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This page lists all nine scenarios in Hyperdimension Neptunia. Each summary will be under the scenario name and where it takes place.



Purple Heart and the other CPUs battle in Celestia for the title of True Goddess. Due to the fight having waged on for thousands of generations, the goddesses find themselves at a stalemate. In order to change the tied of their war, Green Heart proposes that instead of trying to defeat the person whom they despise the most, they should defeat the person most difficult to fight.

Green Heart, Black Heart, and White Heart all set their sights on Purple Heart, choosing her to be the signal of the end of the Console War. The three of them gang up on Purple Heart and use their combined powers to defeat her. After this, they throw her off of Celestia and down to the human world below.

Purple Heart, now in her human form Neptune, hears the call of Histoire who states that she is a tome and is reaching out to Neptune for a favor. When Neptune asks how Histoire knows her name, she states that she stands for the world's everything and that the world is her everything, so there is nothing she doesn't know. She also states that she created Neptune and the other three CPUs with the former goddess, though it was dire error. Histoire begs for Neptune to help her, saying she only wishes to end the tragedy caused by her own mistake.



Neptune is awakened by the sound of an alarm clock. It is then she meets a nurse-in-training by the name of Compa who explains that she carried Neptune back to her apartment after she fell from the sky and pierced the ground like a spear. Neptune and Compa introduce themselves and Neptune receives the nickname 'Nep-Nep.' With Neptune being injured from the fall, Compa volunteers to bandage her up but does it far too tight which makes Neptune decide to do it herself instead.

After getting bandaged up, Neptune asks where she is. Compa tells her that they're in the central city of Planeptune. Neptune also brings up the world below to which Compa explains that Planeptune is one of the major landmasses beneath Celestia. Neptune inquires more about the landmasses, and Compa states that there are four floating around that sometimes come close to one another and dirft away.

When Neptune says she doesn't remember anything regarding the information given to her, Compa deduces that Neptune has amnesia. Neptune asks if there is medication for it, but Compa says no since amnesia is usually a temporary thing so Neptune will begin to recall things eventually. She also says that Neptune should get some sleep, take it easy, and that she'll be better in no time. Compa's words make Neptune recall her conversation with Histoire and she remembers her call for help.

Compa mentions the rising monster attacks in Planeptune and the other lands which leads to Neptune concluding that there is a boss generating the monsters somewhere. She decides to go out and find the source so she can save the world. Compa agrees to help her, saying that it would be impolite of her only save the injured and not those being threatened by monsters.

Using Dungle Maps, Compa and Neptune find a dungeon with weak monsters, and Compa explains more about the world and its goddesses. As they make it to the end of the tutorial, Neptune learns how to transform and reverts shortly after beating the boss. Histoire contacts Neptune, and Neptune states that she found something 'weird and shiny' just now.

Histoire explains that the item found by the two of them is in fact a Key Fragment, which is needed to release her from the seal. There is one on each landmass, each guarded by a strong adversary which must be defeated in order to obtain the fragment. Neptune is reluctant to help at first, wanting to save the world more than just a single person. However, when Histoire says that saving her is tantamount to saving the world and gives her a motivational speech to boost her drive, Neptune willingly goes off.

The First Dungeon!


Neptune wants to go off to the next landmass since they've already obtained the Planeptune Key Fragment, but Compa says they can't leave while people still need help. Instead of leaving right away, the two of them head to another dungeon to deal with a Sand Worm monster. In the dungeon, Neptune bumps into a girl named IF who states that she is there to deal with the monster in the dungeon as requested by the Basilicom. Neptune convinces IF to join up with them so that they can conquer the dungeon together.

After defeating the monster, Neptune and Compa explain the situation regarding the Key Fragments and Histoire to IF. While skeptical at first, IF decides to join them on their journey due to feeling that the world would be doomed if left up to the two of them. In order for them to travel to other landmasses, they must receive a Terraportation permit. The girls head to the Basilicom to signup for Terraportation. While signing up, Neptune asks the man assisting her more about Basilicoms and receives a brief history lesson about the creation and purpose of Basilicoms.


The girls arrive to the Sky Harbor and Neptune is amazed at how the ground is split, questioning if it happened during some great war from long, long ago. As she goes off on a tangent, IF questions what she's babbling about. Compa tells her to be patient since Neptune really doesn't remember anything.

