Gem Shop shop deals in Gems which provide effects unavailable via weapons or armor. Up to three Gems may be equipped at once, and they can aid greatly in one’s adventures.

The gems available for buying in-game is given below, according to Quest Rank:

Gems - At Opening

   Power Gem: 2,000 B
   Element Gem: 2,000 B
   Protect Gem: 2,000 B
   Stamina Gem: 2,000 B
   Magic Gem: 2,000 B

Gems - Quest Rank 3

   Fire Reduction Gem: 3,000 B
   Ice Reduction Gem: 3,000 B
   Lightning Reduction Gem: 3,000 B
   Wind Reduction Gem: 3,000 B

Gems - Quest Rank 5

   Superpowered Gem: 5,000 B
   Spirit Gem: 5,000 B
   Iron Wall Gem: 5,000 B
   Life Gem: 5,000 B
   Wisdom Gem: 5,000 B

Gems - Quest Rank 6

   Fire Gem: 3,000 B
   Ice Gem: 3,000 B
   Lightning Gem: 3,000 B
   Wind: 3,000 B
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