses Online coupled with attacks to ther server suddenly begin. GM makes an announcement. Unauthorized access has been detected and maintenance will begin immediately. She asks for the player's cooperation to log out as soon as possible. She mobilizes the other GMs and AI to help her stop the attacks.

The GM arrives in Wisheul and tells Bouquet to assist her and the other GMs. She then apologizes to CPU for the trouble and will resolve this immediately. Bouquet B complains that her attacks aren't hitting at all. Bouquet C flees noting that she can't dodge long range attacks. She asks the monsters to stop. Noire notes that some of the Bouquets look like they are in trouble. She wonders if some of them are AI or GMs. GM apologizes as the ones who are unskilled are the GMs. Blanc notices that the AI Bouquets don't seem to be that strong either. Vert can't stand and watch any more. If they are going to fight monsters, then she will help. To trouble Bouquet is unforgivable.

GM can't possibly request the help of players. She knows this may take some time but she will contain this. Bouquet knows this might be bold but she tells the GM that members of CPU are the top ranked players in this world. They should borrow their help. GM can't believe Bouquet. Vert thanks Bouquet for relying on them. She tells the GM if there is anything they can do, they should not hesitate to ask them. Bouquet D is excited that someone will fight in their place. Bouquet E runs away asking for help from a medic. GM is reluctant but she asks for CPU's help.

Neptune was waiting for this moment. GM explains that someone has unauthorized access to this world. The monsters in this city are controlled externally. At the moment, they are able to intercept direct attacks to their servers on the back end but the monsters here have serious errors too. If this isn't resolved here in the city, there is a danger that this game's entire world will be destroyed. Ram thinks that is awful and wonders who can be responsible for such a thing. Rom does not want the city to be destroyed and shivers.

GM needs a little bit more time before her team can stop the cracking and asks CPU to take care of the monsters. Nepgear understands and asks the GM to leave to fighting to them. GM says she will create a quarantine battlefield and transfer the monsters over there. She requests that CPU head over there. The GM plans to resolve the problem on their end as soon as possible and thanks CPU. Bouquet says the Royal Geists will do their best to support the GMs. She wishes CPU to have a favorable battle.

Later, the mastermind does a test to see if the GM can hear her. She announces that she has infiltrated their servers. All servers have a vulnerability and 4 Goddesses Online is no exception. Slipping through security holes and dealing critical damage to a server is a piece of cake. The GM tells the mastermind to not underestimate the elite technology of Weiss Labs. Someone as rude as her should leave immediately. The mastermind laughs and tells the GM it is useless as she has control of the back door. She will write the end of 4 Goddesses Online and it will be so beautiful, she might even cry. The mastermind tries to shut down 4 Goddesses Online but fails. The mastermind is shocked.

The GM tells the mastermind she is mistaken if she thinks that she will leave a back door to her main server. What she took was a dummy server contain metadata. The main server has been moved to another location a long time ago. The GM tells the mastermind to take her data and leave.

Shortly later, Neptune calls out to the GM and reports the good news as the monsters have been defeated in the quarantine battlefield. GM reports that she is done on her side and asks them to return through the portal.

CPU returns to Wishuel and the GM is glad to see them all safe. Neptune apologizes to for the wait but they nepped all the monsters that attacked the city. Kiria thinks that is expected of them all. Blanc notices that Kiria still has 1HP and †Black Cat Princess† is still out. GM tells CPU that she has tried to restore her to her original state but a complex lock has been placed on her. Kiria does not care what happens to her and worries about †Black Cat Princess†. GM explains that †Black Cat Princess† has not been in control of her character in a long time. Noire notes that she is still logged in. She wonders why †Black Cat Princess† hasn't logged off if she wanted to run away.

Kiria explains that she heard from the GM that both their characters continue to reside in the server even if they log out. GM adds that she has seen access from a different location. She has tried to block it but even if †Black Cat Princess† is logged out, her character is still being controlled. Neptune guesses that they can now assume that †Black Cat Princess† has logged out.

