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O×◫? 入口! (*^ω^*)
— Histoire

Histoire is a supporting character in Super Neptunia RPG. This book was owned by Chrome but given to Neptune to help her on her adventure. It is a thick book that glows in unreadable characters. It seems to show a lot of emotions. Perhaps one day, a chosen Hero can decipher its meaning.



Histoire appears as a purple thick book. Its has gold outline decorations that form a stylized fairy wings in the center. The outlines glow in the presence of allies.


It seems to display many emotions as it attempts to guide its Hero through its journey. It appears to want to help but its owner can't understand it.


Super Neptunia RPG

For your first job, go to Lastation Outskirts
Chrome was running away from Bombyx Mori when she brushes by Neptune who drops Histoire. Neptune picks up the book and calls out to the lady who dropped the book. As Chrome returns to her book, she is surprised that Neptune would pick up the book.

Neptune wonders if the lady knows her. Chrome deduces that Neptune has lost her memory but still wonders why she is here. Neptune explains that she has been sent this way by Bombyx Mori and that she is a new recruit. Chrome does not want Neptune to be them and tells wants Neptune to follow her now.

Neptune is shocked. A Bombyx Mori officer sees the lady and alerts others. Neptune sees them and wonders if they brought snacks. The lady is annoyed they caught up to her. The officer declares that the lady is the reason Filyn acts weird so she is going to pay. Another officer calls her the enemy of Bombyx Mori.

The first officer says that their orders were to bring her back alive but they all know that's not gonna happen. Neptune wonders why they are so mad. She wonders what the lady did. Neptune notices the book is glowing. Chrome snatches Histoire back from Neptune. Ester Zira catches up and sees her target. It is time to bring her in for Lady Filyn.

Chrome notes that Ester is the last person she wants to see right now. Ester prepares to attack and Chrome flees.

Be treated to food at the Lastation Guild

After a scuffle with Bombyx Mori, Chrome treats Neptune to a meal in Lastation Guild. As Neptune continues her meal, Chrome shows Neptune her book. She tells Neptune it is Histoire. Neptune questions what she means by Histoire. Chrome explains that its name. Neptune remembers that the book was glowing when she first met Chrome. Neptune hopes that she's not crazy and asks why it did that.

Chrome explains that Histoire does that to let Chrome know that she has run into an ally. However, Chrome does not need it anymore so she hands the book to Neptune. Neptune is surprised but she promises to take good care of it. Neptune is glad that it can point out allies just like a Hero needs. She hopes it doesn't bring her any wimpy party members.

Chrome has no idea what Neptune is talking about. However she needs Neptune to listen. Chrome explains that Bombyx Mori are evil, and anyone who opposes them meets a terrible, violent fate. Neptune does not like the sound of that.

Neptune then remembers that their leader Filyn was obsessed with Chrome. Chrome explains that it is not what Neptune thinks but they do have a lot of history. Neptune nods. Chrome tells Neptune that once they are done, they are headed to the Weapons Shop. Neptune asks why. Chrome explains that she is low on money, so they are going to the guild to find work. They'll need weapons.

Neptune says that she is a Hero, so she will sit this one out. She's sure Chrome understands. Chrome reminds Neptune that a life of a Hero is one of blood, sweat, and tears. Neptune needs to work. Neptune did not know this. She thinks she needs a new career path. Perhaps she can be a Jester.

Defeat the Hunt Quest's monster at Ratchet Volcano
Neptune takes on a quest to defeat a monster at Ratchet Volcano so that she may earn money for food. Neptune finds strangers already fighting the monsters. Histoire realizes those are Noire and Blanc allies of Neptune. She glows to alert them and is excited that they are getting together.

While Blanc is impressed with Histoire glowing, none of the girls understand Histoire. However, Neptune was able to convince the two to join her. The new heroes hand back to Lastation with their quest completed.
Report to Chrome at the Lastation Guild
Neptune and her party return with Histoire to Lastation Guild. Neptune reports to Chrome back at the Lastation Guild. She has completed a mission as a Hero should. The lady tells her the mission was easy so she shouldn't get carried away. The lady sees Noire and Blanc and wonders who they are. Neptune reports that she has acquired allies, as Histoi- Histy started glowing. Noire and Blanc introduces themselves.

Blanc asks Neptune what the lady's name is. Neptune struggles to remember, so Chrome introduces herself. She notes they are one short. Noire asks if that means she knows who they are. Chrome tells them they will find out soon enough, as she does not feel like telling them.

