Hatsumi Sega, also commonly known by her nicknames Segami and Segamin, is a new character and one of the two protagonist in Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls alongside IF. She is designed by Tsunako and is a personification of Sega. She also has amnesia and can't remember anything other than her name. Segami has the ability to transform into Sega Hard Girls.

After regaining her memories, she is revealed to be a God.



A fair-skinned girl with big blue eyes and long, sky blue hair worn in a high ponytail with a shiny, pale gold bow. She wears a white tank-top lined in pale blue with straps around her stomach and a pale gold sphere on each hip. At the neck is a blue section with a pale blue and white zipper below the neck. The skirt resembles a folded pleat of blue and white, with a pale blue shiny material visible from the left corner. On each arm is a white sleeve with a blue flap below each shoulder and a pale blue piece at the hand. On her right wrist are two gold bracelets that are similar to the gold rings in Sonic the Hedgehog games, which is a popular series made by Sega. Her sneakers are red, white, and pale gold, much like Sonic the Hedegehog's, with white stockings that have a jagged blue design for the cuff.

Due to her ability to transform into Sega Saturn, Mega Drive, Game Gear and Dreamcast, Segami takes on their appearances exactly, but retains her own voice.


Segami is a very pushy girl who always rush ahead to do the objective she remembers, which is to stop the war between the Sega Hard Girls and the CPUs of every era, without any plan in mind whatsoever, resulting in her and IF getting in trouble frequently. Despite her amnesia, she remembers and knows much of the Sega Hard Girls while struggles to remember the names of the CPUs. She is also a bit unstable emotionally and tends to cry at the sight of the Sega Hard Girls. She is also shown to be somewhat biased to the Sega Hard Girls and talks harshly to the CPUs, mainly Neptune, with the exception of Nepgear. Neptune and IF describes her attitude as "bitchy".

When her memory returned at the end of the game, she became soft-spoken and apologetic, only to return to her normal attitude later when both IF and Neptune intentionally breaks the mood to anger her.


Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

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16t Weight 33 25 Various Locations
Heavy Weight 40 39 -2 -2 Wait Damage Plus Various Locations
16t Weight +1 25 34 43 5 Various Locations
High Weight 57 51 Fever Damage +1 Shop
16t Weight +2 43 77 5 65 5 -4 -4 Various Locations
Magic Weight 94 89 SP Burst 1 Various Locations
16t Weight +3 50 137 120 -5 -5 Shop
Burst Weight 174 166 AG Burst 1 Various Locations
16t Weight +4 60 221 203 Shop
Destiny Weight 216 8 230 8 -8 -8 Random Ailments (Normal) Various Locations
16t Weight +6 100 365 316 -5 -5 Shop
Break Weight 373 24 350 24 Defense Invalid Various Locations
16t Weight +7 100 455 386 Shop
16t Weight +8 570 543 20 Various Locations
Back Weight 752 563 Ambush 2 Various Locations
Queen Weight 500 878 36 793 36 Expand Skill Effect Mission: Segami's Ultimate Equipment


Much like Tsunemi, her name Hatsumi is derived from Hatsune Miku. Her surname is a direct shout-out to the company Sega. Her nickname "Segami" is a combination of Sega and Hatsumi.


  • Her nickname "Segami" is displayed above the dialogue boxes rather than her real name.
  • Segami is the only playable character who is able to transform into different characters.
  • Segami is the only Maker to be a goddess. This revelation happens near the end of the game, but there were hints throughout the story that she is not human.
  • Unlike the Console Patron Units, she is not referred by the term "Megami(-sama)" (Japanese for "Goddess"), but by the term "Kami-sama" (Japanese for "God") instead.
    • Segami is the only Maker in the entire series that is a goddess as opposed to being just humans being involved with the main characters.


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