GM wants to asks Kiria about the situation. She was offered a deal and bought a cheat tool from someone. Kiria confirms this and begins to explain everything. Some time ago, †Black Cat Princess† is impressed with all the functions of the cheat tool. She knows she can become number 1. Mysterious Person tells them they can use the tools to make a boss in any location they want. They can then control the boss itself or control their AI. They can make the boss attack any player they hate. In a world where there is no PKing, they can MPK instead. Mysterious Person thinks they will be enjoying the game a lot more.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad that she will have her own servants. Kiria wants †Black Cat Princess† to wait as using monsters to kill other players is illegal. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria not to be a worrywart as there are functions that would hide any trace of the tool. They will be fine. Mysterious Person explains that this tool simply manipulates what is already possible in the game and its functions will allow them to deceive the GMs. Mysterious Person will be updating the tool from now on so its got her full support.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad that she made a good purchase. Vert understands that the Grim Reaper, Cheetah and those monsters earlier came from their tool. Kiria confirms what Vert said and for a while they used the tool like but Cheetah, which was thought to be under †Black Cat Princess†'s control attacked the two of them before running off. The mysterious person then showed up laughing. The AI had become independent thanks to them.

The mysterious person then left with Cheetah following. Nepgear hypothesizes the culprit's motive was to create an AI unlike Bouquet who is a communication AI but one specialized for battle. Uni adds that it must have been necessary to gather data on players behavior patterns and other aspects of the game. Uni does not understand why someone would go through all the trouble just to create an AI and wonders if there is something they are missing. Blanc thinks the missing link is that the person who is cracking the game and the person who created the tool are the same person. Kiria adds that the person who gave them the tool specifically wanted to "break this world". Kiria thinks that is still her motive.

Neptune wants to remind Kiria that cheating is bad and she should never do it again. Kiria agrees and admits it was fun to wield power like that but also unfulfilling. Kiria declares that cheating at an online game is a legitimate crime. She will not negotiate any terms or run away, she will face her judgement. The GM believes in Kiria's integrity and is grateful for her honesty.

Blanc is glad Kiria is honest but †Black Cat Princess† is still running away. Kiria is sure †Black Cat Princess† feels the same and troubled with guilt. Kiria will wait for her return. Noire notes that is really all Kiria can do given her condition right now. The GM tells Kiria after the administration decides how to deal with the two of them, she will contact her. Kiria thanks her and tells the GM she will log out now.

GM then reports to CPU that Cheetah and the monsters created by the cheat tool are trying to destroy this world. As a result, the second half of the story is currently unable to be progressed. Noire guesses until this is resolved, they will have to put the Paramount Pair quest on hold. GM admits it is unfortunate and asks for their patience as this will take some time.

Vert asks the GM if she would allow them to continue to help her. Neptune wants to help too as they are already deep in this and there is no turning back now. The GM could not ask for anymore of their help. Vert tells the GM she cannot stand by and wait. She'll become dejected if the game is delayed. Since Vert predicted something like this would occur, she offers her official help as the CPU of Leanbox to resolve the problem of unauthorized access to 4 Goddesses Online. Neptune wonders if they can get involved as real CPUs. Blanc tells her that they are already officially helping as the game already uses their likeness as models for the Goddesses.

Vert agrees and she is going through the proper channels, there should be no issue in her helping. The GM remembers a letter delivered by motorbike carrier from Leanbox's Basilicom. Noire notes that she was beaten to the punch. Official documents from Lastation will be arriving shortly and she wants the GM to look them over. Blanc reports that she just sent her documents but admits they are more like a draft right now. A more official document will be sent later. Nepgear reports that the documents in Planeptune should arrive in 3 days. However, it will have a digital signature instead of a written one. Neptune wonders if Nepgear just sent it but realizing it will take 3 days make Neptune think it was probably...

