The Guild is where you can accept various quests depending on your Guild Rank. By clearing certain quests, your Guild Rank will increase.

Your current Guild Rank can be checked in the lower right menu. (In dungeons, the town, and on the world map, you can check your Guild Rank in the lower right window after displaying the menu.)

Quests are separated into five types, each with a different objective. By achieving that objective and reporting back to the guild, you can receive a reward.

The five types of quests include:

  • Small Fry Subjugation Quests: Defeat a specific number of small fry monsters.
  • Formidable Foe Subjugation Quests: Defeat a boss monster.
  • Delivery Quests: Gather up a specific number of items.
  • Area Arrival Quests: Move until you get to a specific area.
  • Certified Quests: Clear these quests to level up your Guild Rank.

Certified Quests are important quests necessary to level up your Guild Rank. Certified Quests will appear based on your story progression and the quests you’ve cleared.


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