Lilly Boost

If ally characters are placed adjacent to one another during battle, Lily Boost will activate when you use a Skill or a Special Move. When allies peck a friend on the cheek, the damage dealt through Skills or Special Moves increase while also decreasing the cost to use them!

Lilly Points

When a Lily Boost is activated, you will receive Lily Points (LP)! LP is necessary to activate HDD or use Special Moves—two important factors in winning battles!

Goddess Form

The CPUs, including Noire, can activate HDD by spending 30 Lily Points!

Lilly Rank

As you continue to activate Lily Boost, the Lily Rank between characters will rise. When the Lily Rank reaches a certain threshold, sub-events may become available!

Status Changes

In battle, the status changes when you're hit by certain enemy attacks.

  • Love: Becoming infatued with everyone, cures friend or foe with items regardless of their HP
  • Zombie Form: Attack power raises, but losing sanity, allies are attacked as well.
  • Dot Form: Becoming nimble, movement increases. However, the defense power gets a noticeable drop.
  • Frightened: Becoming apparently frightnened of enemies, and ends up unable to execute counters.
  • Meganekko (Girl with glasses): Changes appearance, wearing glasses. The accuracy rate of long range attacks increases.
  • Tofu: Assuming the form of a tofu, Evasion is increased. However, defense power gets a noticeable drop.


Objects that can be used as transportation devices,things that if used skillfully can damage enemies. Various gimmicks are present on the map. Understand each feature, lead the battle to favorable conditions!

  • Rail Car: Moves by pressing the relevant switch and can transport to another point of the map.
  • Blazing Floor: Receive damage from the flames erupting below. Be sure to avoid stepping on it.
  • Laser Beam Cannon: Units that pass on the marked floors, activate a straight line high powered laser beam.
  • Moving Floors: Stepping on them makes them move automatically. Please look forward to where you'll end up?

Sim Noire

It's a system in which Noire's secretary (the hero) can strengthen lonely Noire's private life.

  • Rearrangement and remodeling of the room
Renovation plans and furniture can be purchased in shops using collected "Sim Points". The type of furniture that can be bought rises as the grade of the room rises.
  • Let Noire grant people requests
It's possible to tell Noire about people requests. During listening to people requests you have to pick a choice between three. There are also events. It's possible to raise Noire's credibility by selecting certain choices that appear.
  • Going out
Starting only with Supermarkets and gyudon shops. As the "level" rises, she can go to stylish shops and sweets shops she used to go to alone. Once the level reaches maximum, they can be called a friend.
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