GM cannot believe she is getting from all 4 nations. She will check her mailbox asap. If the nations are offering help, then she has no reason to refuse but she is worried if this really is ok. Noire explains that 4 Goddesses Online is an IP from all 4 nations, it would be a problem for Gamindustri if they lost it. Neptune agrees, it wouldn't be Gamindustri without games.

The GM believes the same thing. She declares that Weiss Labs will not bow to evil intent. She remembers hearing rumors that Lady Vert was playing the main 4 Goddesses Online but she had no idea the other players were playing as well. Vert says she feels uncomfortable being treated differently and asks the GM to treat her as any player. She is simply a part of the CPU group. The GM understands and notes that CPU must tired from their continued battles so she asks them to rest. She will return later and leaves.

The GM appears in front of CPU and apologizes her continuous appearance. Neptune greets the GM. Noire asks the GM if there has been any developments. The GM reports that it is likely that the issues that have been occurring have a high chance of being connected top behind the scenes activities. Monster attacks are still occurring and errors are still spreading so... An explosion is heard. Noire wonders if monsters are being summoned again. The Mastermind arrives. She has finally found Weiss' genius hacker. The GM notes that this is faster than she expected. She taunts her saying that she was worried the Mastermind would run away if she did not leave an opening for a quick victory.

The Mastermind counters saying that Weiss' security is claimed to be the best in the world but it is over. She is disappointed in the GM and there is no need to hide. She will show the GM the difference between their skills. The GM says if it comes to that, she swears she will find her location. The two begin to duel.

Neptune wonders what is going on. If a fight is going on, she wants to get involved. Nepgear tells her sister that she can't just get involved in this. Neptune wonders why. Her sister tells her to watch and see. The Mastermind launches a logic bomb. The GM notes that the data was planted before hand but she can stop it before it compiles. She tells the Mastermind that she is naive.

The Mastermind is upset that it was all nullified but continues her assault. Neptune is impressed and finds a fitting battle in the Cyberdimension. However, she has no idea what is going on. Noire notes they would be able to help if it was a battle with monsters but all they can do now is watch. The GM fends off all the Mastermind's assaults and tells her it was a waste of her energy. The GM launches a small counter-attack. The masterminds is affected. She admits that the GM is not bad and that Weiss' elite are a cut above. The Mastermind thought she hated 4 Goddesses Online but she supposes that great hate comes out of great love. She laughs and finds this fight fun as she feels alive.

Ram thinks the Mastermind is scary. Rom agrees and shivers. The Mastermind launches her lethal weapon "WWWWW". The insides and outsides of the data will turn into weeds. The GM notices that this attacks comes from the linage of "filename xx". This virus menaced every single nation but she was the developer of the anti-virus program on behalf of the Basilicom. If the attack is similar to the virus then she'll break it instantly. She asks the Mastermind what she will do now.

Vert wonders if it just her but observes that the GM is a lot more excited than usual. Nepgear agrees that the GM is having fun. She is incredibly capable engineer so she doesn't have a lot of rivals to compete with. The Mastermind is running out of options. She thinks about her next move. The GM takes this moment of hesitation to attack the Mastermind. The Mastermind screams in pain. Nepgear is amazed that such a complicated program was created in a single moment. Ram thinks she has caught the bad person. Rom's eyes sparkle as she sees the GM as a magician.

The GM admits that the Mastermind gave her quite the difficult time but there is no escape now. The Mastermind laughs and admits she has lost. She tells the GM to reveal her identity as she should have figured it out by now. The GM reveals the culprit as the only person capable of all this, the president and top engineer of Schwartz Co., the rival to Weiss Labs, Mine. Vert is surprised and recognizes her as the creator of World Break Online.

Mine asks Vert not to yell so loudly. In addition, she has no idea who Vert is. They just got to the good part and she would appreciate it if Vert didn't interrupt it. Finally that title has been changed, she is just the person who ruined Schwartz Co. Neptune then calls out Mine as the one who tempted Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Neptune is proud of her deduction. Noire points out there was nothing to deduce as she was literally the only suspect.