IF inquires on how long Compa and Neptune have known each other. Compa answers by saying they've only been together for a few days, explaining how she found Neptune in the ground and treated her wounds. IF is surprised, not believing that 'Neptunes grow out of the ground' in Planeptune. Compa clarifies, saying that Neptune fell from the sky and got stuck after. IF addresses the fact of Compa calling her miss all the time, stating that she doesn't need to be so formal, but doesn't like Neptune being overly friendly with her.

Compa explains to Neptune that they're in the Sky Harbor area, where two landmasses come into contact with one another. IF further explains, saying that they use a bridge to cross over to the other landmass, and that they needed the Basilicom's permit to get the bridge lowered so they can use it at any time.

Find The Key Fragments!


As the trio arrives to Lastation, the first thing they do is head to the Basilicom to gather information on monsters. However, one of the Basilicom moderators rudely turns them away. Having no other choice, the girls start to collect information in town, taking on miscellaneous bounty hunting jobs. They end up working for a woman by the name of Chian who runs one of the smaller factories, callled Passe, that are affected by the monopolizing conglomerate known as Avenir.

During their time in Lastation they begin to help Chian prepare for the Technology Expo so that they can meet with the Goddess of that land and strike up a negotiation regarding Avenir as well as asking for information regarding the Key Fragment. However, in the midst of preparing for the Expo, a public broadcast from the Basilicom states that it has been canceled.

Unsure of what to do next, the party continues their search for the Key Fragment and continue taking other jobs. They run into Black Heart who claims to be looking for Neptune. She attacks Neptune and her friends with hesitation, but loses. She states that she will crush her next time, before fleeing. This leaves the girls to question what exactly Neptune did to her before she lost her memory.

The search for the Key Fragment resumes, and the party decides to search for a Heretic to gain more information regarding the Lastation Basilicom. When they meet with him they all learn of Overlord Momus who is supposedly stronger than the Goddesses. Neptune is contacted by Histoire shortly after this, and is told to be wary of Arfoire who has become aware of her existence and will be coming for her soon. IF deduces that there is a possibility that Overlord momus and Arfoire are the same person.

Chian gets over the debilitating news about the canceled Expo and asks for the party to deliver some materials from a shop. They meet a man named Chevre, who is an old friend of Chian's. He claims that Avenir is under the direct protection of the Parliament due to Avenir holding the biggest market on Lastation which allows the Parliament to do whatever they want due to needing the votes of the people in order to execute an order. This gives the party a reason to focus on Avenir more.

As requested by Avenir, the party journeys to a dungeon where an Avenir employee is said to be. They meet a man named Ganache who is their target of rescue. From him, they learn that the Expo is still going on as it normally does, and says that Avenir plans to display is something that has been in the preparation stages for three years.

The girls encounter Black Heart for a second time and are attacked. They manage to defeat her, but she flees without giving any information on Neptune's past. Neptune lets her get away due to be tired after their battle, and the group heads back to Chian's restaurant to hear the details of the Expo being reopened on the radio. They learn that the Expo will be under Parliament sponsorship, and when they tell Chian that Avenir has been in the preparation stages for Expo for three years even though the theme was just decided the year of the Expo, Chian comes to the conclusion that Avenir forced the decision for the theme to be weaponry.

Meanwhile, Lady Black Heart meets with Ganache, locking everyone else from the Basilicom out of her room. There they discuss an ambiguous plan to deal with Neptune. Few jobs reach the factories of Lastation due to Avenir's monopolization. The party continues to do work around Lastation and eventually encounter Black Heart for a third time and face off against her.

The party defeats her yet again and before she flees she states that the entire landmass will eventually assault Neptune. Neptune chases after to her, to see if she can ask her everything about her past but ends up encountering Noire (Black Heart's human form). Neptune sees that she's injured and takes her back into town with her. Compa treats her wounds and they ask her where she comes from. Noire claims to have amnesia and that she doesn't remember where she came from. They decide to let her stay with them until she remembers something.

During their time together, Neptune forms a bond with Noire and the two become friendly with one another. However, the next day Noire leaves without a word, leaving only a note saying that she has recovered her memories. Neptune is saddened by this, upset at having lost her 'amnesiac best buddy.' The party heads to Chian's restaurant upon receiving another request from her. Chian requests for them to work at at her booth during the Expo since they're showcasing weaponry. She then lends Neptune to test model for her weapon to find anything that needs improvement.

