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God Eater is a guest character that is playable in Megadimension Neptunia VII. She is a collaboration character based off of the God Eater franchise. Released as DLC on December 25th, 2015 in Japan and April 18th, 2016 in North America.



God Eater is a fair skinned girl with storm-blue eyes and medium length, very pale brown-grey hair worn in pigtails. On the side of her head is a Black hair clip with a small red triangle piece on the side. She wears a black vest accented by gold with a strap below each breast and a red ribbon tied around the neck, held by a small sphere. Her top is opened to reveal the middle section of her breast. Over each arm is a black finger-less glove that ends below each shoulder. A big, thick blood-red bracelet is on her right wrist, while smaller straps of black and brown wrap around her left. Her short-shorts are black with a single line of red going around the bottom and a white belt around the top with a brown pouch on the side. Her shoes are black and red boots held up by black straps at the very top, over black socks.


God Eater is shown to be cheerful and love to eat. She has a habit of saying "Nom.. nom nom..." when she is excited and eating food. She also likes to upgrade her weapon, as seen with her discussion with Nepgear and Uni. God Eater is diligent and keeps up with her reports to her chief, who she greatly aspires to be like. God Eater wants to be seen as responsible so she does avoid telling her friends about her missions to hunt dangerous monsters.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Godspeed Strike Girl

After buying an assortment of breads, Noire comes across God Eater, who is currently starving. Noire offers her some bread, to which God Eater happily scarfs down. God Eater is so enthralled in the bread, that she cannot even hear Noire. After eating a couple loafs, God Eater suddenly remembers that she is on a special mission in search of someone.

Before she can explain, the two hear a roar in the distance, and God Eater sprints off towards the source at a blinding speed. When Noire finally catches up, she finds God Eater struggling against a monster, so she immediately joins the fight. However, due to poor coordination, God Eater ends up shooting Noire a few times.

After defeating the monster, God Eater reveals that she is part of the Lastation Defence Force. Her troop is given God Arc weapons, and eats it's enemies. After finding out that Noire is the CPU, God Eater becomes ashamed that she shot Noire.

God Eater remembers that the monster is still lying on the ground and summons Abaddon to eat it. However, she was too slow, and the monster was able to got back up and retaliate. After the monster gets away, the two decide to head back to Lastation.

Back in Lastation, God Eater reveals that she was sent to guard Noire due to the wanted posters. The entire troop was intended to guard her, though due to the rest of the members being busy with monsters, God Eater was sent alone.

Abaddon's Favorite

Noire and God Eater are having a picnic, with God Eater enthralled in the food. When Noire comments about God Eater getting carried away, God Eater refutes by explaining that the food at her base is small and bland.

Noire gets curious at God Eater's high metabolism, and starts poking her stomach. When she find out how ticklish God Eater is, she starts to tickle her more. This causes Abaddon to get worked up and start eating their clothes.

God Eater starts explaining that Abaddon loves to eat girls' clothing. Abaddon gets excited when it sees girls flirting and begins eating clothes, especially when it's hungry. God Eater had forgotten to feed Abaddon that morning, which meant it would eat all of their clothes, including their underwear.

Barrett Mods
God Eater is tinkering with her bullets for her God Arc. Nepgear wonders what is going on. Uni thinks she is doing regular gun maintenance but notices that God Eater is modifying her bullet. God Eater explains her situation and asks the two for suggestions as she is stuck and wants some new ideas. Nepgear thinks this is fun. Uni asks her what gun she is using. God Eater says it is a 40-gauge shotgun.

Uni begins thinking about shotguns and asks what kind of gun customization she wants done. God Eater thinks the attributes of a shotgun favors increasing its power. Nepgear agrees as due to the lack of focus on precision, the fire power should be increased as much as possible. God Eater says the bullet should be straight and short. If it hits the opponent, it should expand. Nepgear decides to modify it to match that. God Eater thinks nothing will change from its original design from just doing that.

Uni thinks they should increase its overall firepower and up its critical hit rate. God Eater is amazed that one can add that much firepower to it. Nepgear chimes in adding another modification to increase its power. God Eater also decides to add more adjustments to increase its power. The three are excited at the thought of the weapon will turn out like. Afterwards, they decide to test it outside.

Nepgear notes that this place does not have a lot of people so they can shoot a few rounds safely. God Eater tries firing but it won't shoot. Uni thinks it is weird as they assembled it correctly. The three discover the problem of lacking SP. Uni wonders how much SP is needed. God Eater takes a look, it requires 99999 SP. Uni notes that SP in this world maxes at four digits.

God Eater admits that they made it too powerful. They should be less ambitious.

Barrett Mods: The Reckoning
God Eater begins her attempt to make the weapon more practical. She is happy that the last version helped her get the gist of what mods they can do. If the firepower is suppressed a bit, the weapon will be fine. Neptune greets God Eater. God Eater is surprised to see Miss Neptune but greets her. Neptune complains about her way of addressing her. The two are friends so she asks her never to address her that way again. God Eater decides to call her Nep but feels weird for not using Miss before a CPU's name. Neptune thinks the nickname is too normal.