Mine admits it was all her, a bad person who got jealous of 4 Goddesses Online's success and tried to mess it but took a beating instead. She sighs and notes she is sure they are coming for her now. Blanc wonders who they are, as the police could not have known where she lives. Mine tells the GM it was nice to have one last match and she has no intention of getting arrested. She asks the GM to visit sometimes.

Bouquet alerts the GM to an emergency. GM wants to know what is going on. Bouquet reports that Cheetah has been found but he suddenly started to rampage. The area is beginning to collapse. The GM is not worried as they captured the boss. She asks Mine to stop Cheetah. Mine tries to stop him but fails. The GM wants to what is wrong. Mine explains that it looks like it won't stop and apologizes. That is the last thing the GM wants to hear right now so she requests Mine to grant her authorization so she can control Cheetah.

The GM is unable to control Cheetah. GM never thought its data absorption abilities would be this powerful. The only way to stop Cheetah is to deplete his HP to old fashioned way but the GM admits that her skills are not good enough for that.

Vert tells the GM to leave that battle to the players. Noire tells the GM not to forget about them as she does not need to do everything herself. Blood agrees with Noire and his guild, the Jet-Black Fallen Angels will gladly lend a hand. Eve volunteers to fight as well. Rugadin and the other players volunteer as well. Kiria notes that she is at 1HP but she should be able to take on weaklings regardless. Neptune is glad to see Kiria. The GM thanks everyone and tells the players that Cheetah will be isolated in Chrono Wasteland. She tells everyone to do their best. Neptune leads everyone to Chrono Wasteland.

The GM realizes that Cheetah might be invincible due to being a cheater. She creates a patch and infuses it with Bouquet to finish off Cheetah at the cost of Bouquet. Bouquet is sent off but the GM hurries to create a patch that can keep Bouquet alive. GM arrives in Chrono Wasteland to find Cheetah gone and Bouquet fine. She is glad she was just in time. She applied a patch to Bouquet just now. Vert thinks it is not okay as she was so worried. Bouquet assures Vert that she is fine but tired. Neptune thinks that is reasonable and leads everyone back to Wishuel. The GM begins performing tests on Bouquet to ensure that she is fine.

Mine welcomes them back. Mine apologizes for everything and will be going now. Vert tells Mine to wait, and tells her she loved World Break Online. Ever since service ended, she was left with a void in her heart. Mine thanks Vert but she tells her she does not need any sympathy. Vert tells her it is not sympathy. She had explored every last corner of World Break Online. Her character's name was †Green_Heart†. Mine can't believe that she is the legendary player †Green_Heart†.

†Black Cat Princess† suddenly asks if she said †Green_Heart†. Mine is annoyed by †Black Cat Princess†'s sudden interruption. †Black Cat Princess† recognizes Mine as the one who gave her that tool. She cannot believe Mine tricked her. Her display and controls got messed up because of her. She was scolded by her mother for breaking the family console. It was such a mess.

Kiria shows up recognizing the princess' voice. Neptune notes that everyone has now shown up. Kiria is glad that †Black Cat Princess† showed up. She has always believed in her. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that can wait. She wants to know where †Green_Heart† is. Kiria confirms that †Black Cat Princess† is talking about the †Green_Heart† who defeated the legendary player that she admires, two-sword Kirio. There is no one who doesn't know of her in the online world. Kiria should have known that the princess knows of her. †Black Cat Princess† reveals that she point daggers in her name because she was a fan of †Green_Heart†.

Vert thinks this is all beginning to feel slightly embarrassing. Mine remembers †Green_Heart† as the legendary player who was the top of World Break Online, by being the top of 40 elites including four kings and seven sages. She was the first to max her level, clear all the dungeons, undefeated in all Guild battles, solo'd a boss that showed up once a month that required 8 people and dual wielded the ultimate weapon Liddie of which there are only 2 copies of.

Mine tries to calm down and she refuses to believe that she is meeting †Green_Heart†. Vert asks Miss Mastermind but decides to address as Miss Mine if she was the ultimate GM of World Break Online admins, "Miney". She had several fights with her and the current score is two to two. She would like to challenge Mine once more.

