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Gust is a girl who travels the world while selling the items she crafts. She seems fragile and makes you want to give her a warm hug. She's also very strict with money. Her goal is to enrich people's lives with the items she invents.



Gust appears to be nothing but a child in terms of height and overall appearance. She is short with brown eyes and medium length brown hair. Her attire consists of a blue apron like dress with a large pocket on the front used for storing alchemy materials and possibly other things. On her head she wears a large hat that appears to have bunny ears along with giant large white gloves to match.


While Gust is an overall good person she is also a cut-throat business entrepreneur who is also looking for a way to make a profit off of others. She will often do things for people, making it seem like it's nothing more than a favor and then charge them afterwards.

She is rather intelligent and cunning. An example of this would be when her product was bought and reproduced with a cheaper method as the thief took credit for her work. Gust was not worried; instead she took the reproduced version of her own product, and made a better version using the cheaper production method and filed for copyright.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia

Item Selling Girl

Neptune is feeling a bit sick, and Compa deduces that she may have a cold because she never uses the covers when she sleeps. Compa tries to make her some medicine, but fails at doing so. IF tries her hand at it as well, and suddenly Gust appears, saying she'll take care of it. She introduces herself and begins to properly mix the ingredients, however she too fails at the synthesis. She then explains that the explosion that occurred is caused by old ingredients. Gust uses her own ingredients to make the medicine. She then charges them for both ingredients and labor, much to Compa's surprise. Luckily for them, Gust decides to not charge for labor, but only the ingredients. IF concludes that Gust must be pretty strict with money, and Compa says that this was an unexpected expense. After paying, Compa inquires about Gust's work, asking if she's traveling along while selling items she synthesizes. She also says she's impressed at her being such a hard worker. Gust is flattered by her words, and tells them that if they need any items, she will make them for cheap. Compa responds, telling Gust to tell them if she needs any ingredients so that they can go gather them for her. Gust is delighted to hear this, and Compa states that Gust is now their friend. Gust agrees with her, and IF questions what happened to Neptune. Compa states that Neptune is in deep sleep after taking her medicine, and IF concludes why it's so peaceful.


Neptune's party meets up with Gust again in Lastation and she seems distressed. When asked why, she states that someone requested a potion that needs to be made by the end of the day, but no shops carry the ingredient for it. Neptune and her companions volunteer to help her get the item because she's their friend. This makes Gust very happy, and she thanks them. When they return with the ingredient, Gust is able to finish the potion and thanks them again. The party then leaves and Gusts wishes them farewell, thanking them one last time.

For Our Friend

Neptune's party finds Gust looking distressed a second time. Gust explains that her adventuring pal is poisoned and that despite her efforts, she can't make an antidote to help them. Compa suggests that Gust go to the Planeptune General Hospital, as they use the most advanced technology there. Gust states that she has no insurance, plus it would take two days and the doctor already said her friend won't last another night. Compa asks if there is anything else they can do, and Gust mentions an ingredient called Erde Crystal that can be used to help save her friend. The girls go out to look for the Erde Crystal and manage to come back with it. They couldn't find it on land, so they had Neptune search underground. Gust is elated by this, and IF says the reward can wait for later so she can hurry and help her friend.

Her Dream

Gust finds Neptune's party, saying she has a favor. She asks to join their party so she can travel with them so she can gather ingredients around the world and make items to help the world. She promises to not be any trouble, and begs them to let her come. Neptune, Compa, and IF happily welcome her to the party, and Gust thanks them.

Good Ear

Compa drops her coins on the ground and picks them up, only for Gust to tell her that she missed a coin. When asked how she knew without even looking, IF immediately concludes that Gust could tell by the sound, and asks her to determine how many coins her in her hand based on the sound. Gust tells her how many coins are in her hand and even the material they're made out of. This impresses IF, making her say that it's a perfect skill for gambling. She then asks Gust if she wants to go out and make some money later. However, Gust says that children should not gamble, no matter how strong their desire for money is.

Wireless Charger

IF breaks another one of her cellphones by getting the connector of the charger stuck inside from pulling on it too hard. Compa states that IF is too rough with them, and that she should be gentle with electronics since they're like babies and need tender care. Gust pops up, saying she has the perfect item for her, and gives her the wireless charger she has developed. IF tests this out and it surprised to see that it actually works. IF tells her that this invention would be a huge success. Gust states that she's thinking about selling it soon, but IF can keep the test model. IF thanks her, promising to treat it well.

