The Final Battle?! is the ninth plot scenario in Hyperdimension Neptunia.


True Route

With all the CPUs now recruited, the party heads to the land where the Console War began. The goddesses are all surprised to see a castle in Celestia, due to never having saw it because of how big Celestia is in comparison to the human world. The party chats among themselves until Histoire tells them that Arfoire will laugh at them if they continue to dilly-dally

When the group reaches Arfoire, she greets them with her usual melodramatic laugh. After a few exchange of words between Arfoire and the other CPUs, it is revealed that Arfoire's true intentions are to take Histoire's powers and overwrite herself as the complete being known as the True Goddess. She engages the party in battle and they emerge victorious, however the battle isn't quite over yet.

Before having the chance to plan their next step, they must face one more form. While she was definitely crushed in the first battle, the power of faith she received from those who believe in Overlord Momus helped her to revive. Their fear of the world's end and an absolute ruler acts as her faith and becomes her source of power. The group faces off against her for a second time and win yet again, however this time Arfoire uses her power to become a dragon which leads into the third battle.

After defeating the Dragon Arfoire, the party returns to Planeptune to discuss what they will do about the monsters. Histoire informs them that they can rewrite the tome's records to completely get rid of the monsters in Gamindustri using the goddesses' combined power. Neptune is hesitant at first, wanting to use her power to get rid of the monsters the right way. However, she eventually gives in and accepts the offer to get rid of the monsters in Planeptune.

The CPUs assemble outside with Histoire. Histoire tells them to place their hands on her and pray, linking their minds. Using their combined powers they manage to remove all the monsters in Gamindustri. With the process now complete, Histoire says she'll be returning to Celestia and asks them what they intend to do. Neptune and the other CPUs tell Histoire that they wish to quit being CPUs and to give the full powers of a goddess to the one who will succeed them.

The goddesses all put their power into Histoire, becoming fully human. Thus the long-fought Console War came to an end. After their deaths, nobody remained who knew the truth. It was was forgotten as a legend from the past, as peace was brought upon the world. No one knows whether it was due to their efforts or not, but it is said all those on Gamindustri lived happily ever after.

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  • Celestial Path: Last Dungeon

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