The girls receive another request from Avenir, one of their regular clients. They find a familiar face, Ganche, waiting for them at their job site. He requests for the trio to collect some important materials stored away within the facility. As they enter the facility, Ganache locks them inside to be eaten by the monsters. He tells them that building will explode in a few minutes so the trio makes haste to find another way out.

They manage to escape and are about to head to Chian's place until Chian herself comes and tells them that Avenir's robots have invaded her factory. They rush to Chian's shop and see that everything has been ruined. After they deal with the threat, Chian takes back the test model in order to add some modifications. The group brainstorms a way to defy Avenir as Chian takes care of Expo Preparations. They head out to locate heretics purged, or exiled, by the Basilicom's Sanctuary. They find a Heretic in a dungeon who tells them that the sanctuary relocated to Colline, where the old Basilicom used to be.

When they girls arrive to the old Basilicom, they are greeted by one of the Sanctified and discuss a way to expose the Parliament and Avenir's connection. To obtain the bio-hardware developed by Avenir which could serve as proof to their connection, the trio backtracks to one of places they preformed work for Avenir. They end up seeing Ganache who claims to be questioning the motives of the company and wishes to help them take Avenir down. He also requests to see the Sanctified in the old Basilicom so he can explain everything to them.

One of the Sanctified visits the girls in Chian's restaurant to inform them that Ganache has told them everything and has even given them the hardware they needed. He also states that they will require the party's help on the day of the raid. On the day of the Expo, the party prepares to raid Avenir's headquarters. It was expected they wouldn't have a large defensive force, but find it to be brimming with enemies.

They make their way through a giant work area/storage place that leads to the president's room. When they arrive they are surprised to see Ganache there instead of Singe, who was their primary target. Ganache informs them that the foundation of Avenir was all just one big plot in order to defeat Neptune and that the weapon Avenir has developed for the Expo is not only meant to take down Neptune, but will also do something regrettable if they do not make it in time. When they arrive, the Expo site is unexpectedly silent. They find the giant robot developed by Avenir along with Chian and Singe. Chian gives Neptune the completed Mech Sword Armas to use against Avenir's machine to display what it can do. They win, and Black Heart appears soon after to thank me before leaving. Neptune, Compa, and IF help Chian clean up the damage caused by the fight and call the Basilicom.

Everyone heads to the Basilicom where they were personally invited by the CPU. They are surprised to see that the guardian goddess of Lastation is in fact Noire, the injured girl they met before. She gives them information regarding where they may find the Lastation Key Fragment and the girls quickly head out to location described by her. They encounter Black Heart who states that this is her last attempt to finish Neptune off before she leaves Lastation. When she is defeated, Purple Heart says that next time they meet, they can fight one on one. Black Heart says it isn't over and that she'll pay her back someday before leaving. After defeating the Guard Vermin and obtaining the Lastation Key Fragment, the girls are finally able to leave Lastation and make their way to the next land.


The girls go to a Basilicom to ask about monsters. However, they are redirected to the Central Basilicom, Entemets, and receive a map that shows them how to get there. In order to get to Entremets, travelers must proceed through the Dis Snow Forest which serves as the forest protecting the Central Basilicom.

When they arrive to the Basilicom to ask the CPU, Blanc, about strong monsters and Key Fragments they are rudely kicked out by her. Conversation arrives not too long after and gives Blanc a lecture on how her behavior is unbecoming of a Goddess. After receiving a list of all Lowee's monster-infested dungeons from White Heart's Chamberlain, Finacier, Lowee's Evangelist greets the trio. She mentions the existence of Overlord Momus who I rumored to be stronger than the Goddess. She claims that the monsters are Overlord Momus' vassals and that defeating them will lead to punishment.

The party treks a to a dungeon mentioned by Financier, White Heart's loyal chamberlain. They encounter White Heart and are attacked. They manage to defeat her, and White Heart flees immediately after. Neptune questions why White Heart was after her, not being able to recall ever meeting her before.

No matter the number of the powerful foes they defeat, no clue on the Key Fragment surfaces. They head back to the Basilicom, however they are turned away by Financier who tell them that their Goddess is not seeing any guests today. After the girls leave, IF exposes herself as a member of the guild. Shortly after, Financier arrives and is revealed to also be a Guild member. Finacier explains the history behind the Guild's creation and Guild City. She then reveals a pathway connecting the Central Basilicom to Guild City. The party checks the entrance, but of course, things are never so simple. The tunnels are file with monsters due to tunnels never having been used. This requires the trio to fight them as they proceed through.