Stolen Idea

Compa takes notice of someone selling Gust's wireless charger and asks the shopkeeper if he was the one who invented it. When he says yes, she immediately calls him out on his lie and says she knows who originally created the product. The shopkeeper says whoever makes it more widely known is the one who gets the credit, and that he's selling it for less despite his version being of lower quality than the original. If the customers are happy, then he's happy which makes it a win-win. He also says that everyone is already convinced that he's the inventor so it's practically too late to convince them otherwise. Gust tells Compa that she doesn't mind because even if she doesn't get any money from it, her idea brings happiness to people. This makes her satisfied. IF doesn't agree with what the man is doing, however since Gust is okay with it then she says there is no reason for them to be upset.

Wireless Charger Complete

Gust gives IF a new Wireless Charger that is even more improved than the first one she made. IF asks her how she managed to do it and she says she tweaked the portable charger so that it transfers electricity to the battery. She also states that the signal reaches up to ten meters. IF is impressed at how quickly Gust recovered from having her idea stolen just the other day, and Gust states that she checked inside of the copycat product, taking the guy's technique to cut down production cost. She also says owns a patent for her wireless charger, so if he tries anything she'll sue him. She then reveals that this was all according to her plan.

Watch Out for Counterfeits!

Compa comes back from shopping with a disc that supposedly contains a legendary game character that she purchased for a discount. Gust tells Compa that the disc is actually fake, but Compa doesn't believe her. When Compa tries to summon the character, nothing happens, just as Gust said would happen. Compa is saddened to see that she was tricked, and Gust states that most fake discs do nothing, much like the disc Compa was tricked into buying. However in some cases, discs may have corrupt data which summons glitchy characters that won't listen to commands. IF says officials have been cracking down on people who sell fake discs as more have become aware of the issue, but the problem still exists. Compa wishes to go return the disc back to the shop, but Gust says that they're probably long gone and if they're still there then they will play dumb. This makes Compa upset, but Gust says that she should just think of this of a lesson learned.

Kichiku Megane Harlem Set for Virgins

Gust delivers Vert's package for the fan-exclusive collector's set of Kichiku Megane Harlem Set for Virgins. Vert is surprised to see Gust is the one delivering her package, but Gust explains she's registered under emergency contact as temporary delivery staff so she does this on occasion. Vert begs Gust not to tell anyone about her purchase, especially IF since she feels like she would be disappointed in her. Gust requests hush money, discounting it to 10% of the package cost. Not wanting IF to be disappointed, Vert accepts.

A Gamer's Sense of Money

Gust tells Vert she got a free voucher code for Planeptune's MMO, Four Goddesses Online. Vert says she didn't win that despite applying 200 times. Gust says there is only one application per address, but Vert states that she changed the name and address each time so she doesn't know who they knew it was her. Gust offers to sell it to her for ten thousand credits. Vert is surprised, saying that it's bargain and agrees to buy it. This leaves Gust in a state of surprise.

Good Financial Management

Noire asks Gust to synthesize something soothing for her throat, as it will help her pass her next voice actress audition. Gust inquires about the fee, and Noire is surprised to see that Gust also charges her allies.

Don't Mix

Noire asks Gust to synthesize something that will keep her awake. She managed to pass the voice actress audition, but she received her script for recording late. She practiced all night, but now she is starting to grow sleepy. Gust says she'll see what she can do, and Noire states that she is looking forward to her result. Gust tells Noire to come back in thirty minutes so she can prepare, so she leaves. Gust combines all the energy drinks from the pharmacy and gives it to Noire. Noire is put off by the smell and color of it, but chugs it all at once. Gust says that a mix of all energy drinks is bad even for goddesses, and that kids should not try it home.

Invitation to Lowee

Blanc offers for Gust to move to Lowee when the journey is over, to make herself useful with her synthesis. Gust appreciates the offer, but says she'll have to think about it as she still wishes to travel the world, find rare ingredients, and learn different techniques from everywhere. Gust tells Blanc to wait until she masters the craft of synthesis. Blanc says fine, and for her to tell her whens she changes her mind because of all of Lowee will welcome her.

The Most Expensive Item

Gust ask for an item belonging to Blanc, along with an autograph on it. Blanc agrees but questions what she intends to do with it. Blanc says its for an experiment and that she can't tell her until she gets the result. When Gust returns, she says she has great news. She listed her autographed scarf on an internet auction, and Blanc's scarf sold at the highest price of all the goddesses. Upon hearing this, Blanc doesn't know what to say to it.


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