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Ganache is the founder of Avenir and the head of an Extremist Guild from Lowee who believes in the CPU Black Heart. Their objective is to defeat Neptune, who is Black Heart's warring rival from the ancient Console War.

In the remake, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, Ganache's character is played entirely differently. While remaining the founder of Avenir, and one of its employees, Ganache is in league with Arfoire, and has no loyalty to Noire, instead professing his loyalty to Lady White Heart. Ironically, he believes the true Blanc is an imposter, due to her less than lady-like demeanor.



Ganache is a very well-groomed man with a neat appearance. He has brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, and is also dressed in a suit.


At first glance, Ganache appears to be an overall decent person and speaks in a very friendly tone. In reality, he is both deceiving and manipulative.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia

Ganache is the culprit behind the events surrounding the Lastation arc and also plays some hand in the Lowee arc as well. In Lastation, his founding of the company conglomerate Avenir lead to the monopolization of smaller companies in the land.

Neptune first encounters him as one of the Sanctuary members of the Basilicom who helps her sign up for Terraporation and gives her a brief history lesson on Basilicoms. While his name is never mentioned during their first encounter, he almost accidentally confirms it was him when they meet for a second time in Lastation.

When the girls finally act to take Avenir down, he reveals himself to be the founder of the company and says he only made it so that he could utilize Lasation's advanced technology to make a weapon strong enough to defeat Neptune, Black Heart's rival from the ancient Console War.

In Lowee, Arfoire convinces him to gather the other Guild Extremists to rally against the goddess and raid the Lowee Central Basilicom, Entremets. However, this does not work thanks to efforts of Neptune, Compa, and IF.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

Ganache is central to the events in Lastation and is a key ally of Arfoire. He is first met in Chapter 2 when Neptune, Compa, IF and Noire decide to work for Avenir to investigate their plans for the Lastation Expo. He eventually learns they're with Chian of Passe after eavesdropping on them after testing out the early Armas model. He traps the group in an old warehouse infested with monsters, intending to at least stall them while he tests out the Killachine on Passe itself. This prompts Noire to reveal herself as Lady Black Heart and dismantles the weapon.

He later reappears in Chapter 4, while the party tries to stop an arms deal between the Lowee Basilicom (controlled by Arfoire as Fake White Heart) and Avenir from taking place. He reveals he is devoted to "Lady White Heart" rather than Lastation. Blanc's attempts to use this to their advantage fail; he insists she's the "fake" Lady White Heart due to her abrasive personality, and demonstrating a fanatical obsession to an idealized version of White Heart.

He tries to sic an entire assembly line of Killachines, but all but two are sabotaged by MAGES.. Defeated, he reveals this was all just a set up so Arfoire can attack the Lowee resistance, having given fake intel through IF's contacts.

In Chapter 5, Ganache and Arfoire hope to defeat the CPUs once and for all in an exhibition match at the Expo, pitting them against the Panzer. Despite having disabled the use of Hard Drive Divinity, they still manage to destroy the machine. While Arfoire was flabbergasted by this development, Singe suggested they use "that" to try to save face. Though Ganache insisted it's still under maintenance, Singe and Arfoire compel him to deploy the CPU Breaker, which manages to defeat the goddesses.

The machine malfunctioned shortly thereafter, and Arfoire's attempts to kick back into compliance only results in it going out of control at the Expo hall. It turns out the HDD suppressor had been installed on the CPU Breaker's head, and only thanks to sudden intervention by MarvelousAQL are the CPUs able to destroy the robot. It is later revealed that Ganache had installed Lastation's Key Fragment as a power source.

Ganache fled in the fallout of the Expo, presumably to Lowee. At the game's ending, when Histoire checks on how the nations are doing, Ganache is seen serving Noire at the Basilicom. Ganache presumably returned to Lastation when he became aware of the true White Heart's personality. Noire forgave him for the Lastation incident and put him to work in the Basilicom due to his managerial skills.

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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Megami Tsuushin

Ganache appears in chapter 6 of Hyperdimension Neptunia: Megami Tsuushin as an ally to help Neptune and Noire find the culprit behind the giant flower monster appearing and attacking the academic hall. Ganache states that he and the guild were hacking and modifying Monster Discs; however, the monsters became too berserk so they sealed the hacked discs away. The Discs were stolen by a follower of Arfoire named Dr. G-II Bots who planned to destroy the CPUs as revenge for them defeating Arfoire.


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  • The meaning of "Ganache" is a glaze usually made of chocolate for filling. This could be related to usage of the color brown in his appearance.


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