Below is a list of missions in Chapter 5 of Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart

Story Missions

Defeat all Monsters!

Mode Rewards
1st Simulation
2nd Simulation+ Hard Cover x3, Orange Jelly x10, Silver Birdcrown x2, 28000 Credits
Chests Contents
Wind Big Butterfly Wing, Shampuru Ear, Round Antenna, 1000 Credits
Fire Gold Ore, Red Petal, Mysterious Halo, 1000 Credits
Ice Data Crystal, Bloody Boomerang, White Pigment, 1000 Credits
Lightning Gold Ore, Meow Claws, Yellow Pigment, 1000 Credits
Normal (Left) Mysterious Halo, Data Crystal, Pink Ribbon, 1000 Credits
Normal (Right) Blue Ribbon, Refresh Herb, Stinky Mud, 1000 Credits

Defeat Ryuka!

Mode Rewards
1st Simulation
2nd Simulation+ Chip Red Lv.4: Adventure, Wolf Fur x10, Strangled Lump x10, 30000 Credits
Chests Contents
Galaxy Badge, Magic Stone, Jet-black Scale, 1000 Credits
Orichalcum, Heat Cloth, Fierodite, 1000 Credits
Orichalcum, Homesick Feeling, Penguin Tailfeather, 1000 Credits
Fierodite, Venomous Spider Web, Wolf Pelt, 1000 Credits
Plump Dogoo, Refresh Herb, Red Petal, 1000 Credits
Illegal Memory, Refresh Herb, Blue Petal, 1000 Credits

Defeat Blossom!

Mode Rewards
1st Simulation Plan: Requiem (Weapon Vert), Wind Crystal lvl.3, Bronze Birdcrown x5, 30000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Thick Beak x2, Strong Wood x5, Bronze Birdcrown x5, 30000 Credits
Chests Contents
Wind (Right) Wind Crystal Lv.2, Yellow Petal, Gang Mask, 1000 Credits
Wind (Left) Storm Stone, World Tree Leaf, Yellow Block, 1000 Credits
Ice (Right) Frostimadite, Penguin Web, Ice Skeleton, 1000 Credits
Ice (Left) Ice Crystal Lv.2, Frostimadite, Ice Skeleton, 1000 Credits
Lightning Lightning Crystal Lv.2, New Magic Dampener, Silver Birdcrown, 1000 Credits
Fire Fire Crystal Lv.2, Red Petal, Magic Dampener, 1000 Credits

Defeat Team Planeptune!

Mode Rewards
Story External HDD (Disc), Plan: Exuberant Fragment, Cord Bracelet, 45000 Credits
1st Simulation Large USB (Disc), Plan: Unbranded Katana (Weapon Neptune), Lightning Crystal lvl.3, 45000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Ice Crystal x2, Magic Stone x5, Iron Shell x2, 45000 Credits
Chests Contents
Fire Chip Blue Lv. 4: Moe, Rainbow Petal, Earth Crysta, 1000 Credits
Ice Chip Blue Lv. 2: Kuudere, Dancing Controller, Poisonous Petal, 1000 Credits
Normal (Left) Herb, Dot Antenna, Illegal ROM, 1000 Credits
Normal (Right) Bloody Boomerang, Healing Herb, Magical Core, 1000 Credits
Normal (Top Left) Phantom Wing, Yellow Petal, Yellow Ribbon, 1000 Credits
Normal (Top Right) Tulip Stamen, Data Crystal, File Crystal, 1000 Credits


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