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The Gold Form is the transformed form of the Gold Third, similar like the Console Patron Units' Hard Drive Divinity. The power of this form is on par with the HDD.


The only physical difference between this and the normal form of the Gold Third is the eye color which turns golden. Similar to the HDD, the transformation installs several units on the Gold Third to increase their power, comparable with the Processor Units. However, there is a major difference between the Gold Forms and HDD forms: by simply transforming into their Gold Forms, the Gold Third has access to their extended EXE Drive skills regardless of the types of monsters the are battling, unlike the CPUs, who require to face a boss-tiered monster to activate their stronger versions of their EXE Drive.

Formation Skills between the Gold Third only work if all of them are either in their normal or Gold Form. In Megadimension Neptunia VII, Gold Form does not use shares unlike CPU transformation. It shares the same deactivation conditions as HDD, where running out of HP or getting the virus ailment.

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