Since Chrome is not willing to tell Noire, she declares she will have to get it out of her somehow. Chrome refuses to give up such information easily. Chrome smirks and asks them if they are going to try and force out of her. She is really strong.

Noire tells Neptune that if she with them she has to try harder to get answers from Chrome. Blanc asks Chrome what she means by one short? Who are they missing?

Chrome tells the group that Histoire has an answer for them. Neptune tells Chrome that they couldn't read what showed up on the cover earlier. She asks Chrome to read it for them. Chrome tells them that it something only Goddesses can read. Neptune does not understand what Chrome means by this. Chrome tells Neptune that she is not a goddess any... anyway, so she can't read it.

Only goddesses can use Histoire's power and that is why she does not need it. Neptune notes that she is not a goddess, or is she? However, she can't read the text so why is that? Chrome has no idea. Blanc asks Chrome about Histoire's other powers than pointing out allies. Chrome tells Blanc she will find out soon enough.

Noire does not think with this little information that they can trust Chrome. Chrome is okay with this, and just for their information, there are 7 tomes out there that allow non-Goddesses to read Histoire. They should find them and they'll be able to read Histoire. Chrome tells them she has scattered them far and wide. Chrome takes her leave.

Neptune tells Chrome to wait but she already left. Noire wonders seriously, who is she? Chrome returns surprising Neptune and Noire. She forget one final reminder, Neptune is not to waste the money she earns. She has to be responsible and then Chrome leaves truely. Neptune is sad that she just leaves again. Blanc does not think Chrome is a bad person. Noire guesses that this is the case.

Blanc tells Neptune to ask Histoire about their other ally. Neptune thinks that is a good idea. Neptune asks Histoire and gets more emoticons as answers. This frustrates the group. Noire is glad that at least Histoire is answering them. Neptune decides that they need to find the tomes Chrome is talking about. Blanc thinks they can find some at Lowee's Archive.

This is the first time Neptune has heard of that. Noire remembers that they stopped by the place earlier. Perhaps a tome may be there. Neptune is glad that her party members are more useful than she thought. Noire can't believe what Neptune is saying. Blanc thinks it is settled and they must head to Lowee. Neptune likes this side of Blanc as she is eager to take on this quest.

Noire hopes that Blanc isn't just in it for the books. Blanc denies that this is the case and hurries the group forward. Noire does not care about Blanc's denial of her true interests.

Investigate Akoop Archive once more
In Lowee's Archive, the party decides to split up to avoid detection by Bombyx Mori who seems to have made a base out of the Archives. Neptune notices a door that looks a little on the nose. She opens the door and finds a room that looks like a regular archive to her. As she explores the archive, Histoire starts glowing. Neptune asks Histoire what's up and wonders if Noire fell in a well. As Neptune continues to explore the archive, Neptune notices Histoire glowing even more. Neptune wonders if she upset Histoire.

Neptune eventually finds a book that she feels is nostalgic. Histoire starts glowing and Neptune wonders if Histoire is finding this book interesting. Neptune thinks Histoire is nodding to her question. Neptune takes the book and concludes that they are all done here then. Histoire reacts negatively to that. Neptune wonders what else is in this archive. Neptune notes that she is starting to understand Histoire but wishes she could just read her.

Later Neptune finds a dictionary. Being so heavy, Neptune thinks it would be a great idea to give it to Blanc. Neptune notices that Histoire has stopped glowing. She concludes that she must have found everything here. Neptune now wants to check out other rooms in the archive. Unfortunately, the Archive visit ended up with Noire captured by Bombyx Mori. There was a failed rescue operation by Neptune and Blanc. After meeting up with Chrome in the guild, the two decide to head to Leanbox.

Search for the Resistance Base
The pair search for the Resistance base and enter Yasnaya Forest in Leanbox. During which, Neptune finds someone lying on the road. Blanc confirms that Neptune is right. The lady glances at them. Neptune wonders if she is looking at them causing the lady to turn away. Neptune guesses it was just her imagination. The lady glances at them again. Neptune finds this situation very awkward as she knows this lady is shooting glances at them.

Neptune is about to ignore this spooky person when Histoire starts glowing. Neptune quickly decides this lady must be an ally. Neptune calls out to the lady. The lady stays quiet and Neptune thinks it is no use. The lady was just a corpse. The lady gets offended and claims that she is most certainly alive. Blanc is surprised and asks if she is okay. Blanc walks up and heals her. As the lady stands up, Blanc is in awe of her chest.