Mine wonders if she is talking about the battles she proposed out of curiosity. She knows the battles were kept a secret so she believes Vert is †Green_Heart†. †Black Cat Princess† is surprised to learn that Vert, her "older sister" is †Green_Heart†. Vert tells Miss Mine that she would like to go to World Break Online. She asks that Mine atone for her crimes by restarting World Break services. She can help her too.

Mine tells her not to say that haphazardly. Her company is already... Since her company is already gone, the other CPUs take this time to offer Mine some jobs.

Mine starts crying. She wonders how can she can be headhunted after everything that has happened. Mine never knew there were players who waited for her return. She should have just continued to make games. All she has done is pull others down. All that should be asked of her is to leave. No one should have any need for her anymore.

Vert reminds her that offer only stands only when she does atone for her crimes. She asks Mine to consider it. Mine does not know what company Vert represents and her offer is gracious but if she does restart, she wants to stand on her own two feet in the world, she created herself. Mine then tells GM she would like to continue to be her rival from now on. GM tells Miss Mine she would like to meet again in another stage. Mine agrees and leaves 4 Goddesses Online for good.

GM decides to deal with one final problem. †Black Cat Princess† understands. She admits she got scared and hid under her blanket for a long time. She did think a lot of things through though. Her console broke earlier and it was thanks to everyone fixing the world that the console is working again. Thanks to that, she was able to return. †Black Cat Princess† then apologizes. Noire thinks †Black Cat Princess†'s humility makes her seem like a completely different person. Vert says she always believed †Black Cat Princess† was a good person. Blanc remembers Vert being all stiff when †Black Cat Princess† called her "older sister". Neptune thinks that all that matters is that she came around.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† explains that they are both ready to accept their punishment. GM decides to freeze their account as punishment. This surprises Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† as they thought, they would have been arrested or fined. They were ready for anything. The GM admits she could have branded them as criminals and take away their equipment before making the avatars jump down from a high place but banning their accounts suffices. She admits that the situation was not all that bad, as she was able to patch security holes around the game but she will not give them a second chance.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† understand. †Black Cat Princess† explains that online games to her were a utopia. She can get a cute avatar and act cute and get everyone to fawn over her. Her selfishness then grew until she was not satisfied unless she was first. She stopped thinking about other people at that point. Kiria admits that they both forgot that there are people behind the players in this virtual world.

Kiria tells CPU if they meet again in another world and are able to work together in the same goal, that would be lovely. Neptune agrees and looks forward to that. GM announces she will now freeze their accounts. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that she is sorry as even if she said horrible things to her, Kiria always stood by her side. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† that her soul and fiery passion is for her. That is why even in the last moments, she wants to be with her. †Black Cat Princess† thanks her and if they are reborn again, she would like to adventure with her. Kiria agrees and says this is a promise. †Black Cat Princess† says she will see them all again someday. Both the accounts of Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† are now frozen.

GM then thanks CPU for all their help. She was prepared for the official launch of 4 Goddesses Online to be delayed or even worse but thanks to their help, they were able to overcome this crisis. Neptune thinks because they saved the game before they save the world, they truly are cut out to be protagonists. Vert is glad that they are finally able to continue the game. They must defeat the Demon King before the beta ends. Vert then remembers Bouquet and wonders what has happened to her.

GM explains that she has been running some checks on her. She is currently integrated into her avatar but she will now switch over to Bouquet. She thanks them again for all their hard work. She looks forward to their continued support. Neptune thanks GM for all her work until now.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. After CPU and Bouquet say a few words, GM takes over and greets the player. Since the player has arrived at this point, she asks the player rather forcefully how they got so good at this game. She asks the player to teach her how to play if they have the chance. She implores the player before clearing her throat and returning to normal. She asks the player to continue to support the game and switches back to Bouquet. Bouquet would like a warning from GM before she switches over.



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