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The Guild first appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia as a group of so-called heretics who do not worship the goddess of their native land. In Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, their role in society changed from that of outcasts to an organization that serves directly under the Basilicom.

Hyperdimension Neptunia

People who don't worship the goddess of the land they're born on. They're so-called heretics. The heretics gathered together and established the Guild. It's the same on every planet, but people look down Guild members due to being branded as heretics. The Guild's hideout, subtly titled Guild City, is among Lowee's cities.


About ten years ago, there was an oppressive movement against heretics in Leanbox, leading to a major purge. Most members barely made it to Lowee safe, that's supposedly how the Guild started. Those who escaped to Lowee were temporarily taken into custody as heretics at Entremets, the Central Basilicom. Then, they decided to create a city for the Heretics, run by heretics; Guild City. Their Basilicom is run by the Guild and their members are the city's residents. The whole city belongs to the Guild.


There are two types of people within the Guild: Extremists and Moderatists.

  • Moderatists: People who focus only on worshiping.
  • Extremsist: People who despise the other goddesses they don't believe in.

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Each Guild is ran by the Oracle of its nation and is where many requests from various people get compiled and sorted. The Guild acts as the quest assigner. At Guilds you can may accept a variety of quests from clients. There are two quest categories. One is a slaying quest, requiring you to defeat monsters. The other  is a gathering quest, requesting certain items. If you meet all the criteria of any quest and report your accomplishments to the Guild, they will reward you with a credit bonus and the shares of the affected nations will shift accordingly. Quests can be complete multiple times.


There are different divisions of the Guild, each which serves its own purpose. While this is never elaborated on, it is stated that each division has its own set of Guild agents and all of the agents answer to the Oracle of the nation.

So far there has only been one division mentioned in the series:

  • Intelligence Division: The Divisions that IF serves under. Their primary duty is espionage. They acquire confidential intelligence from other nations and spread misinformation to stir up politicians.

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