Neptune and the others make it into Entremets without a hitch and Blanc decides to hear her out, telling Financier to take Compa and IF away. Neptune asks her about the Key Fragment again and Blanc yells at her, saying she has no intention to tell her anything, even if she did know something. When Blanc comes to the realization that Neptune really has lost her memories, her attitude changes entirely and tells Neptune to write her questions on a piece of paper and give them to Finacier so she can write back later.

The Group visits another town to annihilate some monsters. According to IF, the town is a city ruled by Guild Extremists. IF teaches them about Guild Moderatists and Guild Extremists before the Extemist representative explains the details of their job. The then team gets a bounty request from Lowee's Central Basilicom. The party heads to a forest where a Troll has taken residence. They encounter White Heart who attacks them for a second time. Naturally, Neptune and her party defeats her and she flees immediately after.

A townsperson submits a bounty request. This time, the target is a Gold Dragon holed up in a tower. When inside they meet a Heretic who mistakes them for the Overlord's Messenger. When they clarify that they're just there to defeat monsters, he says the Overlord's messenger will arrive and deliver punishment to them all. They find one of his discs and accidentally break it, causing a monster to come out. While they are occupied fighting the monster, the heretic runs away.

While the party continues to fight monsters, they are confronted by Arfoire who claims to be the Overlord's Messenger. They are attacked by her but manage to defeat her. Arfoire runs away immediately after.

The party encounters White Heart once more and are attacked yet again, however this time the capture her and try to ask her questions about Neptune's past, however she manages escape without telling them anything. White Heart reverts back to human form, Blanc, after the battle and is found by Neptune and the others. She is mistaken for a lost girl and they take her back to town with them.

Back in town, they take Blanc back to the inn with them where she refuses to speak. IF suggests that Neptune take Blanc outside for a little walk to loosen her up. The two of them go to a crepe shop and have a conversation. Blanc tells Neptune shouldn't try to get her memories back because it would be better for everyone.

Monsters continue to mercilessly ravage the land of Lowee. IF tells Blanc she can stay in the inn or go home whenever she wants before they head out to the new dungeon. White Heart before before them again and initiates them in combat. After her defeat, instead of trying to press her for information regarding her past, Neptune says she doesn't want to know and White Heart calls her a coward, saying the reason she doesn't want to know anything is because she's scared.

Meanwhile. Some Guild Extremists resort to violence when their faith is questioned. They hide in Lowee's shadows and plot to take down the Basilicom. Arfoire pays Ganache, the head of the Lastation Extremist Guild, a visit and says she wishes for them to attack the Basilicom under her direct command. While skeptical of her at first, but Arfoire convinces him to place his trust in her as she can supposedly lead them to victory.

Back at the Inn, Compa announces that a monster that appeared out of nowhere is attacking town. The girls head out to the place where the monster is located and make quick work of it. Compa notices a heretic near the site of the monster raid inside of town. The team creates a tentative connection between the monsters and heretics.

The girls track the Heretic down and interrogate him about the discs that contain monsters in them, however due to Neptune's carelessness they find themselves trapped inside a disc themselves. They find a monster inside the disc and defeat, thus freeing themselves. The heretic admits defeat and reveals the monster's source, the monster discs handed out by the Overlord's Messenger. No information regarding the Key Fragment is found. After, they discuss their next course of action. With the Messenger being the source of the monster discs, they decide to deal with the Messenger directly.

Meanwhile, an unexpected visitor surprises the party. Financier comes to the inn where Neptune, Compa, and IF are staying. She requests their help in calming down the goddess. She says that one of the Guild members have found out that the Extremists are planning to raid Entremets, but Financier is afraid to tell the Goddess about it because she might find out she's a Guild member. Financier leads the party to the underground tunnel so that they can hurry to the Basilicom.