She would prefer Nepudon, Neprina der Vogelweid or something like that. However, she tells her to call her whatever is easiest for her. Neptune wonders what God Eater is doing with all these parts. God Eater tells her she is trying to modify her God Arc. Neptune thinks that sounds fun and wants to help her. God Eater is happy to allow Neptune to help.

Neptune declares she will make the most epic weapon ever as she is pretty talented. She quickly makes her modifications and declares the weapon is done. God Eater is surprised at the speed Neptune finished this. Neptune says that if the protagonist is on the job, it becomes a piece of cake. Neptune made the weapon practical, pretty and super easy to use. She presents the Super Nep Shooter Prototype. God Eater decides to try it out.

The two head outside. God Eater fires the shot and is surprised to see fireworks. Neptune and God Eater are both happy to see that. God Eaters thinks they are pretty. Neptune thinks the bullets are perfect for an oden party. God Eater thinks when it gets darker, they can buy lots of oden, lay out some picnic blankets and... God Eater snaps back to her senses and notices that Neptune was distracting her the whole time. She almost lost sight of her goal.

God Eater's Weekend
God Eater announces that she is home. Uzume welcomes her back. She asks if God Eater is hungry and if she wants to get something to eat. God Eater is excited at the chance to eat. Neptune explains that they were talking about going out to eat. She asks God Eater to join them. Neptune wants to demonstrate all the good local food Planeptune has to offer, as a CPU. God Eater is excited to come along. Even if Gamindustri comes to an end, she will still come.

Nepgear is worried about Gamindustri coming to the end. Neptune wonders where God Eater was as she was gone all morning. God Eater admits that she was on a date. Neptune is shocked that God Eater was on a date. She wonders if that word is even allowed in this series. Uzume does not care about any date, she is hungry and thinks they should be going. God Eater agrees.

Nepgear announces that they are here. She introduces them to Planeptune's most popular chili dog restaurant which is also a jazz club, Blue Hedgehog. Neptune adds that the place is a hobby for the owner so it's only open weekend afternoons. The taste is great though. Nepgear has booked the restaurant for the group so they can eat all they want and have lots of fun. Neptune asks that they try their signature chili dog. Uzume thanks Neptune and God Eater thinks it looks so delicious. She eats it and loves it. The taste is fresh and while it is simply seasoned, the taste is of a high quality. Uzume loves them as well praising its sauce for being just spicy enough. God Eater asks if she can have more.

Neptune assures she can, as it is all on her today so they can eat as much as they want. Uzume takes another chili dog. God Eater challenges Uzume to an eating competition. Uzume accepts and tells her to prepare to lose. Uzume ate five chili dogs and taps out. God Eater thinks she is not a worthy adversary. She thinks for a dish like this, the challenge starts at 50. Uzume cannot believe that. Neptune worriedly asks what number of chili dog is she on. God Eater says it is her 60th but she can probably double that number before they leave.

Abaddon pops out. God Eater wonders what's wrong. Abaddon also wants to eat. God Eater decides to order 20 more chili dogs. Neptune begins to worry a lot. God Eater thinks they are so delicious, that they can't stop now. She wants to try everything and with the two of them, they can handle 5 more rounds. Afterwards God Eater admits that she is still hungry. Abaddon burps. God Eaters thinks it was way too good. She could not help but eat this much. She tells them that Abaddon says it was really tasty.

Abaddon Capture Method
God Eater has sent some mail. All she has left to do is send the chief her report. Noire wonders what God Eater is up to. God Eater says she is sending the team an update on the situation. Noire apologizes for bothering her. God Eater says it is okay as it's nothing too crazy. She is not really busy. Noire thinks that is good and invites her to a drink. God Eater is happy to accept as she wants to spend more time with Noire.

The two head to Noire's room to enjoy a snack. Noire asks God Eater how the snacks were as she made the cookies herself. God Eater thinks it is delicious and way better than the rock hard cookies, they have back at home. God Eater asks if she can grab another one. Noire says it is okay as there are a lot so she is free to eat as much as she wants. God Eater is happy and thanks Noire.

Noire reveals her business with God Eater. God Eater wonders what is going on. Noire explains that this is a meeting to discuss countermeasures for when Abaddon tries to eat her clothes. God Eater understands as she has been in embarrassing situations when it hungers for clothes. Since God Eater understands, Noire wants them to figure out a countermeasure.

God Eater agrees. Noire asks God Eater for all information of Abaddon. God Eater admits she does not know much. She has told Noire everything she knows already. It is a mysterious being that possessed her God Arc. There were reports of similar creatures int he past but they are not the same at all. Noire notes that God Eater and Abaddon have a good relationship and wonders why she can't train it. God Eater tells Noire, she has tried many times to train it but it always acts according to its own random will.

