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A Guild Woman who is a receptionist at the Lowee capital's Guild.



Guild Woman is shown to have large light purple eyes and long pale brown hair. It is pulled back in a wavy ponytail held with a blue, yellow, and cloth, while her long forelocks are pulled into separate sections held with white pieces lined in pale blue. Her bangs are straight cut in the center of her forehead.


The Guild Woman is kind and caring woman. She is happy to assist Blanc with finding Rom and Ram in as safe a manner as possible. She knows right from wrong and will warn Blanc in advance that she was put on the wanted list.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri

The Guild Woman sees Blanc when she reaches a city in Lowee. The Guild Woman does not remember the CPUs but helps Blanc put up a quest looking for Rom and Ram. She notes that the girls just left to the next city looking for her sister. Blanc decides to go to the city. She tells Blanc, while there is a shortcut to the next city through the forest, she should take the main road.

When Blanc takes the aptitude test to become a hunter, the Guild Woman proctors the exam.

Later, when Blanc and C-Sha are looking at quests, the Guild Woman informs them that Rom and Ram had become hunters and had just accepted a quest, but couldn't stop them, as she was on her lunch break.

Once C-Sha is arrested and Blanc is put on the wanted list, Blanc's wanted posters begin to be distributed to all of the Guilds in Lowee. Once the Guild Woman finds out about this, she immediately rushes to warn Blanc. Blanc thanks her, and then asks her not to get involved anymore. The Guild Woman understands, but asks that Blanc let her help if Blanc is ever in trouble.

Once Blanc and C-Sha begin to fight off a horde of delusionary monsters, the Guild Woman, Financier, Rom, and Ram gather all of the hunters to help the two.

After C-Sha gets possesed by Kurome Ankokuboshi and runs off, the Guild Woman informs Blanc that she headed to the Golden Summit of Lowee.


When Neptune, IF, and Compa arrive in Lowee to reunite with Blanc, the Guild Woman overhears them and asks if they're Blanc's acquaintances. The Guild Woman says she knows Blanc very well, and that Blanc would be back soon.


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