When they arrive, Purple Heart is surprised to see that Blanc is the Goddess of Lowee and tries to convince her to leave. Finacier informs Blanc that the Extremists are raiding the Basilicom and that the Overlord's Messenger is among them. However due to Blanc's stubbornness, they resort to taking her against her will. Everyone secretly moves Blanc out of the Basilicom, but their movements were already taken into account by their foes. The return to the underground path, leaving the CPU at the inn. In order to stop the source of the monsters, the party writes threatening letters to lure out the Overlord's Messenger. Each writes their own, hoping one will strike a nerve. Their plan is successful and Arfoire pays them a visit. The party fights her and wins, thus concluding the issue.

The group is suddenly invited to Lowee's Basilicom by Blanc. She thanks them for their efforts and states that the Extremists scattered and ran after the Messenger was defeated. She also tells them location of Lowee Key Fragment. They head to the place described by Blanc and defeat the Guard Vermin guarding the Key Fragment. Neptune questions if Compa's school has opened up again since they've been traveling, but IF checks in with a Guild member who says none of the schools have been opened back up yet, thus putting Compa's fears to rest.


Following Histoire's advice that Key Fragments are guarded by powerful monsters, the party first heads ot Leanbox's Basilicom. They meet an Lowee Evangelist by the name of Conversation, who claims to travel around and spread the word of their CPU. They also meet Yvoire, the Archbishop who gives them a detailed map that has monster territories marked. While the map is certainly detailed, it tells them nothing about the monster's strength. The girls head back to the Basilicom to gather more information. Yvoire gives them a military map and says that the Basilicom may ask for their assitance formally sometime soon.

At night, Yvoire meets with Conversation and she informs him on the Console War in Celestia. She tells him that Celestia was severely razed by Overlord Momus and that the Goddesses came to the human world to escape him. She tells him to kill Neptune to cease the protection for Planeptune which will ultimately cause the inhabitants to migrate to other lands and convert.

Yvoire pays Neptune a visit at the inn she and the others are staying in. He gives her an invitation from Lady Green Heart to a banquet party. At the party, Yvoire pulls IF to the side and tries to convince her to kill Neptune by saying she'll be granted official membership as a citizen of Leanbox and will no longer be branded a heretic, freely able to proudly worship Green Heart.

IF demands proof that killing Neptune is truly what Leanbox's CPU wants. Yvoire states that he'll organize a meeting for IF to meet the goddess. When she meets with her, Vert is very friendly with her and tells IF she does not need to address her so formally. The two of them play games together and Vert even calls her by her nickname, Iffy.

In exchange for her meeting with the CPU, IF is given a vial of poison. Not able to comprehend the complicated emotions troubling IF, Neptune thinks all is well. IF can't bring herself to poison Neptune, but Yvoire takes action and poison's her himself by sneaking poison into the food delivered by the innkeeper. He then locks all three of them up in the Leanbox Basilicom's holding cell, however they are rescued by a mysterious man while Neptune remains unconscious from the poison coursing through her veins.

He introduces himself as Jade, one of the aristocrats of Leanbox. When asked why he helped, he states that he only aided them because he felt bad for them. He also mentions that the aristocrats are plotting a coup-d'etat against the Sanctuary to he Basilicom. With Neptune still being unconscious from the poison, Jade tells IF and Compa about the recipe for an antidote.

IF and Compa go out and collect the necessary ingredients for the antidote while Jade watches over Neptune. Compa and IF struggle without Neptune in the party. While the others are making the antidote, Neptune has another dream about a conversation between Arfoire and Histoire regarding the Key Fragments and Histoire contacting the CPUs. Just as Arfoire says she's going to silence Histoire's useless mouth for not telling her anything, Neptune wakes up.

Turquoise, Jade's father and leader of the Aristocrats, meets with them. IF asks again why Jade helped them. Turquoise states that he wants them to be their sexy mascot allies to fight against the Basilicom Sanctuary. The girls refuse, so Turquoise offers they help by fighting monsters instead. The crew ends up agreeing to help the Aristocrats regarding monster bounty quests. The Aristocrat leader eventually gathers them up for a meeting. The Aristocrat leader requests for the girls to clear out a very old trading route rife with monsters so that they can use it to transport weaponry out of the Basilicom's view.

When the girls return to the manor, Purple Heart speaks with Jade about the pathway they intend to use to transport weaponry. Jade shows her a weapon manufactured by Avenir, and Purple Heart states that she remembers Basilicom prohibiting trade between landmasses, since the standards vary greatly between them. Purple Heart express concern for his for his actions, believing that something such as this cannot be overlooked. However Jade states that if she intends to interfere that he will do as he pleases.

