Hyperdimension Neptunia trophy logo

There are 46 trophies in total for Hyperdimension Neptunia. (34BronzeTrophy/8SilverTrophy/3GoldTrophy /1PlatinumTrophy)

Trophy Name Desc. Grade
The-master-system-ps3-trophy-9761 The Master System You've been diagnosed with Neptunia PlatinumTrophy
Neptune--engage--ps3-trophy-9794 Neptune: Engage! Started your Journey in Gamindustri. BronzeTrophy
Virtually-fighting-ps3-trophy-9805 Virtually Fighting Created an original combo. BronzeTrophy
Item-making-ps3-trophy-9785 Item Making you used your synthesized item during battle. BronzeTrophy
Cracking-the-wallet-ps3-trophy-9779 Cracking the Wallet Purchased something at the shop. BronzeTrophy
Actively-literate-ps3-trophy-9773 Actively Literate Used Explore to advance the story. BronzeTrophy
Medieval-fantasy-ps3-trophy-9789 Medieval Fantasy Arrived at Leanbox. BronzeTrophy
Steam-punk-ps3-trophy-9797 Steam Punk Arrived at Lastation. BronzeTrophy
Fairytale-ps3-trophy-9782 Fairytale Arrived at Lowee. BronzeTrophy
Phuturistic-phantasy-ps3-trophy-9796 Phuturistic Phantasy Returned to Planeptune BronzeTrophy
Trendy-ps3-trophy-9802 Trendy Changed your accessory. BronzeTrophy
Overclocked-ps3-trophy-9795 Overclocked Changed your processor unit. BronzeTrophy
Teamwork-ps3-trophy-9799 Teamwork Changed your formation. BronzeTrophy
Console-battle-ps3-trophy-9778 Console Battle Fought in battle as a CPU BronzeTrophy
Modest-breasted-heroine-ps3-trophy-9790 Modest Breasted Heroine Nisa joined the party. BronzeTrophy
Business-savvy-alchemist-ps3-trophy-9775 Business-Savvy Alchemist Gust joined the party. BronzeTrophy
Chain-combo-ps3-trophy-9776 Chain Combo Connected combos using Combo Link. BronzeTrophy
Nep-nep-rocket-ps3-trophy-9792 Nep-Nep Rocket Destroyed an obstacle. BronzeTrophy
Monster-huntress-ps3-trophy-9791 Monster Huntress Lured out a monster. BronzeTrophy
Chest-stalker-ps3-trophy-9777 Chest Stalker Found a hidden treasure. BronzeTrophy
The-quest-is-underway-ps3-trophy-9801 The Quest is Underway Had your first battle on your new journey. BronzeTrophy
The-8-bit-experience-ps3-trophy-9800 The 8-bit experience Cleared the tutorial dungeon. BronzeTrophy
Blind-ambush-ps3-trophy-9774 Blind Ambush Encountered IF. BronzeTrophy
Neptune-and-the-seven-herbs-ps3-trophy-9793 Neptune and the Seven Herbs Neptune returns to the party. BronzeTrophy
Leanbox-three-six-key-ps3-trophy-9787 Leanbox Three-Six Key Obtained the Key Fragment in Leanbox. BronzeTrophy
It----s-just-a-tech-demo--ps3-trophy-9784 It's Just a Tech Demo But it was the best demo ever. BronzeTrophy
Lastation-key-ps3-trophy-9786 Lastation Key Obtained the Key Fragment in Lastation. BronzeTrophy
Super-nep-nep-galaxy-ps3-trophy-9798 Super Nep-Nep Galaxy Defeated the monster in town. BronzeTrophy
Lowee-key-ps3-trophy-9788 Lowee Key Obtained the Key Fragment in Lowee. BronzeTrophy
Data-recovery-ps3-trophy-9780 Data Recovery Released Histoire's seal. BronzeTrophy
Gamindustri----s-greatest-threat-ps3-trophy-9783 Gamindustri's Greatest Threat The truth about Arfoire is Revealed. BronzeTrophy
Trinity-blade-ps3-trophy-9803 Trinity Blade Assembled the legendary weapon, Trinity Blade. BronzeTrophy
Wisdom-bow-ps3-trophy-9806 Wisdom Bow Assembled the legendary weapon, Wisdom Bow. BronzeTrophy
Dual-revolver-ps3-trophy-9781 Dual Revolver Assembled the legendary weapon, Dual Revolver. BronzeTrophy
Trust-spear-ps3-trophy-9804 Trust Spear Assembled the legendary weapon, Trust Spear. BronzeTrophy
Nepgagaga-complete--ps3-trophy-9769 Nepgagaga Complete! Cleared the main scenario. SilverTrophy
Multi-platform-ps3-trophy-9768 Multi-Platform Been everywhere in Gamindustri. SilverTrophy
Eternal-combo-champion-ps3-trophy-9766 Eternal Chain Champion Reached 100 HIT with your original combo. SilverTrophy
Nurse-ps3-trophy-9770 Nurse Helped a wounded ally during battle 20 times. SilverTrophy
Switch-ps3-trophy-9771 Switch Switched with back-row members in battle 50 times. SilverTrophy
Green-heart-ps3-trophy-9767 Green Heart CPU Green Heart joins the party. SilverTrophy
Black-heart-ps3-trophy-9765 Black Heart CPU Black Heart joins the party. SilverTrophy
White-heart-ps3-trophy-9772 White Heart CPU White Heart joins the party. SilverTrophy
The-real-arfoire-stands-up-ps3-trophy-9764 The Real Arfoire Stands Up Defeated Arfoire with the power of all CPUs combined. GoldTrophy
Speedy-hunter-ps3-trophy-9763 Speedy Hunter Obtain S rank in all Time Challenges. GoldTrophy
Histoire-enthusiast-ps3-trophy-9762 Histoire Enthusiast Obtained all content. GoldTrophy