Below is a list of missions in Chapter 7 of Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart

Story Missions

Defeat the Zombie Horde! (Part 1)

Mode Rewards
Story Plan: Super Panacea, Plan: Nep Bull EX, Chip Blue Lv. 4: Zombie, 52000 Credits
1st Simulation Fire Crystal Lv.4, Magic Dampener x3, Old Man's Pathos, 52000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Megaton Shell x3, Magic Dampener x10, Old Man's Pathos x3, 52000 Credits
Chests Contents
Lightning (Left) Fake Circuit, Yellow Orb…Thing, Hobby Soul, 10000 Credits
Lightning (Right) Lost Ribbon, Yellow Ribbon, Magical Contract, 10000 Credits
Fire (Left) Black Box Set, Magical Core, Illegal RAM, 10000 Credits
Fire (Middle) Phantom Wing, Red Petal, Cool Boxbird Wing, 10000 Credits
Wind Unexploded Shell, Refresh Herb, Mysterious Halo, 10000 Credits
Ice Homesick Feeling, World Tree Leaf, Wolf Fur, 10000 Credits

Obtain the Vaccine! (Part 2)

Mode Rewards
Story Dual Layer VDD-ROM (Disc), Plan: Healing Field, Pearl Bracelet, 54000 Credits
1st Simulation Red Light Disc (Disc), Plan: Trapezohedron, Wind Crystal Lv.4, 54000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Chip Red Lv.5: Harem, Strangled Lump x10, Hobby Soul x3, 54000 Credits
Chests Contents
Lightning (Left) Venom Ribbon, Yellow Petal, Wolf Fur, 10000 Credits
Lightning (Right) Illegal RAM, Refresh Herb, Mysterious Halo, 10000 Credits
Fire (Left) Buff Stone, Red Petal, Lava Stone, 10000 Credits
Fire (Middle) Venomous Spider Web, Coin Fragment, Plumindigo Piece, 10000 Credits
Wind Venomous Cloth, Fire Crystal, Fine Horse Hide, 10000 Credits
Ice Illegal SSD, Magical Core, Aging Romanticism, 10000 Credits

Destroy the Crystal!

Mode Rewards
Story SD Media Card (Disc), Plan: Real Angel Wings, Plan: Feather Ring, 70000 Credits
1st Simulation Terabyte Disc (Disc), Ice Crystal Lv.4, Cool Boxbird Wing, 70000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Chip Red Lv. 5: Worldwide, New Magic Dampener x10, Cool Boxbird Wing x2, 70000 Credits
Chests Contents
Normal (Left) Fine Horse Hide, Blue Petal, Super Hard Scale, 10000 Credits
Normal (Right) Gold Ore, World Tree Leaf, Giant Crab Pincer, 10000 Credits

Defeat Rain and Neptune!

Mode Rewards
Story Plan: Healing Light, Plan: Demon Blade Rain, Plan: Nep Bull EX-II, 75000 Credits
1st Simulation External SDD (Disc), Plan: Rune Anklet, Lightning Crystal Lv.4, 75000 Credits
2nd Simulation+ Chip Red Lv. 5: Console Bundle, Magical Fragment x10, Fire Crystal x5, 75000 Credits
Chests Contents
Normal (Left) Gold Ore, Refresh Herb, Yellow Orb…Thing, 10000 Credits
Normal (Right) Fire Crystal, Magical Core, Refesh Herb, 10000 Credits


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