The trio receives another invitation form the Basilicom. This time, it is the Leanbox CPU herself, who wishes to apologize for the poisoning debacle. IF asks for information regarding the Key Fragment, Vert directs them to the Evangelist, Conversation. She says that she knows nothing of the Key Fragment, but tells them of a strange dungeon she had passed earlier. She even shows them the way. However, the Evangelist ends up sealing them inside, leaving them to find another way out.

Enraged by the Evangelist's actions, the group returns to the Basilicom. However, they encounter Green Heart who states that Conversation told her that the poisoning incident was all their own act. She believes that their goal was to bring down the Basilicom by spreading a story about being poisoned by them. She engages them in battle and leaves after being defeated by them.

Vert comes to visit Neptune at the inn. During their conversation, Vert realizes that Neptune has lost her memory. Vert also addresses the matter of them assisting the Aristocrats in taking down the Basilicom. The trio explains their side of the story, and also mention Conversation trapped them in the dungeon. This leads to Vert deciding to assist them in investigating the matter.

Through Vert's research, the party learns the Evangelist is heading toward a dungeon where someone else is waiting. Conversation meets with Jade to discuss taking down the Basilicom, and Jade reveals his plan to raid the Aristocrat mansion. The team parts with Vert and goes to meet with the Aristocrat leader to warn him. They tell him that Jade is a member of the Guild and is using the Aristocrats to raid the Basilicom. While Turquoise is skeptical at first, their claims are confirmed first hand when the house is raided.

Jade finally reveals the reasoning behind his actions and the true nature behind the Basilicom Schism. Jade runs off off after a sudden epiphany. The party rushes to catch up with him. He meets up with Arfoire, believing her to be the Evangelists replacement, and is struck down just as the girls catch up to him. His final words to Neptune are that he does not worship Green Heart but rather is into girls like White Heart. Neptune hits Jade, finishing him off for ruining the moment.

Right before the trio initiate Arfoire in battle, Neptune realizes that she was Conversation all along. She reveals that she was the one pulling the strings behind the imminent war between the Basilicom and the Aristocrats. Once they deal with her, the party makes their way to the Basilicom only to find it as a battle ground. Vert arrives and orders the battle to stop. She then requests for them to deal with Conversation.

The trio manages to find her and she claims to have been waiting for them. Arfoire takes the initiative and attacks them because they know who Conversation is. Naturally they win, but Arfoire states that she'll come back time and time again before leaving.

After, Vert reflects on her priorities as the battle subsides. Along with the party, she interrogates the Archbishop regarding his objective. He states that everything he did was in the best interest of Lady Green Heart, and she blames herself for not taking her role more seriously as CPU. She then gives Neptune information regarding the Leanbox Key Fragment as thanks for her help.

They head to location where the Key Fragment is located and defeat the Guard Vermin, IF inquires about Histoire and what she looks like. Neptune says they'll see when they free her, but assumes she's probably around their age since she has a cute voice.

Release of Histoire!


Neptune completes the set of Key Fragments, but still receive no word from Histoire. To top it off, the party grows aware of one major issue. They have no idea what they are supposed to do upon collecting all the Fragments, and also have no idea where she even is. Histoire finally contacts Neptune and tells her that that Key Fragments will respond as they come closer to where she is being held.

The girls make their way to an ancient ruin dedicated to an unknown Goddess who's not Purple Heart, Black Heart, Green Heart, or White Heart. It is there they find Histoire and put the Key Fragments together, thus freeing her from the seal. Histoire explains that Overlord Momus was a fabrication of Arfoire and that the Arfoire's that they had defeated were all mirrors of her true self.

Before explaining anymore, the trio takes Histoire to a more comfortable place. She explains more about what she is and her purpose regarding the Goddesses and Celestia. She then states that Arfoire is the former goddess and that she wishes to destroy the world. With the Goddesses having vacated Celestia, Arfoire has taken the opportunity to control it. In order to increase their chances of being able to defeat Arfoire, Histoire suggests they enlist the aid of the other Goddesses. She also reveals that Neptune is the CPU of Planeptune.

With Celestia being a land where only the Goddesses may reside, Histoire suggests a unique plan that will allow Compa and IF to go too. She informs them of a locked path to Celestia used by four heroes from the human realm who traversed it to defeat a goddess who had tried to take over the world. They used their weapons to act as keys for unlocking the path. In order to open it, the girls are sent on another fetch quest to obtain the four weapons.

