Below is a list of missions in Chapter 6 of Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart

Story Missions

Protect Saori!

Mode Rewards
Story Plan: Angel Wings, Item: Horsebird Sashimi, Chip Red Lv. 3: Love, 38000 Credits
1st Simulation Plan: Power Hammer (Weapon Blanc), Fine Horse Hide x3, AG System, 38000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Venomous Cloth x2, Fine Horse Hide x5, AG System x3, 38000 Credits
Chests Contents
Fire Chip Blue Lv. 3: Bespectacled Beauty, Flamin' Bone, Fierodite, 1000 Credits
Ice Thick Beak, Gelid Stone, Sharp Fang, 1000 Credits
Normal (Left) Unexploded Shell, Orange Petal, Chip Red Lv. 2: No One Wins, 1000 Credits
Normal (Right) Chip Blue Lv. 5: All-Star, Youth Heart, Hoodlum Mask, 1000 Credits

Infiltrate The Fort! (Part 1)

Mode Rewards
Story Plan: Healing Rain, Acc.: Silver Bracelet, Chip Blue Lv. 4: Robot, 40000 Credits
1st Simulation Magical Fragment x3, UFO Controller x3, Jet-black Scale x1, 40000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Magical Fragment x5, UFO Controller x5, Jet-black Scale x2, 40000 Credits
Chests Contents
Wind AGI Booster Z, Fancy Jelly, Buff Stone, 10000 Credits
Ice INT Booster Z, Chip Yellow Lv. 4: Puzzle/Logic, Fancy Jell, 10000 Credits
Lightning (Left) Blazing Ore, Sharp Fang, Refresh Herb, 10000 Credits
Lightning (Right) Mysterious Red Ball, Refresh Herb, Plumindigo Piece, 10000 Credits

Defeat Generia! (Part 2)

Mode Rewards
Story Plan: Superior Spear (Weapon Vert), Plan: Exuberant Lump, Acc.: Silver Armlet, 40000 Credits
1st Simulation Orichalcum x3, Gold Ore x5, Magic Stone x5, 40000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Gold Ore x10, Energy Pack x10, Orichalcum x10, 40000 Credits
Chests Contents
Normal STR Booster Z, Red Petal, Red Seed, 10000 Credits

Defeat Wyn!

Mode Rewards
Story Plan: Esperance (Weapon Neptune), Plan: Panacea, Chip Red Lv. 2: For Kids, 55000 Credits
1st Simulation Silver Ore x5, Cutekitty Claws x5, Earth Crystal, 55000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Silver Ore x10, Cutekitty Claws x10, Earth Crystal x3, 55000 Credits
Chests Contents
Normal (Top Left) Hero Drink C, Yellow Petal, Mysterious Halo, 10000 Credits
Normal (Top Right) Nep Bull C, Blue Petal, Sharp Fang, 10000 Credits
Normal (Bottom Left) Aging Romanticism, Chip Yellow Lv. 4: Soccer, Lost Ribbon, 10000 Credits
Normal (Bottom Right) Hero Drink C, Chip Red Lv. 4: Learn by Dying, Mysterious Halo, 10000 Credits

Defeat Lady Wac!

Mode Rewards
Story NO Disc (Disc), Plan: The Celebrity 1, Chip Blue Lv. 4: Silhouette, 57500 Credits
1st Simulation Aging Romanticism x3, Memory of That Day x3, Water Crystal, 57500 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Aging Romanticism x10, Memory of That Day x10, Water Crystal x3, 57500 Credits
Chests Contents
Normal Chip Yellow Lv. 1: RPG, Chip Blue Lv. 2: Fantasy, Chip Red Lv. 1: Orthodox, 0000 Credits
Ice Ice Crystal Lv. 3, New Magic Dampener, Magical Contract, 10000 Credits
Fire Fire Crystal Lv. 3, Red Petal, Sharp Fang, 10000 Credits
Wind Wind Crystal Lv.3, Magical Fragment, Alloy Plate, 10000 Credits

Defeat Saori!

Mode Rewards
Story Plan: Royal Bracelet, Plan: Royal Armlet, Plan: The Celebrity 2, 62500 Credits
1st Simulation Plan: Cube Hammer (Weapon Blanc), Plan: Advanced Blade (Weapon Noire), Ancient Shell x3, 62500 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Amazing Jelly, Ancient Shell x5, Crystal Skull x10, 62500 Credits
Chests Contents
Lightning Negative Bark, Yellow Petal, Cutekitty Claws, 10000 Credits
Ice Shampuru Paw, Yellow Helmet, Buff Stone, 10000 Credits
Fire Matango's Spores, Orichalcum, Cutekitty Claws, 10000 Credits
Wind Negative Root, Yellow Helmet, Alloy Plate, 10000 Credits


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