The lady apologizes for startling them and explains that she has collapsed by the side of the road. She asks them to escort her to the inn as she would rather not travel alone. Neptune thinks that is fine. Blanc is still in awe of her chest. The lady catches Blanc's stares and asks if everything is okay. Does she have something on her chest? Blanc tries to explain that she wasn't staring but just clarifies that it was nothing. If that is the case, the lady smiles and introduces herself as Vert. She thinks it is a pleasure to meet them. Neptune and Blanc introduces themselves to Vert.

Head to the Resistance Base
Vert joins Neptune and Blanc to help them contact the Resistance. Together, they were able to rescue Noire from Yanderella Castle. Afterwards, they head to the Resistance base and talk about the current state of the Gamindustri and their next plans. Vert, who was reluctant to officially join Neptune begins to understand the oppression Bombyx Mori is causing.

After all that, the party have a meal. Neptune praises the pudding. Blanc quietly continues to read her book. Neptune sees that Blanc is still reading the Book of Restoration and asks how is it? Blanc thinks it's really fun. Neptune is surprised books can be fun. Blanc notes that she would have preferred reading the magazine but Vert took it. Vert continues to read the magazine. Noire notes that Artisan's story must have been a shock to Vert since she didn't know anything.

Vert asks for everyone's attention. Neptune wonder what is up. Vert tells everyone to look at this page. It shows a purple console which was manufactured in Planeptune. She thinks that some information is held in Planeptune and that they should investigate. Neptune is upset that she has to travel again and thinks this is such a pain. Suddenly Histoire starts glowing as brightly as possible. She angrily says something in emoticons.

Neptune tries to tell Histoire she can't read that. Vert observes that Histoire is very upset. Neptune agrees that they will be going to Planeptune. Histoire gets super excited. Neptune finishes her pudding so she is ready to go. Vert declares that if Bombyx Mori is oppressing innovation in gaming, she will obliterate them. Blanc reads until something surprises her.

Noticing Blanc is not paying attention, Neptune asks Blanc if she is listening to her and explains that they are going to Planeptune. Noire tells Neptune to have fun. Neptune starts to realize something is wrong. Noire explains to Neptune that her priority is her memories not lost games. Since there is probably nothing in Planeptune, she thinks it is best that they split up.

Neptune gets angry at that. Noire wonders what's wrong. Neptune asks Histoire how Noire can get her memories back. Histoire explains in unintelligible emoticons. Neptune can't read that. Regardless, Neptune tells Noire that Histoire knows something and that Histoire's tome can be in Planeptune. Noire should come with them to find it. Noire realizes that Neptune is not going to let her leave the party.

Blanc then voices her complaints. They just saved Noire and she does not feel up for another adventure. Neptune can't believe Blanc is like this too, but in her case, Neptune struggles to find something to convince her. That being said, Neptune would like Blanc to return the Book of Restoration to her. Blanc notes that she has not finished reading it yet. Since that is the case, Blanc agrees to travel with Neptune.

With that Neptune is ready to head to Planeptune. However, Neptune then remembers Vert. She wonders if Vert is coming with them. Vert is happy to come along with Neptune. Neptune is worried she is taking Vert away from her life. Vert gulps and declares that she will be the one to ask this. Vert asks Neptune if she can join her party. Neptune's eyes sparkle and declares that Vert has joined the party.

Neptune declares that the Hero Party is complete! Neptune thinks that having a party of four people feels great! Artisan is happy for Neptune. She then has a proposal for Neptune. Neptune wonders what is up. Artisan notes that both her party and Artisan's Resistance is against Bombyx Mori so why don't they team up. Neptune wonders if Artisan means... Artisan formerly requests to form an alliance with Neptune's party of Heroes.

Noire is not sure about this Hero title, however she was hoping the Resistance would help them. Blanc says that she is grateful for the Resistance's help. Neptune accepts Artisan's request. Artisan is glad she accepted but notes that this wasn't just a request to be buddies though. She requests that Neptune gets intel on Bombyx Mori and the Resistance will assist them whenever they run into trouble. Artisan asks Neptune how it sounds to her, she will help take down Bombyx Mori and save the world.

Neptune thinks that is perfect and that they'll save the world in no time. Vert laughs and thinks Neptune says it like it'll be so easy. Noire observes that Neptun really is into this Hero thing, and hopes they'll be okay. Artisan thinks this is promising. Neptune declares they are now offwards to Planeptune. Blanc tells Neptune the word is "onwards". Neptune tells Blanc this was on purpose. Noire really hopes they will be okay.