The Path to Celestia


Planeptune's weapon is inside a cave. Following Histoire's words, the party heads to a cave. However, instead of the weapon, they discover a monster in possession of only one of the parts of the Trinity Blade, the grip. Upon his defeat, the monster informs them that another part of the Trinity Blade can be found at Planeptune's Sky Habor.

When they arrive, the team stand absent-mindedly at the Sky Harbor, the edge of a landmass. They have no idea where to start looking for the second part of the Trinity Blade until one of the Sanctified comes and gives the cross-guard of the sword, which had been found while they were repairing the Sky Harbor. The Sanctified states that the parts to Yuzusuki's Trinity Blade must be in places where he spent his last years.

The girls head to an underground cave where Yuzusuki's grave his located, and when they arrive they see an old man who gives them the blade to Yuzusuki's Trinity Blade. The old man tells them that they need one more part to complete the sword. The pommel. Despite IF's frustration, Compa moves to the beat of her own drum. Thankfully, that leads the teams right to the final piece of their weapon. Compa unknowingly brings the Pommel of the sword back to them after going home to get supplies which allows them to fully assemble Yusuzuki's Trinity Blade.


The group wanders around a wasteland seeking one of the weapons, only to run into a strange bandit in a dungeon. He uses one of Arfoire's discs to send out a monster to attack them, but the girls easily win. Defeated, the bandit gives them the grip to Kuterogi's Dual Barrel Revovler. He tells them that many people at the former Basilicom follow the tales of Kuterogi and that maybe they'll find something there.

The Sanctuary has returned to the city. Everyone finds out the Basilicom is now put to use in a surprising way. It has been turned into an unemployment agency to help those without a job. Compa asks one of the unemployed people there if they've seen a 'big old gun,' and he gives them the Cylinder to the Dual Barrel Revolver. He then tells them to check out the material shop in town to possibly learn what the parts are for.

The party pays a visit to Chevre's shop with the gathered weapon parts to have them identified. Chevre tells them that the parts definitely belong to Kuterogi's Dual Revolver and gives them both the hammer and trigger to the gun. He informs them that the final part of the gun may be in one of Lastation's frontier towns, where he spent the remainder of his life.

Another cave is said to hold the last part of the Dual Revolver. One warrior stands guard over the weapon and greets everyone upon their arrival. She initially mistakes them for thieves, but upon hearing their explanation she gives them the Barrel to the Dual Revolver.

The real Arfoire appears, being well aware of their plan to gather the Quartet Arms to open the path to Celestia. The party faces off against her and end up victorious as always. Upon her defeat she retreats, and the girls resume their search for the Quartet Arms.


The team goes back to Leanbox to find one of the legendary weapons. According to Histoire, it's hidden in a ruin. They encounter a Guild Fugitive who used one of Arfoire's discs to summon a monster that attacks the girls. They win against it and the fugive reveals himself to be in hiding from the Basilicom after the purge. He gives them the Handle of Gheytz's Wisdom Bow in exchange for not telling anyone about his spot. He then tells them where the rest of the pieces are.

The girls travel to the forest where Gheytz shrine is located. They end up meeting a merchant after defeating a monster who unknowingly gives them the Lower Limb to Gheytz's Wisdom Bow. The girls, not knowing it's one of the pieces, takes it and head off to the Aristocrat leader's place to see what the rare item the merchant mentioned is.

Seeking more information, the party visits the Aristocrat's leader. He gives them a warm welcome and shares his knowledge of the legendary weapon. He gives them the string to to Gheytz's Wisdom Bow along with more information on where to possibly find the final part to the bow.

The final part to Gheytz's Wisdom Bow is said to be in a shrine dedicated to him. Neptune accidentally follows a monster all the way to where the shrine is located. They find the Upper Limb of the bow in a glass case on a pedestal, finally assembling all the pieces to Gheytz's Wisdom Bow.


The party heads to Lowee, determined to find the legendary weapon. A snowy forest is where the one of the Quartet Arms is apparently located. They run into a historian who is looking for Miamoato's Trust Spear. He allows them to take whatever they want from his pile of scattered junk, which leads to them finding the butt-spike of the Trust Spear. Upset at the fact he overlooked it, he still gives them information on where they may find another part to the spear.