Noire says the challenge becomes satisfying its hunger all the time. God Eater understands but she does not have the time or money to do so. Noire has a bean that keep someone feed for 10 days. God Eater wonders if the bean is safe. Noire thinks since they have been selling it in local markets of a while, it should be fine. God Eater is not sure if that answers her question but calls Abaddon.

Abaddon appears. Noire tries to feed Abaddon the bean. Abaddon gets angry. God Eater notes that it does not like it. Noire gets upset and tries again to feed it. God Eater warns Noire not to force it. She tells Noire to watch out as above her... Abaddon is above Noire and tries to munch on her. Noire screams and notes that was something. God Eater told her not to force it. Noire notes if they can't keep it full, there has to be another way to keep it from eating clothes.

God Eater is surprised Noire is still at it. Noire must avenge her fallen clothing and overcome Abaddon. To that regard, she created Lastinium alloy clothes. She says there is no material better in strength than all of Gamindustri. She dares Abaddon to try and eat it. God Eater asks Abaddon to eat Noire's clothes.

Abaddon is happy and tries to eat her clothes. Noire tells Abaddon to come at her. Noire laughs as Abaddon struggles to eat her clothes. Abaddon finds another way and eats her underwear instead. This shocks Noire and she tells Abaddon to stop licking or nibbling on her. Noire tells God Eater to not stand there and help her. God Eater tells Noire to just give up as she can't stop Abaddon. Abaddon decides to go after God Eater. Both the girls scream.

God Eater is training. Uzume comments that someone is working hard this morning. God Eater greets Uzume. Uzume is surprised anyone is up so early. She wonders if God Eater always does this. God Eater is always like this as she wants to establish herself so she must train. She wants to be stronger to be like that one person.

Uzume wonders who that person is. God Eater says it is her chief. She describes her chief as someone who does not talk much, but is powerful and cool. The chief taught God Eater how to use the God Arc and act like a professional. Uzume wonders what God Eater means by acting like a professional. God Eater explains that the chief told her to never run away from living and gave her 3 rules for battle. First, don't die, second if you are about to die, run away, third, hide and if you are lucky, kill them when they are not looking.

Uzume thinks that was 4 rules. God Eater does not care and explains that the rules were learned by the chief from his chief when he was starting out. If one keeps to the rules, they are golden and one can figure out the rest when it comes up. Uzume thinks that is pretty cool. God Eater agrees then notices the time. Uzume asks if she has plans and wonders if it is a date. God Eater tries to explain but Uzume tells her she is not trying to make fun of her. Uzume tells God Eater to go and be careful. God Eater agrees and leaves.

"God Eater"
God Eater notes that she ate a lot today. She notices herself nodding off and snaps back to her senses. She still needs to file her report with the chief. She receives an email and after looking at it, leaves.

Elsewhere, God Eater is struggling with a strong monster. God Eater wishes she could get more breaks. God Eater has her work cut out for her but she can handle this on her own. God Eater does not want to run from this, she wants to defeat the monster and get home to her friends. Noire is upset about what God Eater is doing when she told them she is on her dates.

God Eater wonders why Noire is here. Noire explains she wanted to see who God Eater was going with as a friend. Noire notes that her date is a bit wild and not her type. Noire wonders if this is who God Eater is attracted to. God Eater says that is the case. Noire asks if she can join her date and transforms to Black Heart. Black Heart wants to join in on the fun.

After the battle, God Eater is glad to have defeated it. Black Heart asks God Eater to finish it. God Eater orders Abaddon to eat it. Abaddon eats the monster. Black Heart transforms back to Noire. Noire announces the conclusion of her date.

God Eater thanks Noire for her help but wonders how Noire knew this was her date. Noire explains that Uni referenced the Defence Force's mission records. Uni reports that all the times she had a date, big targets were captured. This was too much of a coincidence. Noire tells her she was not doing anything suspicious so she did not have to hide what she was doing.

God Eater apologizes as she figured that they would all worry she could not handle it on her own. Noire says they are comrades and friends so she does not need to keep secrets. If anything happens, God Eater can feel safe in letting them know as they will always be there to help her. God Eater is okay with this. Noire says from then on, they will fulfill their missions together.


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EXE Drive



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  • God Eater's design and actions are based off of characters from the God Eater franchise.
    • Her clothes almost completely come from Alisa Illinichina Amiella.
    • Her hair style is similar to Ciel Alençon.
    • Her general cuteness is most likely based off of Nana Kouzuki.
    • Her friendly fire on Noire is most likely a reference to Kanon Daiba.
    • She shares the same Japanese voice actress with Iroha Utsugi.
  • Her God Arc is a black and red variant of Blade (Long Blade), Type20 Gat (Shotgun) and Common Shield (Shield).
  • God Eater is the only playable Megadimension Neptunia VII character not to have an English Voice List unlocked upon beginning a New Game Plus.
    • Files for these exist in the PC version of the game, but were left unused.


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