Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2




  • "Where should I begin?" (Turn Start)
  • "Gust's turn!" (Turn Start)
  • "Alright, I'll do my best!" (Turn Start)
  • "Hi-ya!" (Attacking)
  • "Yah!" (Attacking)
  • "Unii!" * (Attacking)
  • "Here!" (Attacking)
  • "It hurts!" (Damaged)
  • "Ooooh!" (Damaged)
  • "Owwww!" (Damaged)
  • "Meanie!" (Damaged)
  • "That hurt!" (Damaged)
  • "I can't hang on any longer." (Dead)
  • "I'm sorry." (Dead)
  • "You saved me!" (Revived)
  • "Who was that ghost girl?" (Revived)


Bonus Quotes

  • "I'm Gust!" (Introduction)
  • "Let's celebrate your birthday! Here's a gift!" (Birthday)
  • "Merry Christmas! Gust Claus brings you many gifts!" (Christmas)
  • "Thank you for your hard work this year. Oh, this is my in-voice for all the items you used, could you please pay it as soon as you can?" (New Year's Eve)
  • "Happy New Year's! Work hard with me this year, too." (New Year's Day)
  • "This is chocolate by Gust! I made it from scratch. Enjoy!" (Valentine)
  • "Good morning! Are you not waking up? If you don't, I'll start shouting "Barrel!"" (Alarm)
  • "I'm sleepy.... Time for Gust to go to sleep." (Bedtime)
  • "You've got mail!" (Text Message)
  • "Phone's ringing! You should answer, quick!" (Phone Call)
  • "I'll praise you! You're a valuable customer!" (Compliment)
  • "I've never seen such a poor bum!" (Curse)
  • "Barrel!" (Extra 1)
  • "Uni!" * (Extra 2)

Uni (Pronounced Ooo-ni) means sea urchin in Japanese. Not to be confused with Uni, The CPU Candidate of Lastation.*

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