They head to the Extremist's hideout where they find a Moderatist cleaning up. They ask about the Trust Spear, and she allows them to look around. They end up finding the parrying guard that has the same crest on it as the butt-spike. Before they leave, the Moderatist tells them a story about Miamoato which serves as their next clue.

The trio arrives at a cave in search for a weapon part, but run into a princess who gives them the shaft of Miamoato's Trust Spear in exchange for not telling the 'plumber' she's happily living with another man. They quickly take it and leave right after. They continue the search for the final part of the spear.

As the search for the spearhead continues, they encounter a dinosaur with big round eyes and a spiky green shell who claims to have been Miamoato's partner. The dinosaur gives the spearhead belonging to the Trust Spear which allows them to fully put it together.

True Route

With Histoire in tow, Neptune and the others pay a visit to each of the CPUs in order to gain their support for the battle against Arfoire. However, each of the Goddesses refuse her due to the fact that she doesn't remember her past as a goddess and thus do not see her as an equal. To her despair, Histoire imparts another nugget of truth.

Neptune says she wishes to regain her memories so that the other CPUs will finally listen to her. Histoire repairs Neptune's lost records within the tome which sends Neptune into a state of unconsciousness. It is then she recalls how she and the other CPUs were created and why the Console War was started to begin with.

Neptune regains her memory and, despite Compa and IF's concerns, she seems to handle it well. Meanwhile, another incident strikes the party. Neptune goes missing, leaving nothing more than a letter in her absence. There is an area in Planeptune Neptune use to go to Celestia and back. The location is, of course, top-secret. However, thanks to a Guild Member, IF and Compa manage to find out where she is headed. Histoire concludes that Neptune is going off to fight Arfoire on her own.

When they find her, IF and Compa are forced to take her back by force, fighting her which ultimately leads to Neptune falling unconscious again. While unconscious, Neptune remembers her journey with them and begins to feel as if she's no different than Arfoire. However, Histoire gives her some encouraging words. Neptune wakes up and finds herself back in Compa's room. She apologizes to the two of them and promises that she's back to normal.

The party revisits each of the CPUs to ask for their help yet again. In order to get them on her side, each of them have a one on one battle with Neptune. Upon defeat, the CPUs uphold their word and join Neptune in the final battle against Arfoire.

The Final Battle?!


True Route

With all the CPUs now recruited, the party heads to the land where the Console War began. The Goddesses are all surprised to see a castle in Celestia, due to never having saw it because of how big Celestia is in comparison to the human world. The party chats among themselves until Histoire tells them that Arfoire will laugh at them if they continue to dilly-dally

When the group reaches Arfoire, she greets them with her usual melodramatic laugh. After a few exchange of words between Arfoire and the other CPUs, it is revealed that Arfoire's true intentions are to take Histoire's powers and overwrite herself as the complete being known as the True Goddess. She engages the party in battle and they emerge victorious, however the battle isn't quite over yet.

Before having the chance to plan their next step, they must face one more form. While she was definitely crushed in the first battle, the power of faith she received from those who believe in Overlord Momus helped her to revive. Their fear of the world's end and an absolute ruler acts as her faith and becomes her source of power. The group faces off against her for a second time and win yet again, however this time Arfoire uses her power to become a dragon which leads into the third battle.

After defeating the Dragon Arfoire, the party returns to Planeptune to discuss what they will do about the monsters. Histoire informs them that they can rewrite the tome's records to completely get rid of the monsters in Gamindustri using the Goddesses' combined power. Neptune is hesitant at first, wanting to use her power to get rid of the monsters the right way. However, she eventually gives in and accepts the offer to get rid of the monsters in Planeptune.

The CPUs assemble outside with Histoire. Histoire tells them to place their hands on her and pray, linking their minds. Using their combined powers they manage to remove all the monsters in Gamindustri. With the process now complete, Histoire says she'll be returning to Celestia and asks them what they intend to do. Neptune and the other CPUs tell Histoire that they wish to quit being CPUs and to give the full powers of a Goddess to the one who will succeed them.

The Goddesses all put their power into Histoire, becoming fully human. Thus the long-fought Console War came to an end. After their deaths, nobody remained who knew the truth. It was forgotten as a legend from the past, as peace was brought upon the world. No one knows whether it was due to their efforts or not, but it is said all those on Gamindustri lived happily ever after.