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Goobs is the head of the Dogoo Tribe. He appears in Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU as one of Uzume's monster friends.



Goobs has the figure of a Dogoo and the appearance of a leader due to his bushy eyebrows. He has black oval eyes, brown ears and tail and a black muzzle.


Goobs is a friendly Dogoo who puts his faith in Uzume wholeheartedly. He does have leadership characteristics as he can keep the Dogoos calm in a bad situation.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Goobs arrives in Jingu Sakura Park with his tribe to help Uzume and her friends find some Share Crystals. Neptune is excited to see Goobs and gives him a nice rub. Goobs thinks Neptune really knows where to touch. Goobs splits up from Uzume to increase their search range. Eventually his tribe finds the crystal so Goobs reports back to Uzume and her friends.

He leads her to the crystal when all of the sudden Dark Purple shows up and starts attacking. Someone also shows up to destroy the crystal. His tribe begins to lose hope but Goobs tells them to believe with Uzume. With that his tribe begins to pour their faith in Uzume and her friends allowing them to transform and defeat Dark Purple.

At the end of the arc, Goobs helps Umio find share crystals to support Uzume and her friends in their final battle against Dark Purple. His wishes are transferred to Uzume by the share crystals he helped gather. With that, Uzume and her friends are able to come out on top saving the Zero Dimension.

In the Ascension ending, Goobs and his tribe are adjusting to life in the Hyper Dimension. In the Revival ending, he likely remains in the Zero Dimension.


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