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Communicating with the other dimension will take me about...hmm... three days?(・ω・')?
— Histoire

The Histoire from the Ultra Dimension. Her nickname is "Histy". This one likes to talk with emoticons, just like the original Histoire. She is very small, and Neptune has a field day thinking up new nicknames for her as a result. She is a highly advanced artificial being, just like the Hyper Dimension's Histoire, and is born after Plutia became a CPU. However, due to her compact size, her processing speed is considerably slower.



Histoire has medium-length blonde hair in two pigtails tied up with teal ribbons with a purple and white headdress on her head. She wears what seems to be a purple gown along with designs that have orange coloring with a teal bow at the top. Her leg-wear consists of white stockings and purple shoes with pink circles on the center.


Histoire is shown to have a very cheerful and frequently uses emoticons at the end of sentences when speaking. She is very sweet and also very intelligent with strong sense of right and wrong. It often takes her a while to find the information needed by others within in her tome. That being said, avoid calling her slow, because she will turn into "Pissty", as Neptune says. Much like her counterpart in the Hyper Dimension, she has a very low tolerance for laziness and foolishness.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

When Histoire first meets Neptune in the Ultradimension, everyone else thinks that Neptune is lying about being from another world, but Histoire feels certain connection to Neptune and even goes as far as contacting the Histoire of her dimension which confirms for everyone that Neptune is in fact from a different Gamindustri. The Histore of the Hyperdimension informs Neptune that in order for Neptune to return home she must increase Planeptune's shares in the Ultradimension.

Neptune manages to gather enough shares to head home and Histoire opens the path for her. Before Neptune is able to go into the light, Nepgear accidentally falls through instead. This causes them to have to gain even more shares in order to return home.

Towards the end of the game, Neptune manages to get enough shares to create a path large enough for not only her and Nepgear but the Ultradimension CPUs as well. At the end of the game the Hyperdimension Histoire and her Ultradimension counterpart discuss how the path does not seem to be closing any time soon and how it would be fine for the time being to allow it to stay open due to everyone being happy to be able to travel between the dimensions.

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