Release of Histoire! is the seventh plot scenario in Hyperdimension Neptunia.


Neptune completes the set of Key Fragments, but still receive no word from Histoire. To top it off, the party grows aware of one major issue. They have no idea what they are supposed to do upon collecting all the Fragments, and also have no idea where she even is. Histoire finally contacts Neptune and tells her that that Key Fragments will respond as they come closer to where she is being held.

The girls make their way to an ancient ruin dedicated to an unknown goddess who's not Purple Heart, Black Heart, Green Heart, or White Heart. It is there they find Histoire and put the Key Fragments together, thus freeing her from the seal. Histoire explains that Overlord Momus was a fabrication of Arfoire and that the Arfoire's that they had defeated were all mirrors of her true self.

Before explaining anymore, the trio takes Histoire to a more comfortable place. She explains more about what she is and her purpose regarding the goddesses and Celestia. She then states that Arfoire is the former goddess and that she wishes to destroy the world. With the goddesses having vacated Celestia, Arfoire has taken the opportunity to control it. In order to increase their chances of being able to defeat Arfoire, Histoire suggests they enlist the aid of the other goddesses. She also reveals that Neptune is the CPU of Planeptune.

With Celestia being a land where only the goddesses may reside, Histoire suggests a unique plan that will allow Compa and IF to go too. She informs them of a locked path to Celestia used by four heroes from the human realm who traversed it to defeat a goddess who had tried to take over the world. They used their weapons to act as keys for unlocking the path. In order to open it, the girls are sent on another fetch quest to obtain the four weapons.

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  • Histoire's Release 1-3
  • Truth About Neptune and Her Nemeses 1-2
  • The Path to Celestia 1-2

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  • Sealed Ruin: Goddess Ruins

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